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Illness is a vibration.

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  • LucySmith
    we are in transition

    some of us are changing into His New creature.
    Daily we learn more and see more as our spiritual Man becomes enchristed and alive.

    It is a marvellous thing to happen and as we grow up and mature in Christ [ the lifepower of Father] we become His eternal immortal being the same as He is.
    Jesus learnt the ways of His Father, He saw what His father did and heard what He said.
    The Father told Emmanuel the dynamics of how things worked in the natural and in the spiritual so He became a COMPLETED GOD/MAN = a living child of the Most High.

    The Major key i have learnt is the stay in the CORE OF EMMANUEL'S TEACHING.
    SO MANY people drift off the Core essence of the Messiah's teaching into perepherals that are like white rabbits running to a bunny hole.

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic Illness is a vibration.

    Illness is a vibration.

    knowing God, is not A SIMPLE KNOWING, but to understand the Principles of How God works.

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