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  • Pain

    God first


    wrote 10-06-2006

    Pain is a subject that I know very well so with the help of God by the right given unto me by the holy spirit the seed of Christ in me planted by the gift of the life of Jesus Christ to restore me to the form God plan me to be.

    Of the very pain God’s eyes saw when Adam and Eve began aware of what they have done to God’s work of creation but God did not stop to cry but work out a plan to restore all things as they were when he begin to rest the seventh day.

    The pain Adam and Eve made them sorry for what they did as they search for the words to say they were sorry and then they heard part of God’s plan to restore all things.

    But when the serpent the tool of the devil learn that God had a plan to restore all things his hate grew to bitterness and envy. How foolish was and is the devil to think he can stop God who created him and the whole heaven and earth.

    The day Jesus Christ was born it just put hot coals on the hate of the devil and when Christ won over death making a way for us he saw what fool he has made of himself and just shouted more hateful words up to God.

    Yes I was made fun of in school when I was a child to the point I could not even talk about my early years of school without crying like a six week old baby for milk after missing a whole day of milk. But I got over it while it took forty years I still got over it with God’s help.

    So when you feel pain look at the pain God must of saw over the years and God live every tear alone with the person, animal, plant, or element in pain because from God all of creation came.

    Now I do not understand all pain some may have to try to overcome but my God and his son Jesus the Christ understand, so if you are in pain go to them and they will help.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.