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  • Palestine

    Who are the Palestinians of present day Palestine?

    Are they descendants of the Philistines or are they Arabs?

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    1. THE ARABS DO NOT FINANCE THE PLO. Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil producers bankrolled the Islamic Intifada against the Soviets in Afghanistan (some $1BN in 1985-6), but would not finance the Palestinian Intifada of 1987-92 and the current PLO war on Israel. The October 2000 Arab Summit committed itself to a $1BN aid to the PLO, but delivered only $30MN by April 2001. King Fahd purchased a yacht for $150MN, and Qadaffi spent $300MN on the celebration of the 10th anniversary of his regime, but all Arab countries account to less than 6% of the $300MN annual budget of UNRAW, which administers the welfare of the Palestinian refugees. The US provides $100MN annual aid to the PLO (channeled through PLO-controlled PA and NGOs), more than all Arab countries combined!

    2. ARAB MILITARY FORCES NEVER SHED BLOOD ON BEHALF OF PALESTINIANS. But, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Shiite and Christian militias in Lebanon shed much Palestinian blood in their brutal confrontations with the PLO. Arafat's deputy, Abu-Mazen: "Arab forces entered Palestine in 1948, supposedly, to protect the Palestinians, but instead they abandoned them, forcing them to leave their homeland, caging them in prisons similar to Jewish ghettos." (PLO's monthly, Filastin A-Thawra, March 1976). Dr. Meir Pa'eel, a very dovish Israeli historian, determines that the 1948-49 war was fought by the Arabs in order to prevent, rather than to advance Palestinian sovereignty. The Arab League dismantled the Provisional Palestinian Government, Egypt expelled the Palestinian leadership and took over Gaza, Iraq conquered Samaria, transferred it to Jordan, which annexed Judea&Samaria ("The Expropriation of Palestinian Rights, By The Arabs, In 1948-49"). The 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars erupted independent of the Palestinian issue. The 1982 PLO-Israel War in Lebanon never expanded into an Arab-Israeli war. In 1982 the Syrian military fought ruthlessly over its foothold in Lebanon, but refrained from fighting over PLO strongholds, which were swept by Israel. The 1982 war erupted in June, the PLO was expelled from Beirut in August, but the Arab Summit on behalf of the PLO convened only in September 1982! Moreover, in 1983 Syria - bankrolled by Saudi Arabia - eradicated PLO positions in northern Lebanon, evicting the organization from Tripoli.

    3. THE CURRENT PLO-ISRAEL WAR WILL NOT IGNITE AN ARAB- SRAELI WAR. An examination of Arab policy since 1948 demonstrates that Arab priorities have systematically focused on the internal and inter-Arab fronts. They have showered upon the Palestinians positive rhetoric, accompanied by indifferent, loathsome or hostile action. Would Mubarak risk US foreign aid and military assistance and the stability of his regime? Would Assad sacrifice his inadequate military force and the Alawite regime on the alter of Arafat, a most detested rival of his late father? Would King Abdullah rush to the rescue of the PLO, the primary threat to the Hashemite Family?

    4. WHY HAVE MORE PALESTINIANS BEEN KILLED AND EXPELLED BY ARABS THAN BY ISRAEL? The PLO has brutally violated scores of agreements signed with Arab regimes, earning notoriety for its treachery, savageness, terrorism, unreliability and corruption. Arafat was chased out of Egypt in the late '50s due to subversive activities. He was expelled from Syria in 1966 after murdering a few Syrian military officers. Arafat's violent attempt to topple King Hussein in 1970, caused the expulsion of the PLO from Jordan and the Black September Massacre of thousands of Palestinians. During the 1970s he turned peaceful Lebanon into the most turbulent spot in the Mideast, triggering the 1975 Syrian invasion of Lebanon and the Black June 1976 Massacre of Palestinians by Syria. Further subversive attempts in 1983 led to his expulsions, by Syria, from Damascus and Tripoli, Lebanon. His 1983 expulsion from Tripoli, by Syria, was accompanied by more bloodshed. In 1990 Arafat spearheaded Iraq's rape of Kuwait, which was followed by the expulsion of 400,000 Palestinians by Sheikh Sabbah.

    5. ARAFAT IS WELCOME IN BAGHDAD BUT PERSONA NON-GRATA IN KUWAIT. Arafat, the ally of Saddam, Khomeini, Ben-Laded, Hizballah, Hamas, No. Korea, Cuba and the deposed dictators of E. Europe has been unwelcome in Riad and persona non-grata in Kuwait. Arab leaders prohibit PLO personnel from bearing arms on their soil. They do not conclude agreements with Arafat, who has not missed a chance to abrogate an agreement violently.




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      Using the IDF to quell a large disturbance inside Israel is no different than America calling in the national guard to put down a riot. What would the populace do, if the president refused to answer such a disturbance? It seems that the Israelli way is also the American way. Now what I would like to know is why it is American policy to try to divide Israel into two countries, when we ourselves refuse to divide America up to satisfy those who think they might have a valid claim on the land? Who said, "a divided country cannot stand?", and still the polititions don't listen to our wisemen when making up foreign policy.