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    There is one realm which David was unable to arise into but he saw it and laid it for his seed. This is the realm of IMMORTALITY into which he could not arise for Jesus had not yet died and arisen from the dead.
    But The Sons Of God have seen this and their Glorious realm of arising is not just from circumstances of life, but from the fallen realm of Adam’s death INTO THE GLORIOUS IMAGE OF JESUS.
    This is how He sees us!! As people in the form of His own Glorious Divine Nature. I want to Praise His Wonderful Name and Worship Him for the calling to, and revelation of this glorious realm.

    The world does not know this, and religion is blind to the truth that there is a company of those on the earth who have arisen into the fullness of Jesus Christ and by-passed death. They are the new priesthood who will serve Jesus in His Kingdom Day on this earth. I say that they are unknown but the day is imminent when this company will be revealed by The Lord and they shall bring His Kingdom to earth. THEY SIT WITH JESUS IN THE THRONE OF DAVID. The world shall fear before them for they shall rule and reign with a rod of iron! Their words shall carry life and they shall speak with authority.

    Ezekiel was a prophet some 500 years after David. In Ch.43 of Ezekiel he prophesies the return of the Glory of The Lord into the temple and goes on to describe the pattern of the temple. There are many glorious truths here concerning the “living temples of His Glory”, the Sons of God. One of these is in V17 which says that the altar area has stairs or an “arising” which faces the east. Also in V4 it says that “the Glory of The Lord entered the temple by the way of the gate which faces the east. Now this “altar” is the Hebrew word “Ariel” which literally means “Lion of God”. Bless His Wonderful Name! You see, the Lion of God is the tribe of Judah. In fact Jesus is the Lion of Judah. He laid Himself down as an altar of sacrifice. The Sons of God come from the Spiritual tribe of Judah because it is David’s tribe of Praise and Worship. The Sons of God have laid themselves down on altars of sacrifice. They too are the “Ariel of God”, and like Jesus they have an arising which faces the east. In the camps of Israel as they journeyed from Egypt to their promised land of Canaan, the Tribe of Judah always camped nearest to the gate of the tabernacle and their camp always faced the east. “East” is where the light arises first, and Judah were in the position of the “arising light”. We saw in V4 that the Glory of The Lord comes in from the east.

    The Spiritual Tribe of Judah, the Sons of God, have always had their hearts towards the Arising Light of The Word of The Lord, and The Glory of God has entered into these living temples from the place of arising. The Sons are the “first-fruits” of the Glory of The Lord filling them as the Living Temples.

    The day is coming when the Glory of Jesus will be seen in these Temples. Whenever the presence of The Lord came into the natural temple, the Holy Place was filled with the Shekinah cloud of His Glory. When Jesus comes back to this earth, you had better be sure you know where to look for Him. You will find Him in one place only – in His Temple which will be filled with His Glory. Look for His appearing in the company of those who have been built as the Living Temples for they shall be filled with the Glory of His Life and immortality. Jesus is not going to come and set up some headquarters here on earth. He will never again divest Himself of His Glory to come to this earth. But rather He has been forming the company of His Sons for the ministry in His Kingdom Day.

    Precious Sons of God, the bright and morning star is arising in our hearts heralding the dawning of a New Day. Lift up our hearts and rejoice for the Glory of The Lord is coming into His Temple. He wants us now to let our hearts be filled with the New Song unto Him and as we lay our crowns before Him and sing “worthy the Lamb”, surely this, our SONG OF DEGREES will lift us up and cause us to ascend into the high place of our calling seated far above all things in the throne of our father David. I speak a word of strength and power into each heart and life remembering that we shall renew our strength and shall mount up with wings like eagles. Keep your eyes on Jesus and His purposes rather than the things happening on the earth, for these must surely be.

    The Lord gave me this prophetic Word:

    “I have angels of destruction sent to stir the waters. They obey My commands and accomplish My will on the earth, and you have seen their hand in recent stirrings of the waters. These are neither man-made events nor are they natural disasters, and the works of My Hand must not be ascribed to evil. I am bringing My judgement to the earth in awesome displays of My Righteousness. This is the hour of My judgement on the ways of darkness which have permeated the earth for long enough. Enough is enough. My judgement is actually a trumpet call for I am about to again take control of creation, binding the hand of satan who has manifested his hand for long enough. My patience with man is running out and I wield a sword of judgement before the great day of My Peace upon earth.”

    Wherever you are right now, or whatever your circumstances, there is a “lifting up” for you.

    If your need is to be born-again, then it is a gift of God’s grace to you through Jesus Christ. Just confess your belief that He is the Son of God, that He died for you and that He was raised from the dead. Ask Him to come into your heart and the promise of God is that He Will and you will be born-again. The Bible says that you must be Born-again. You see salvation is not a religious or denominational thing; it is a relationship with Jesus. He will come into your heart and lead you by His Holy Spirit.

    I want to encourage those who have stood in the Sonship truth. You have been faithful and even in much trial and adversity you have been true to the calling. Be strong and know that you are not alone. There is a great company of those who stand with you. The Lord is preparing His army. With great strength and filled with the Glory of God this army will proclaim the “Day of The Lord” as their presence fills the land. This is a company of people who have been preparing for this day in their hearts for many years. Overlooked by the world and rejected by the religious, yet “beloved” of The Lord for their hearts have been found faithful. I would Bless and encourage you my brothers and sisters in the womb. The Lord is in His Holy Temple; let all the earth keep silence!



    SEPTEMBER 2005

    [email protected]

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    for Spying [ if he reads this]

    The world does not know this, and religion is blind to the truth that there is a company of those on the earth who have arisen into the fullness of Jesus Christ and by-passed death.
    isnt this a marvellous blessing to read another's edification/revelation and know we are not alone nor stupid and religious? Others have had the same revelation Allen - how good is that?