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our climb up our own personal Jacob's Ladder

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  • our climb up our own personal Jacob's Ladder

    The Bridegroom is talking to His bride as she makes herself ready.

    She steps up each run of the divine ladder as He whispers His love over her and guides her into HIS TRUTH. He is a groom bearing gifts.
    Yet He cannot overwhelm her otherwise she will die from too much glory.
    It is in stages of progression.
    His gifts have a true purpose and that is for her redemption, salvation and transformation.[math 17 v 1-2]
    A Gift of knowledge is essential to achieve His purpose in her life - the goal being to make her His image.

    In her testings she learns to TAKE NO THOUGHT.

    She is quiet away her Jacobs Ladder as she hears her divine directive ''take no thought''. This requires self discipline to be able to shun evil imaginations, that bore like gnats into the carnal mind of man. The bride KNOWS when she has mastered her tests of ''take no thought'' as she really begins to dwell IN THE DIVINE REALITY OF CHRIST THOUGHTS THROUGH HER. amen.
    This way is called ''hastening the Day of His appearing''.

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    can you learn to TAKE NO THOUGHT from yourself

    2 men live inside us - the natural adam man and the I AM man, the God man who remains asleep and is not functioning.

    The natural man is ''sensual and devilish'' [full of envy] but the I AM spiritual man is full of wisdom when He is awakened to true life.

    Inside the natural man lives the imaginations of the devil - look around and see this natural man's ''handiwork''.
    Inside the spiritual ''I AM MAN'' is hope and love and purity.

    these ''I AM'' BELIEVERS have learnt [or are in the process of learning] to TAKE NO THOUGHT that is sensual or devilish. THEY ARE CEASING FROM BEING DICTATED TO by another being who is a destroyer and not a DELIVERER.

    TRUE wisdom from I AM holds fast to the spiritual man, so He becomes THE LORD OF ALL.

    JESUS knew His Spiritual Man, He was an EXPERT at allowing a HIS ''I AM'' to fully finction within Himself. His life is our example of how OUR ''I AM'' WORKS.
    If you dont work like Jesus - we are dead men, sensual men and devilish men and a part of vanity and corruption. Let us not kid ourselves please.
    if we dont work like Jesus, we are dead men, walking in a pretend world of unbelief.
    THE GREAT ''I AM'' should be, alive, living, well and lovely inside us.
    the great corrupt man, should be slain, destroyed and murdered by OUR DIVINE 'I AM' DELIVERANCE. LIFE SHOULD SUSTAIN US not death and the grave.


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      it is a hard thing to die

      the cross is a DYING OUT from vanity.
      it is quiet easy to be a walking dead person, but to be a crucified person is very difficult. The dying is hard. it is a harder death to die than any physical death.
      By our dying out we become alive to divine reality.
      part of our dying is to overcome our vile thought life by taking NO thought