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Looking back at our old photos - we see....

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  • Looking back at our old photos - we see....

    the choices we have made, that have lead us into today.

    would you alter your choices?
    did sinfull choices ruin your life?
    did you make godly choices that have stood the test of time.?

    old photos are memories of our blessings and of our failures.
    so today - take a photo and then with time you can look back at the divine choices ye have made and how life abundant is manifesting and the glory of God shines upon you.

    everyone who knows you shall be blessed as they come under the umbrella of your LIFEPOWER in Christ.


    the other possibility is to keep on ruining......

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    walking in His abundance of life is sometimes very overpowering

    to Have the glory of His noraml life dwelling inside us 24/7 is rather amazing.

    ''the cup overfloweth'' Just as Jesus said.

    here is the gospel in 3 names.

    JOSEPH – Jehovah has Added

    MARY- Their Rebellion

    JESUS – Jehovah is Salvation

    Let’s put them together now: “Joseph Mary and Jesus”
    God has added to their rebellion Salvation.

    when God puts us back together our rebellion ceases, and we are added to His glory life of the reality of salvation and the reality of lifepowers.

    Many people shall mock but those who live it- love it and are so gratefull to Abba.