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  • hey Allen.
    We leave for USA on 25th dec. and come home to Oz on 15th Jan 2012.
    Joe Sonya Gianna Ron Adam and me are coming over, God willing.
    Stuart wants to come to Hawaii for 10 days only.
    I have to book now because it is xmas/NYear time and the nice hotels get booked out.
    We are going to Greer/greenville to show Gianna her USA roots. She will be 7 yrs then.
    She wanted to go to disney land so we got there for 2 days and i wanted to go to Los Angles to see the hotels.

    adam and the florist still remain good friends as it seems to be a work in progress.
    i am glad you still can work because unless you plan ahead it becomes boring, trying to fill in the day. I cannot retire, i was 69 last march. I cannot believe it. Father will have to do a quick work hehehehe to make me beautifull again.