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Quote:I want to explain my understanding of this word "Christ". Most think that "Christ" is or was a part of Jesus' name.

It is not.

Look at the beginning of His ministry. He was called JESUS CHRIST.

At the end of His ministry He was called CHRIST JESUS.
Why would they change His last name to become His first name? the word "Christ" means anointed or anointing.

This tells us that whatever name is used with the word "Christ", is "the anointed of God".

EX: Linda Christ, or Linda the anointed of God.

But, notice this: Jesus walked out of being under the ANOINTING of God, into becoming THE ANOINTING!!
The flesh man, Jesus, came to be a PATTERN for us to follow. This word "anointing", is simply THE VERY LIFE OF GOD
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