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born again into a new kingdom, learning to be a new kingdom creation.

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  • born again into a new kingdom, learning to be a new kingdom creation.

    Nicodemus was the great law teacher in the era of Messiah.

    He wanted to know Jesus and his power of a new way of divine ministry.

    U see Nicedemus did not have the same ministry and went at night to queery Jesus on His power and life.

    Jesus told him the way Nicodemus ''you must be born again''

    is this right.

    so, Nicodemus lived in the wrong kingdom- he taught in the wrong kingdom -
    Nicodemus was living in the wrong kingdom.
    He had to be born again

    He had to be born into another kingdom.

    If you are born again into the new divine kingdom, how can you physically die, if you folllow the King of the New kingdom.

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    the apostate christian system tells the pews this....

    you need to be born again, giving your life to jesus, so when you die, you ''go to heaven'' and escape hell. One day a trump shall sound and you shall be resurrected from the dead.
    generally this is the programme of the whore of Babylon - and her million stories of 1/2 truth mixed with lies.

    Nicodemus had a problem - He saw a divine ministry FAR BETTER than what he was used to, taught or could do, so he went to Jesus [at night] to discover His secret.
    Nicodemus was the greatest teacher yet failed to teach like Messiah.

    the church system, is like Nicodemus USED TO BE - UNREGENERATED.
    BUT Nicodemus - learnt A DIVINE LESSON
    The dawn of a NEW DAY, BIRTHING A NEW ORDER, FOR A NEW CREATION BEING had arrived and has been for 2000yrs. Only those who have truly received the anointing can begin to function in the BORN AGAIN REALM.

    THE BORN again realm is a realm without mother or father - for it is a realm of the Order of Melchidezek.
    do you understand this New order realm?


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      Nicodemus had the problem as a mere man

      he would die, as a mere man
      He knew Psalm 82 v 6-7 but was not well versed for all his learning to understand how to be CONVERTED.

      Psa 82:6
      I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all of you [are] children of the most High.

      Psa 82:7
      But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

      from blue letter bible.
      English (KJV) Strong's Root Form (Hebrew) Tense

      I have said, h559 אמר 'amar

      Ye [are] gods; h430 אלהים 'elohiym

      and all of you [are] children h1121 בן ben

      of the most High. h5945 עליון 'elyown

      CONVERTED - is the removal of the death gene
      The order of Melchidezek removes the death gene in the first fruiters.
      they are taught how to put on imperishable life or learn how to walk here in the same type of life as Messiah.
      His form of divine life becomes their life here and now.


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        when the Life appears

        change happens.
        Nicodemus saw his teaching ministry under the law - against - the word of the Messiah, so, came in secret [at night] to understand the differences of teaching and ministry.

        This man was no slouch when it came to understanding the law.
        Yet when confronted by Messiah, became as a child that needed conversion into DIVINE LIFE.

        in the name Nicodemus - we find 2 words - ''i consumed''
        I need to be converted too
        I need to be consumed by the Messiah too.
        I need to be consumed by DIVINE LIVING LIFE.

        i need the MORTAL BLOW to my adamic nature............


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          what Nicodemus needed to know [in reality]

          was GLORIOUS LIBERTY

          MESSIAH is telling Nicodemus about GLORIOUS LIBERTY AND HOW TO LIVE IN IT.

          did Nicodemus understand?


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            i love writting about this....

            Messiah had something Nicodemus did not have.
            Messiah had something Nicodemus did not understand.
            Messiah had something Nicodemus never taught.....

            Nicodemus needed to become glorious
            Nicodemus needed to become freed.

            the matrix owned Nicodemus.
            does the matrix own you?

            go look at Trinity [from the movie the matrix -1st film] and see a living parable of true freedom and glorious liberty of God's sons.


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              Nicodemus, after talking to his Messiah and Teacher realised HE NOW HAD A VISION,


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                new creation sons walking inside

                Messiah's glorious liberty


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                  the veil removed by being born again.

                  this experience for Nicodemus, was a total change over from all he knew and spiritually understood as a giant of a teacher of the law of Moses.

                  i often wondered what this born again experience truly was and for a number of years i believed the so called christian church version = alas what a waste of time.

                  the born again experience Nicodemus had was the divine ability to discern the truth from the lies of vanity.
                  ''the whole world lies in the power of the wicked one'' - the father of deception, the father of lies rules how? with lies with tricks with deceptions.

                  these are called STRONGHOLDS. LIES HOLD PEOPLE AS SLAVES.
                  The christian church is a slave to the Matrix of lies. None are free nor walk in the GLORIOUS LIBERTY......

