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here is an intesting report titled -war in september?

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  • here is an intesting report titled -war in september?

    Dr. Jones' Entry from 07/25/2011


    War in September?

    Recall the old revelation, "July is like September." This year in July we held a prayer campaign from July 15-22, so we must consider the possibility that this spiritual battle was a precursor to a war in September.

    What might the connection be? The primary target in July was America (Washington in particular) with the Dalai Lama's attempt to open up a spiritual portal to allow 722 false gods (demons) to enter and inhabit/empower his monks. We put a stop to that by the prayer campaign, but then we saw the secondary target hit Oslo.

    Oslo is the place of the Israeli-Palestinian Accords, signed at Camp David on September 13, 1993. These Accords called for a two-state solution, but this led to the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzak Rabin on November 4, 1995. There were too many power-brokers in Israel who opposed the plan, and these ultimately won the debate by violence and force. From then on, they made sure that they made impossible demands upon the Palestinians and then used the Palestinian reaction as an excuse to never implement those Accords.

    Camp David used to be called Shangri-La.

    First known as Hi-Catoctin, Camp David was originally built as a camp for federal government agents and their families, by the WPA, starting in 1935, opening in 1938. In 1942 it was converted to a presidential retreat by Franklin D. Roosevelt and renamed Shangri-La. Camp David received its present name from Dwight D. Eisenhower, in honor of his father and grandson, both named David.

    Shangri-La is another name for Shambala, which is the "Jerusalem" of Buddhism. On July 22 we saw the alternative target hit in Oslo, Norway. It appears that the Oslo Accords are about to end in violence and destruction.

    The good news is that America will be spared the worst of it. The bad news is that both the Palestinian and Israeli states are about to become a nuclear dumping ground. If not in September, then certainly at some point soon, if Isaiah 29 and Jeremiah 19 are true prophecy.

    An early view is to watch September 15-22. If there is to be an actual war in this short window, it will most likely occur during this time frame. A recent article by Roy Tov says:

    Jerusalem is trembling and bracing its dingy foundations for what is already being called the “Black September....”

    September 2011 is reaching us; all signs show it would bring winds of change, its wafts warming up people’s hearts before what would probably be a long and violent winter. In that month, Palestine would probably declare independence at the United Nations General Assembly with the support of the Middle East Quartet – the UN, the EU, the USA and Russia....

    The chances the USA would use its veto force in the Security Council – the formal step before the decision is brought to the General Assembly – against a massive support of the decision by the overwhelming majority of the world are slim; America’s karma is already bad enough...

    The diplomatic efforts of Israel are pitiable; they include topics as intelligence help to Caribbean island-states in exchange for their votes at the General Assembly. The blockade and disruption of the Second Freedom Flotilla, especially in its inwards front, shows Israeli leadership is so weak that in its despair it even stops events void of even tactical value. What about the military front? Is Israel planning violence toward Palestine if its independence was to be formally declared?

    In another article, he writes about a plan to seize more Palestinian land in the West Bank, an action that would certainly raise more tensions and make it near impossible for President Obama to veto any UN vote on Palestinian statehood this September. He says,

    This is a clear sign Israel is preparing for a war with Palestine in the very near future since such an order by the Civil Administration enables the immediate construction of military oriented structures by Israel.

    Back in 1947, when the UN voted for a partitioning of Palestine, it was the Arab countries that refused to abide by that decision. The result was war. Today we could well see the reverse, with the Israelis refusing to abide by the UN's decision. By the looks of it, war could well be the result once again. Such a refusal would constitute a double standard, which, in biblical law, is unacceptable. The Palestinians and Arab countries have had to live with many UN decisions that they did not like, and yet the Israelis have yet to abide by a single one that they found disagreeable.

    The Palestinians have objected to such double standards and have often resorted to violence as the only means left at its disposal. The Israelis have then used that violence as an excuse to blame the Palestinians refusing to make peace.

    The Israeli government has been happy to point to the UN resolution in 1947 as the basis for their legitimacy, but they are not likely to support a second partition of Palestine, now that they have consolidated their own power. The up-coming vote in September could bring this inconsistency into the glaring light of day.

    This year marks 18 years since the Oslo Accords. Biblically speaking, everyone seems to run into trouble in an 18th year. Joseph was 18 when sold into Egypt. David was 18 when he became an outlaw from King Saul. Saul himself came under divine judgment in his 18th year when he took upon himself King Agag's curse. David himself was overthrown by Absalom in the 18th year of his reign. Eighteen were slain when the tower in Siloam fell (Luke 13:4). The woman was bound by infirmity for 18 years (Luke 13:11).

    Eighteen is the biblical number for oppression or bondage. The oppression of the Palestinians could well be coming to an end this year.

    Whatever happens, it certainly is something to watch carefully. We will monitor the news events leading up to this September vote in the UN.

    further reading.
    [dr stephen jones]
    God's kingdom ministry.