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    The "No New Diseases" Hypothesis: Download This Before It Disappears!

    Posted By: MaryMaxwell
    Date: Wednesday, 11-May-2011 12:02:25 The "No New Diseases" Hypothesis
    by Mary W Maxwell, PhD

    In the late 1800s, some persons discovered how ‘the practice of medicine’ could be used in extremely mischievous ways. By the 1930’s, well-funded research was being done for the purpose of harming human heath. Yes, you read that right! By the 1990s, governments and international organizations had become wholesale providers of disease to the public, and not ‘by mistake.’

    Or so say I, anyway. This article proposes that we are on the verge of grasping the real role of lupus, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, dystonia, Asperger’s syndrome, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and certain other diseases. Their role is a political one.

    These illnesses have been ‘sent’ to destroy the citizenry. Being sick and spending time running around to medical appointments are among the things that keep a person from from having time to think. I also submit that some illnesses may have been invented as part of an out-and-out game of cruelty. Gulf War Syndrome comes to mind!

    The 9/11 thing alerted you to the fact that we have some very ‘disturbed’ persons up there in government, right? Well, they go in for plenty of other stuff. I agree with Eustace Mullins’ research in “Murder by Injection” that a few men at the top control all aspects of doctoring and drugs, and that their goal has nothing to do with health. Please walk with me through the eight-item story below.

    I take responsibility for the hypothesis, but I did not produce the work on which it depends. Here is a small sample of the relevant authors, listed in the order in which they ‘lightbulbed’ me: Alan Cantwell, Leonard Horowitz, Eustace Mullins, Jaak Panksepp, Kent Heckenlively, and Temple Grandin – that is, a dermatologist, a dentist, a citizen, a neurobiologist, a lawyer, and an agricultural consultant.

    Item One: “There Are No New Diseases”

    My late spouse, George Morrison Maxwell, MD, told me how it was impressed upon him at University of Edinburgh Medical School, in the 1940s, that when a clinician sets out to diagnose a patient, he has a fixed bag of ideas from which to draw. “There are no new diseases.” He did not mean that “Medicine’ is forever prevented from identifying an illness that it had overlooked in the past, but that new illnesses will not spring forth.

    That made complete sense to me from my background in evolutionary biology. It takes a long time for the human species to change. An illness is a reaction to something from the environment. The methods by which the body can react have long been set in place; Adam and Eve had ’em.

    Thus, every doctor should be puzzled that something like AIDS or autism could suddenly crop up. Actually, according to my George, doctors should be more than puzzled; they should not accept that the human body has changed its ways. There may be new onslaughts from the environment but “There are no new [natural] diseases.”

    Item Two: My Introduction to the AIDS Genocide

    I saw, on a website in 2005, a rant by an AIDS victim named Boyd Graves, who is now deceased. He claimed to have seen a document – there was a photo of him holding it – in which the US government, in 1969, ordered the production of a lab-created virus that would damage the immune system. I sent for his book. Alas, it didn’t contain the document -- though it did contain numerous letters he sent to Congresspersons and their replies to him, all of which had that old familiar cover-up tone of voice.

    I then found Dr Alan Cantwell’s book on AIDS, entitled "Queer Blood" (self-published, of course, since we do not have a free press, in the sense of a press that does not self-censor). He described the experiment in which a thousand gay men participated in 1979, in New York, supposedly to try out a new vaccine against Hepatitis B. He argued tentatively, and later confirmed, that this vaccine delivered the HIV virus – deliberately.

    Cantwell was one of the doctors, early on, to whom reports of the experiment were sent. After a while he could no longer get information from “the health authorities.” (Eventually I read that RAND Corporation was keeping a record of every man who got the Hep-B shot; one should always gasp when RAND is studying something.) Cantwell was able to challenge the rumor that those gay men died because they had poor health in general; he knew that only very healthy men were selected for the experiment.

    Next, I read Leonard Horowitz’s 1996 book “Emerging Viruses.” Wow. He provided the document that Boyd Graves promised. Yes, Henry Kissinger, working as always for the Rockefellers, had asked Congress to allocate $10 million for a man-made virus that would attack the immune system. Work was conducted at – surprise, surprise – Fort Detrick, and also in Uganda, at Bionetics, a subsidiary of the weapons contractor Litton Industries. The African location foreshadowed the fact that as of today tens of millions of Africans have died of AIDS, and millions of lovely children are orphaned.