                  Nicodemus, set out to understand Messiah, his heart was drawn to Messiah when others [like him] were not therefore Nicodemus learnt about the truth and how to apply it rather than remain within the realm of the lie.

                  the lie is everywhere and in everything - the lie is not real but appears as real
                  the lie covers all avenues of society and is in everything nothing escapes the power of the lie.

                  Messiah said many times ''BELIEVE IN ME / BELIEVE ME'' BECAUSE His word and belief exposed the power of the lie. The lie is the scales on our eyes so we remain blinded to the truth. the scales are to be removed by the truth and the believer is DELIVERED INTO THE VICTORY OF THE TRUTH over the power of the lie.
                  The delusion is so vast none can escape UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN MADE WILLING by Father to be changed, converted, redeemed and tranformed into His sons.

                  Wisdom is the Tree of Life and a believer is to learn DIVINE WISDOM and how to defeat THE POWER OF THE LIE and become free and walk into this real realm = the one of the GLORIOUS LIBERTY.

                  CONSIDER THIS example.

                  a person has a headache - but the truth is 'by My stripes ye are healed '' passed tense. The truth is Christ in us is our healing.
                  However the deception/lie is the headache appears as real, so we take pills to be healed - this makes us a slave of the lie. This is the stronghold and this is the deception. who can escape such corruption?
                  only sons.

                  no other can.

                  the delusion is too strong to resist.

                  Jesus lived OUTSIDE THE POWER OF THE LIE, YET HE SUFFERED AS WE DO, TO REMAIN INSIDE THE POWER OF THE TRUTH - hence satan has nothing on Messiah, Jesus would not allow the delusion/lie/trick to overcome Him.

                  now it is our turn. to be delivered, to become DELIVERERS.


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                    the word we need to know and use is DISARMING.

                    so then a believer can understand now how to begin their walking into the glorious liberty.

                    Because we have only this world of the Matrix to ''appreciate'' most people shall fail to understand the REAL WORLD is not this Matrix world here and now.

                    here is the truth......................words from the 1st movie the Matrix.

                    Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

                    [Neo's eyes suddenly wander towards a woman in a red dress]

                    Morpheus: Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?

                    Neo: I was...

                    Morpheus: [gestures with one hand] Look again.
                    [the woman in the red dress is now Agent Smith, pointing a gun at Neo's head; Neo ducks]

                    Morpheus: Freeze it.
                    [Everybody and everything besides Neo and Morpheus freezes in time]

                    Neo: This... this isn't the Matrix?

                    Morpheus: No. It is another training program designed to teach you one thing: if you are not one of us, you are one of them.
                    Nicodemus sat with Messiah and was taught all about THE REAL WORLD OF GLORIOUS LIBERTY for the sons. Nicodemus was taken out of his former deceptions and a whole new world of life opened up before him.

                    the scales need to be removed from our eyes -as it seems we dont see correctly.

                    a veil of blindness is over all mens eyes so they are totally unable to see the real world. WE NEED TO USE OUR EYES AND HAVE THEM OPENED TO SEE THE REAL WORLD that is hidden from us.
                    Messiah said GET EYE SALVE.

                    we have TO BE TRAINED UP TO DISARM all the evil powers that continue the POWER OF LYING DECEPTIONS - TRICKS - SLEIGH OF HAND GAMES.

                    we ARE TO LEARN HOW TO *SPOIL* THE POWER OF DECEPTION over us drapped like a death shroud.

                    it is essential to know.

                    the lies of satan need to be disarmed and spoilt.
                    The only power Satan has over true believers is the power they give him.
                    disarm and spoil.
                    Messiah would have told Nicodemus how.
                    Nicodemus as a great teacher had humbled himself to go to Jesus in secret and at night for fear of the Jews. Nicodemus would know later how to be born again from above. BORN AGAIN FROM THE DIVINE REAL REALM.
                    this knowledge then spoils the deception
                    this knowledge then disarms the Matrix of its power over us.
                    THIS KNOWLEDGE is for the elect. [they cannot be deceived].

                    disarm the lies
                    spoil the deception


                    by taking the Word of God as the true real realm and then applying it to our lives and living by it, as our standards of holy life.
                    It is not what we know that matters - but what we know and then APPLY it daily.

                    those scales on Pauls eyes fell off.
                    The lies he once believed were spoilt and disarmed.

                    a new realm opened up to him.
                    a new realm opened up to Nicodemus and to all believers - Zion the city of God.

