/forum/other-forums/hebrew-basicsThe definite article, the, appears as a prefix on nouns or adjectives and consists of the letter: h.

It is voweled in one of the following fashions: ;h, 'h, or ,h.

For example:

a song =


a woman =


the song =


the woman =


Let's look at the following noun and adjective combinations:

A. a good song =

. . . bAj ryiv . . .

= an indefinite phrase

B. the good song =

. . . bAJ;h ryiV;h . . .

= a definite phrase

C. The song is good. =

bAj ryiV;h

= a complete sentence

Notice that the consonants following the definite article in most of the above examples are geminated (have a dagesh/dot). This is the case for all consonants following the definite article, h, with the exception of a, h, x, [, and r.

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