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there is a saying ''what 'bout the poor people''

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  • there is a saying ''what 'bout the poor people''

    there is an attitude of poverty.
    a spirit of poverty
    poverty is an inheritance.
    poverty is catching
    poverty is lack.....

    i put this post here today thinking about why people are poor.
    # 1 are they brainless?
    # 2 are they impaired and negative?
    # 3 is there a spirit over them?
    # 4 does it run in families
    # 5 is it a curse?


    King David wrote the ps 23, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.
    I do believe poverty/poor/loss/lack/wanting - is a state due to the fact, poor people dont make Jesus their shepherd.
    David began with nothing, yet gave the son Solomon trillions in gold etc to build the temple.

    Poverty is to be kept in bondage.
    has some interesting insights too. Welfare and poverty go together.

    how can you ''give to the poor'' when most people are poor?

    How can you give out, when you cannot get it in?

    poverty is MORE, than NOT having - poverty is a mentality.

    The way to be released is to break the fear of want and give out even from your small supplies. Give without thoughts of a return. The law of giving overcomes your poverty [ i am definately not speaking about church tithing]

    my family and i give each day, whatsoever we see the need in people. We have never wanted anything, infact we are over abundantly supplied, because we found out an invisible law works -''it is better to give than receive''.

    infact i dont ever receive very much at all from people. Yet i give the needy.
    i dont do welfare
    i dont do pensions
    i dont do government handouts.
    i dont do insurances
    i dont do benefits of any kind.
    i virtually HAVE no ID but A PASSPORT.
    everything i need is supplied.

    I firmly believe in Life Abundant John 10 v 10.
    there is NO lack when His kingdom progressively rules our lives. amen

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    is this the truth of the matter....

    poor people are not poor because they lack money.
    They’re poor because they lack values, ethics, and morals.
    written by
    Right-wing radio host Bill Cunningham on poverty and welfare:

    lack values
    lack ethics
    lack morals.

    but some RICH PEOPLE have the same problems - lacking values, lacking ethics, lacking morals.
    out from 6 billion people, well over 2 billion live in poverty. That is 1/3 live below a certain standard.

    notice for all THE AIDE they receive, they still remain in poverty.
    take a good look at the filth/dirty AROUND THESE children.
    where is CLEAN.


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      Most are robbers in business suites.
      They HAVE a 'gangster like'' culture.
      They get away with it for there are NO superheros. ALL ARE TO BUSY being entertained by the TV and sports. The poor masses are ''sheeple'' that is sheep people.
      The populations pose no threat with those robbers in business suites.

      Cicero said, "There is no fortress so strong that money cannot take it."
      Only superheros can overcome babylons greed.

      only heros can save the world - supermen and superwomen WHO DONT FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY


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        WHY? arent you a SUPERHERO...why did you let it happen

        THEY CAME and took it all away, as the watchmen slept on the walls.
        dumbed down populations become cowards


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          No super heros live in Babylonia.


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            satan's Haves and Have not's

            can be so simply shut down, a little child can understand.
            the divine advice is simply

            ''It is more blessed to give than too receive.''
            it is the Law of the Kingdom.
            it is the Law of true kingdom living.

            it is far better to give of yourself and expect nothing in return.
            Emmanuel did.

            it is NO good giving to expect back.
            That is why it is a divine supply - FATHER has aready coverted the expection- that is ''to be blessed''
            [carnal minded is to give to receive back]


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              the best way to hurt the devil and see him defeated on all fronts in your life

              is simply to obey the NT words of Emmanuel - that way you become a ''wall for His righteousness''.
              This is like a brick wall satan/demons cannot jump over, so the hurt or major control tactic he was trying to do to you, simply falls back upon himself.

              the reason why i am poking around here in this ''poverty/lack/want'' tack [not to hurt feelings ofcourse] is because of my seeking to understand the double portion of Elisha. And I found it hurrah...................

              By being a bible/spiritual detective, we can seek out the clues, join the dots and become the desire of Christ's heart, and hasten the day of His appearing in us, so lets get the revelation of ''it is more blessed to give than receive''.
              Elisha and the woman -practical truth here in action.
              2 kings 4 v 8-17
              if you look into this woman's attitude - and then see the result.
              This lesson is NOT easy to learn But His sons and daughters do learn and are greatly blessed.

              so start small and watch give of yourself and your time.


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                2 king 4 v 8-36

                blessed is giving.
                the power of the resurrection is in giving and not expecting back.
                Jesus gave 101%, why cannot we be the same, and not be controlled by a satanic greedy spirit of ''give me give me give me''.

                poverty fills most of its victims with envy and malace as the controls of satan swings into action.
                look at the 3 words of deity =
                life giving spirit.

                the GIVING OF LIFE.
                THE SPIRIT OF GIVING.


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                  ITS FUNNY to see a word in plain sight and then come to understand it correctly

                  a life giving spirit is a giving Spirit that brought forth LIFE.
                  THIS giving Spirit gives life to the called and choosen.

                  so IT GIVES OUT WISDOM
                  it GIVES OUT HEALTH
                  it GIVES OUT REVELATION
                  it GIVES OUT ABUNDANCE, etc

                  this GIVING SPIRIT, gives out from the real life kingdom.
                  This GIVING SPIRIT, CREATES, SOMETHING wonderfull from the invisible realm. it draws from the invisible and gives to the visible.
                  now that is amazing.
                  it was Staring us in the face, all the time but we were not seeing the truth of the matter.
                  Jesus did this TOO, feeding the 4000 and 5000 people. He was GIVING WITHOUT REWARD


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                    NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS, but we have to

                    move away from a ''tit for tat'' mentality of our carnal mind and become a giving person and only the anointing shall do it.
                    We all need to develop a SOUND MIND and move from insane into sound.

                    Father changes our mind by the anointing and each day we slip away from the masses who remain with an unsound mind.

                    You see, Jesus was just a Man, who allowed Christ to enchrist Him and this enchristment manifested out from Jesus in supernatural ways.
                    These supernatural things He did and accomplished for us were actually all NORMAL THINGS.

                    it is humans who are birthed into abnormality.
                    Jesus was real and normal - and GIVING.

                    HE IS LIFE GIVING.
                    not death living.

                    God in Man.
                    Not Man without God,
                    its not rocket science.


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                      do a little research u will find ''what 'bout the poor''


                      we could ask, why is ''college'' so expensive - why not allow it to be free and when a person graduates, they repay back their fees [in a modest way] from their weekly pay packets.

                      why become ''grist for the mill''.