                    Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
                    Morpheus: You've never used them before.


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                      learning how to walk in the GLORIOUS LIBERTY...cont

                      The lies Nicodemus once believed were spoilt and disarmed.

                      a new realm opened up to him.
                      a new realm opened up to Nicodemus and to all believers - to come into Zion the city of God.

                      in modern terms
                      Jesus and Nicodemus.

                      Jesus was DISARMING nicodemus from the powers of the lies.

                      Nicodemus would take DOMINION OVER THE MATRIX OF LIES, TRICKS AND DECEPTION - for Jesus MUST HAVE A CHURCH patterned upon Himself - The Elect


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                        watch and Pray, to be accounted worthy to escape....

                        Nicodemus watched Messiah.
                        He watched Messiah's actions and words and saw for himself, this divine holy man was like NO other.
                        Despite being a great teacher, Nicodemus did not have the same abilities at teaching nor actions like Emmanuels.

                        notice this please....................
                        Nicodemus was watching, perhaps praying..........what for?

                        Nicodeumus was to be ''accounted worthy to escape''.
                        Nicodemus did escape.

                        fallen people fight against God the Father and His realm.
                        fallen people fight against Messiah and His words and mission and ministry.
                        fallen people know far better than God Almighty.

                        fallen people are ''the enemy''.

                        accounted worthy to escape = is the end game of the Elect.

                        they are continually praying and watching, the world of the matrix and themselves. Believers are NOT ostriches, with heads in the sand.
                        the Elect are not in the ''deceived'' realm. THEY ARE WATCHMEN. Watching and praying.
                        what are they watching for exactly?


                        to be very well informed spiritually and naturally.
                        Trained up to join the dots.[ spiritually and naturally.]
                        Father deplores ignorance.

                        notice slaves are always very ignorant people.

                        The elect are as SENTINELS
                        The elect are as PILLARS.
                        MESSIAH IS THE PILLAR OF TRUTH.

                        Believers [as kings and priests] are as gates into the Truth.

                        here- let me show you......................



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                          born again from above = the gate of truth - the pillars of our escape.

                          what Messiah was teaching Nicodemus, is how to escape corruption and dwell within the ZOE LIFE as the Messiah dwelt here, within.
                          Messiah contained this LIFE WITHIN HIS OWN PERSONA, He was giving it now to all believers, Nicodemus ofcourse being one of the 1st to understand conversion from death into life from cursed into blessed and the full removal of the adamic nature and the new creation life of Christ in Us = meaning the glorious liberty Messiah personally walked in an unlimited capacity.
                          The world of lies would crumble, the eyes of Nicodemus opened as Messiah explained the scriptures by revelation to this great man.

                          [what is interesting here is Nicodemus was a great teacher and a great learner for, a short period afterwards, he and Joseph of Arimathea took down the body of Messiah and buried it.
                          Notice, this great teacher joined together with the great rich uncle of Messiah. [2 great co-workers together united]
                          Even in death Messiah was blessed by 2 great men caring over Him.]


                          2 great immovable men changed by the conversion to the truth.


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                            so, what did the Messiah whisper to Nicodemus after He told him

                            ''Nicodemus you must be born again from above''....................

                            Messiah whispered this verse into his ears so Nicodemus knew his destiny.
                            Isaiah 46: 3.

                            ”Listen to me, O house of Jacob, all you who remain of the house of Israel, you whom I have upheld since you were conceived, and have carried since your birth.
                            Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
                            I have made you and I will carry you;
                            I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”

                            now, it is your turn to ''prove'' this verse within your personal life............
                            only you know the answer and no others.

                            where you carried by the Messiah since your birth?



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                              cont from the Gospel of Nicodemus....

                              the time when Jesus was brought before Pilate, accused by the religious jews.
                              he said this.
                              The Jews say unto Nicodemus: Mayest thou receive his truth and his portion.

                              Nicodemus saith: Amen, Amen: may I receive it as ye have said.
                              wonderfull goodnews. hurrah,.

                              Nicodemus was converted.

                              ''Will you receive His truth'', Nicodeumus - asked those religious jews.
                              ''Will you receive His portion'', Nicodemus - asked those religious jews.

                              ''amen, may I receive it.'' said Nicodemus.

                              to receive His truth
                              to receive His portion.
                              it takes marvellous and divinely given courage, for a believer to be changed and converted to Living life.
                              it is a HARD THING to be changed and go thru the processes of conversion and transformation. Infact it ''breaks your heart'' because Father shall write His laws upon our new heart.