    I immediately gave copies of Cantwell’s "Queer Blood" to doctors. None responded to me voluntarily, but occasionally I pinned down a recipient, as in “Hey, what did you think of that book?” One physician replied “What book?” Then, when I described it as having a pink and black cover, he called his secretary to look in his bookcase to see if it was there (it wasn’t), as he denied having received it. A second doctor, a close friend of mine, said –- three times in a row -- “There must be another explanation [for AIDS].”

    At a medical conference I went up to a professor, acted like I was a colleague, and remarked confidentially “Is this university going to acknowledge the AIDS genocide?” He pursed his lips and shook his head. A younger doctor, standing near him, reworded my question into something much milder and then answered it for me! (One sometimes hears that trick done by talk radio hosts –- damage control –- and then the caller is disconnected before he can have a second go.)

    It is fantastic how all professionals, like all politicians, are finely trained to deflect any challenge so smoothly. I’d bet money that the guy who had his secretary look for the pink and black book was innocent of what he was doing (perhaps operating on a post-hypnotic suggestion?). By contrast, the one who shook his head is apparently high enough in the system to be in the know. Probably he’s ‘high enough’ to think the AIDS genocide is OK.

    Item Three: MK-Ultra Mind Control

    This is not the place to discuss mind control (See Chapter 6 of my book “Prosecution for Treason”). However, in the same year that I learned about AIDS -- 2005 -- I met Carol Rutz who had been given the spin treatment, that is her medical-military handlers strapped her to a table which they whirled around. That led me to biographies of other mind-controlled women, such as Cathy O’Brien’s book “Trance-formation of America,” and Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories,” which explain the political purpose of all this stuff. (Don’t read it unless you have time to go into shock for a couple of weeks.)

    Anyway, the point here is that I was fortunate to meet many persons who had undergone MK-Ultra, and this gave me another window onto the malevolence that exists where one would least expect it. I never pass up a chance to talk about it now. Of course the malevolent ones count on our being perfectly unable to ‘take in’ what they’re doing. That’s how they take us in!

    Note: a lawsuit by Vietnam veteran Frank Rochelle that involves mind control has caused some amazingly incriminating government documents to be laid out. These can be used to start a conversation.

    Mary W Maxwell, PhD, lives in Adelaide, Australia. Please see her new book, “Prosecution for Treason” at, and her recent articles on

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    Item Four: My Realization That Autism May Be As Intentional As AIDS

    In that same year, 2005, there was also the July 23 article in written by environmentalist attorney Robert F Kennedy, Jr., after his TV interview about autism got cancelled. His thesis was that a mercury-based preservative, thimerisol, used in children’s vaccines, was harming them. Babies now get as many as 33 vaccinations, and, he said, there is a cumulative effect of the mercury that sometimes interferes with brain development.

    Kennedy’s main shocker was the transcript of a meeting at the Simpsonwood conference attended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the major vaccine manufacturers. I find it hard not to see in those transcripts the musings of men bent on harming children’s health. The meeting ended with a staff member saying that a finding of no blame for mercury was “what Walt wants” - referring to Dr. Walter Orenstein, then head of the CDC's National Immunization Program.

    The CDC, like the US Department of Health and Human Services, is an offshoot of the Rockefeller Foundation. Yep. At Simpsonwood, the CDC determined that there should be no further research on the post-vaccine onset of autism. Does that strike you as an admission of guilt? Every effort was made to suppress the fact that the Amish children, who do not get vaccinated, are virtually autism-free. (In the general population, the 1991 rates of autism, 1-in-2500, rose, by 2004, to 1-in-166. In China there may be a half million autistic kids.)

    In Britain, some parents observed that their toddlers regressed in language and behavior, following a triple vaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella. (Note Dr Bernard Rimland had found that autism had earlier been associated with a different triple shot, the standard DPT-- diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus). Of course “Correlation is not causation.” One would need to look further into the matter to see what the correlation means. But why does the UK’s General Medical Council go through contortions, and great public relations expense, to make fun of any doctor who discusses that correlation?

