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  • the ''we'' who remain...

    written by spying.
    The following post will show you that we have considered both the English and Greek of 1 Corinthians 15:51-52. Lucy made this post on 1/27/07 on the "Does John Remain" thread on the Lo-Ammi Forum. Since that time, I have not been presented with any argument that explains 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 better than what I have discussed below:
    this is so extraordinary amazing i have to gaze and wonder


    at Friend Spying's post on another forum we frequent telling of the Real Gospel of the goodnews of THE KINGDOM...

    PS... don't u think this holy kingdom would be just so ''upper class, dignified and holy and noble'' when compared to all the scungy kingdoms of earth's social set.....puke.

    but back to
    this wonderfull Apostolic man quote saying in pure and unadulterated revelation.

    Spying wrote this.Quote:
    ''we'' shall not all sleep.'' BY friend Spying

    This is an informational post concerning the "we" of

    1 Corinthians 15:51:
    Behold, I relate to you a mystery, we all shall not be made to sleep, but we all shall be transformed.

    the revelation is

    The personal pronoun we does not exist by itself in the Greek text as it appears to do so in our various English translations.
    The we in the Greek text is contained in the form of the Greek verb which is used. Both of the latter verbs in the above verse are passive.
    They are both 1st person plural (this tells us to translate the verb with a we), and both are future tense.

    Here is what the future tense conveys in the Greek language:
    The use of the Future Indicative in the Greek denotes that the action is expected to take place in future time.
    The context decides whether the state of the action is to be regarded as simple or progressive.

    If Paul was only speaking of a future generation, then it was improper for him to include himself and the Corinthians in this discussion of all those being made to fall asleep by using the 1st person plural.
    A future generation would have been better indicated by the 3rd person plural, i.e. they all shall not be made to fall asleep.
    By using the 1st person plural, Paul is including himself and those to whom his letter is addressed as being amongst those who may or may not be made to sleep future to the writing of his letter.
    It is the same for those who ultimately are transformed because they were not made to fall asleep.

    In verse 52, Paul again uses the 1st person plural future passive form of the Greek verb, allasso. Only this time Paul does use the 1st person plural personal pronoun to go with the Greek verb. This pronoun is added for emphasis so that the we is definitely understood and emphasized!

    What is the logic of the mystery here?
    There is nothing mysterious about everyone growing old and dying, is there? However,
    it is indeed mysterious if Paul is saying that some of the Believers of the 1st Century might indeed live until the transformation.
    That would make some of them about 2000 years old right now, wouldn't it?

    It is almost as if this was written for them and for us:
    Habakkuk 1:5
    5 Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.......................we shall not die (verse 12).

    now how is that~~~~~~ a puzzle explained and a mystery revealed....all that from my friend the SPY, who knows how to enter into the promised Land.

    i shall not say this is still being written.
    THE disguise comes before THE deception
    What would happen if we hired Agatha Christie character to investigate the CRIMES of the O.T Yahweh?
    THE TRUTH comes to His people from Jesus - it is revealed knowledge
    - Just as His Father revealed THE TRUTH TO HIM daily in prayer
    - FAITH COMES from hearing not reading.[the bible is corrupted]
    This revealed daily Knowledge 2 the Ekklesia changes us into HIS WORKMANSHIP here - there is NO other way~~