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Consider this - IF apostle Paul had obeyed

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  • Consider this - IF apostle Paul had obeyed

    The Lord, he probably would still be here, alive all well today.
    But Paul was determnded to disobey Divine advice by going up to Jerusalem.

    Methuselah lived to be 969 yrs without the Holy Ghost, without being in the kingdom
    How much longer would a man live filled with the Holy Spirit?
    Paul KNEW the Gospel and preached immortal life yet died.
    Did the disobedience act kill him?

    One good with about Paul - he was never afraid.

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    did Paul's disobedience stop him from gaining eternal life?

    Moses was stopped from entering into the promised land
    Was Paul's self will still in place so he disobeyed the holy Spirit?


    it would seem to me that NO self determination has to be inside us, to gain eternal life. When a remnant of selfhood is present the holy Spirit cannot pour His fullness in.

    The way into divine fullness is to ''die to self'' determination.
    We have to come into that secret place where only God is our strength and fortress.
    ps 91.
    We cannot be our own fortress nor our own strength. Jesus emptied Himself, so must we.
    No one gets any place when there is ''some of jesus and some of us'' present IN OUR BODY. That is a HOUSE DIVIDED AND IT CANNOT STAND.
    WITH THE DIVINES it is all no nothing because we are like little children [not adults] and we are to learn to do as Father says.
    We consider ourselves adults but that is not the real facts of the matter, we are as little children from 1 to 100 yrs old - all little children who are rude and cheeky to God, by our continual self decission making and ruling our own lives that causes massive destruction in everything we touch.

    We all like naught destructive rowdy kids in a kindergarten- make no mistake- only our surrender and obedience shall give us Emmanuel's eternal life.
    If you notice in Paul's writtings it is always ''MY THIS AND MY THAT''.
    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to understand the Ego of this man.

    Paul caused His own death.
    His ego was looking at us all, MY MY MY MOI MOI MOI - stares at us thru his words. His ''me'' JUMPS out at us even when he stated '' it is no longer i who live but Christ who lives in me''.
    OFCOURSE we can say this, but we are TO DIE TO SELF TO PROVE IT.
    He died because ''His Me'' was far bigger IN him than Christ notice [the everlasting father].
    If Christ the everlasting father is all in us as per John 15 - where is death of any kind remaining.