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    This thread is dedicated to general comments (good or bad) about our Homepage. Please feel free to use the "Smilies" to give everyone a flavor of your post's content.

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    Just Curious

    I am not being critical but how long must we be reminded of that other forum on your Discussion page?
    Nullus Frigidus Auxilium Gratia


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      Shalom OldShepherd,

      You've cast the deciding vote! I must say that there has been some debate between us as to the maturity level exercised in using EliYah's header (especially from our wives). There were two trains of thought:

      1. That it would be therapeutic for those who had been banned from EliYah's to see the header.

      2. That it was a rather childish thing to do.

      So, rather than risking further embarrassment, we will change the header, and then work on designing one ourselves.

      Thanks for the input.
      Col 2:16 & 17 Teaches us that no "man" is to determine what we eat or drink, or how the Sabbath, Holy Days, and New Moon should be observed, instead, The Body of Messiah IS to determine those things, just like what happened in Acts 15.

      Now, The Body of Messiah determined that since Moses is READ every Sabbath in the Synagogues (Acts 15:21), the Gentiles would be able to HEAR (Luke 16:31, John 5:46-47), and then do those things to farewell (Acts 15:29). Those FOUR necessary commands that The Body of Messiah determined for the Gentiles, were FROM the Law of Moses.
      Abstain from meats offered to idols
      (Exo 34:15), abstain from blood (Lev 17:14), abstain from things strangled (Deu 12:23), and abstain from fornication (Lev 19:29).
      So do not let anyone deceive you into believing falsely about the Law of Moses.


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        It will be nice to see a header of your own, but I must admit I did find this one amusing.


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          Our header?

          Hi Everyone,

          I must admit that I am also one of those childish ones who found the previous header hilarious. It was very therapeutic for me. Hyssop was the one who went over and plucked it from the EliYah Forum. I woke up one morning and there it was. I can't express to you all how good it made me feel. Originally, it was only meant to be viewed internally amongst the Tzaddikim, but then I pleaded and entreated the powers that be concerning my many friends who just had to be given a chance to view that header. So, the header was given a reprieve. Maybe every once in a while, I will be able to entreat upon the powers to be to reinstall it.

          The Tzaddikim have pretty well decided that a representation of the Ark of the Covenant will be the header of these Forums. We are open to and would appreciate any input along those lines that any of you might possess. We found one picture which we really liked, but it was copyrighted.

          Have a good Sabbath everyone!

          Sincerely, Spying
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!