hey allan.

go look at this site - http://www.angelfire.com/in4/alchemy2084/avalon.html

have a read - re the non tomb of Joseph - HE GAVE HIS TOMB AWAY - see this Allan staring us in the face.
Joseph gave His tomb to Jesus so he had none for himself. Look at at this Joseph had made plans to die AND be buried - it was all organised. He was an organized wise man of the royal house. rich and famous as well,
what a clue~!~!~! this was Jesus uncle a wealthy tin merchant who travelled all over.
ok it is amazing i never saw this before.
as for the rest - discern and tell me what u think?

remember how i think i really met John mark with the withered cut off hand?
i think we need to be ON THE BALL here and try and understand more than we do already. There well maybe heaps of these people just waiting for us to be completed.

oh M G.