                              but somehow, some way and at some time, someone shall say this to all Believers ''''I KNOW GOD SENT YOU''

                              NOW WE COME TO THE BEST PART.................................

                              i like what Larry Wilson has written here, i cannot post it any better than this man.
                              he posts, regarding the Lord's truth and portion contained within a living believer........[in part]
                              Now to “The Covenant of Salt”.

                              The thing to understand about the Priests of God in Israel is that they were special unto the Lord and that He had a special statute for them. The Old Testament priestly tribe of Israel were the Levites. The principal thing about His priests is that, Numbers 18:20, “they had no inheritance among the people, for the Lord Himself was their Portion and their Inheritance”. This simply meant that His priesthood were a special people with their substance and inheritance in The Lord Himself, not in the rest of the tribes of Israel. They were separated unto God. In V22, Israel could not approach the presence of The Lord because of their human nature and if they did they would die. BUT V23, the Priesthood were able to enter even bearing the iniquity of Israel. They didn’t die as they were chosen by The Lord. It became a perpetual statute that the children of Israel had no such inheritance because of their humanity.

                              Beloved, there is Priesthood today after the Order of Melchisedec (the King/Priest ministry born after the image of God) who have no portion with the church. These are the Sons of God whose Inheritance is in The Lord Himself. Their Substance is in The Lord. This means that the Sons of God are fed from Jesus, and their Inheritance is The Lord Himself as they take on His Divine Nature and Immortality. Glory to Jesus!

                              Numbers 18 sets out the Lord’s portions for the Priesthood. V12,”All the Best firstfruits of the Corn, Wine and Oil, The Lord gave to them”. In the Bible:

                              · Corn is the type of the Word of God

                              · Wine is the type of the Holy spirit

                              · Oil is the type of Anointing

                              The Sons of God have been given the Best of these. What a Glorious work of The Lord. What a humbling privilege for the Sons of God. But understand that this is not to exalt them but that they might serve The Lord on His Kingdom Day in the Most Holy Place of his Presence. Some may find it difficult to accept this teaching because it speaks of a new order, but that does not alter or negate God’s own order. All things will be fulfilled in God’s plan for man. There are things yet to come to pass. That is what the book of Revelation is about. The same things were given to the prophets of old. David was a prophet, and through him The Lord laid foundations for later outworkings even in the life of Jesus. I lovingly urge you not to reject new teachings. There are prophets in the land. They are crying in the wilderness. You will not hear these things from the church pulpits of today. They are not learnt in the theological colleges of today (which makes them “untheological” actually). These truths are being revealed to the end-time prophets of God. I sometimes visit Pentecostal meetings, to praise the Lord, and my heart burns to walk to the platforms and break open the Glorious prophetic Words of Truth. I know that these meetings are full of hungry sheep. My wife keeps telling me to contain my eagerness for the Lord will open doors in His time. I wonder what the apostle Paul would do? I have not seen or heard a true end-time teaching prophet in the church system of today. I am not being critical of those preachers in these meetings, who are true to their calling, but I see the sheep hungry and I know that the Lord cares for them and will feed them if they heed the prophets of God.

                              Now in Numbers 18:19, The Lord said that the offerings which Israel gave Him, belonged to the Priesthood “by a statute forever: IT IS A COVENANT OF SALT forever before the Lord unto the priests and their seed with them”. Blessed be the Name of Jesus! This is so deep in the Lord, that it can only be understood in the womb of the Manchild’s forming.

                              ps = posted at 2.22pm.
                              how interesting are the #s.
                              222 - 222 = 2x3x37
                              --- (228); pr.n. "Light of Yah".
                              --- a prolonging, continuance.
                              --- to break, to burst open; to ripen, to mature; bear early fruit; to treat as first-born.
                              --- young camel.
                              --- pr.n. "Firstling".
                              --- (702 w/f); to bend; to bless; adore, worship; greet; part, renounce; to curse (euphemism); kneel; a knee; a break, bend.
                              --- chambers, rooms.
                              --- a girdle, apron or kilt.
                              --- an adversary; pr.n. "Opponent".
                              --- to bind together, to weave or plait; to be strong or great; great space or length; a stretch; long ago, already; pr.n. "Length" or "Strength".
                              --- to grip, grasp; seize; to bear.
                              --- to the utmost.
                              --- forever.
                              from the Hebrew Gematria by Bill Heidrick
                              again FOR CONFIRMATION as 2nd witness.
                              the blessing of the 1st born