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sin must be punished by another sin

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  • sin must be punished by another sin

    The population is in the image of Satan, so satanic means must be used to control the mobs.

    Sin must punish sin with sin.


    do you punish another with another sin?

    yes ofcourse you do unless you have learnt the lesson to forgive and then forget.
    some can very easily forgive but never forget.


    DO YOU KNOW, there is alot of sinning in the matrix but NO life.
    People die in the Matrix never knowing the truth- as in the days of Noe.....
    yes, the millions had their religion but few had life.
    infact only 8 did.

    how many today HAVE TRUE LIFE?

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    is it a fact

    one sin begets 2 sins and 2 sins beget 4 sins and 4 sins beget 8 sins and 8 sins begets 16 sins and 16 sins begets 32 sins??? etc.....

    how many sins since Adam?
    are these accumalative sins now sown in mankind- so much so - they self destruct?

    the sin is so top heavy it destroys itself?


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      sin and how it works - by taking an evil thought....

      I once read where Stalin [the russian dictator] killed over 50,000,000 people.
      he ''took a thought'' from satan and not too many were safe in his country.

      the world remained silent over these evil events -who stood for Justice?
      it is just an interesting thing to wonder over because God told Abraham If he could find 10 righteous men, sodom would be saved - but alas.

      where are the righteous men of today?
      who can save their nation today?
      who can stand in the gap - not the church system for they remain a part of all injustices.

      what is needed is a just men made perfect? to rule with justice.
      why are men so silent and so gagged, is there none who are actually just? or is their sins to great a hinderance?

      oh yes sin within makes men silent.
      Jesus said ''sin no more' what would happen if you men actually stopped your sin and became just men made perfect?
      would you stand in the gap-

      would your right standing with God make you JUST?
      WHY DO YOU BIBLE STUDY O religious man, when your'e so powerless against your personal sins.
      2000yrs of sinning religious men ALL BIBLE THUMPERS BUT WITH, no guts no brains to STOP SINNING.


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        jacob's ladder

        where we move up a level by leaving another level behind.

        can we hasten our climb ? YES.



        by taking in NO thought that is inspired by evil to tempt and destroy ourself or others.

        is this easy = NO but with practice and prayer we can move out from our sinning desires and into true holiness.
        analyse our thinking.
        reprogramme our thinking patterns
        know that the tempter temps us to sin - so we do - we love sin - however to be born again - sin is removed from our lives forever as we DISCIPLINE ourself not to sin.
        because NOW we look at the sowing and we discover the reaper is not so pleasant.

        look at your sin
        looked what you reaped from it.
        the object of the devil is to keep you in sin - the law of death swings in then because sin and death are partners.

        sin is in the mind first - sin is birthed because we TOOK IN AN EVIL THOUGHT FIRST AND THEN MANIFESTED IT OUT.