    Being the nosey Parker that I am, I had to look further into this. Luckily I found a book entitled “Emergence,” written by Temple Grandin. She had been an autistic child but was able to break out of her ‘inner world.’ She shows how the ‘social distance’ of a severely autistic child is not, in essence, a psychological problem of personal relationships. It is that the kid is being bombarded by sensory stimuli, in a way we normals can hardly imagine, and going into a ‘shell’ is a way to get relief from that bombardment.

    Di Boswell and Helen Baker, writing for the excellent Australian website, ask “What Is Autism?”. They say: “We believe that autism may be caused when a child with a genetic susceptibility is exposed to one or more of a number of environmental insults, resulting in a series of dysfunctional interactions between Genes and Nutrients. These can happen ‘in utero’ or post-natally. Eventually these dysfunctional interactions can affect body systems, most obviously the gastrointestinal, endocrine, immune system and the central nervous system. “

    Jaak Panksepp and others have more or less figured out what goes on when the brain chemistry gets messed up, as in autism: the integration of sensory input does not occur as it should. Temple Grandin also shows that the ‘fixations’ for which autistic children are notable are in fact respectable ways for them to calm their over-aroused central nervous system.

    The very opposite, sensory deprivation, is something to which prisons are more and more frequently subjecting prisoners. A fair guess is that it’s experimental, with an eye to designing more ways to break the spirit of a person (all of us) and thus have complete control. The dumbing-down that occurs in schools is clearly an example of this.

    Maybe autism, too, was designed as an experiment. To any autistics or Aspies who are reading this, I apologize for expressing that crudely. It does not mean that we do not rejoice in who you are -- we do, bigtime. But if someone secretly implements a policy to interfere with anyone's biology, that is a matter, I think, for all members of society to deal with.

    Item Five: Enter, the Parents of the Autistics

    Now and again the big, big invisible government makes a mistake. While they do seem to have stymied the reasoning power of most of civil society – including the churches and the academy -- they apparently failed to notice that parents of hurt children might be a force to reckon with. I can see how this group could have got overlooked -- the devastation to families that accompanies autism ought to put them out of commission, right?

    But this did not happen. The parents are ripping mad over the suffering of their babes. They do their own research, giving no quarter to any of the ridicule hurled at them. One of their clever moves has been the production of a Youtube video called “Autism Moms – the Final Cut,” in which these ladies dress in their most stylish suits and look like winners.

    Working both sides of the Atlantic, autism families are making life hell for the General Medical Council in the UK, and for “the Walts” in the US. Letters to the editor of medical journals such as The Lancet and appearances in the audience at medical conferences are among their weapons. Their tenacity reminds one of what any zoologist (or pet shop owner) should have realized: a mother has ‘special strength’ to protect her young.

    Item Six: Lombardi’s 2006 Discovery of XMRV

    Aha, there's another man-made virus; it's called XMRV. This is an important acronym. (I remember it by thinking “Malcolm X Reversed” -- XM RV.) It stands for 'xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus.' Dr Lombardi found it in some blokes who had surgery for prostate cancer. XMRV is a retrovirus. That word has nothing to do with the epithet “retro” that teens like to throw at their grandparents. A retrovirus is simply the kind that that climbs into the cell and changed the person’s DNA.

    It is by no means proven that the XMRV is what caused those men to get prostate cancer. Years ago, Dr Michele Carbone discovered a simian virus called SV40 in the tumors of humans with lung cancer. His finding has been replicated many times, with the SV40 showing up in brain and lymphatic cancer as well. Even that does not prove causality, but it is a good guess that this simian virus predisposes a person to cancer. (You can be blood-tested to see if you have are harboring SV40.)

    It was claimed above that Ft Detrick produced the AIDS virus (on the pretext of it being a bioweapon, I guess). The new retrovirus we are discussing, XMRV, seems similarly to be man-made. That is not an interpretation coming from amateur me but from the experts. You can google for a quick summary by Oxford zoologist G. Margiorkinis.

    It does remind me, however, of the way Judith Vary Baker created a fast-acting cancer at the behest of the CIA in 1963. As she explains in her 2011 book “Me and Lee,” she kept running the human tissue quickly through many generations of mice.

    If it be proven that XMRV is a lab-created retrovirus, and if it caused those prostate cancers, that need not be considered accidental. My hypothesis is that all the fooling around with disease has been well planned and is malevolent rather than mistaken. Some say Big Pharma does it for profit, but I think the reason is sicker than that. I believe it is done to keep us all struggling, and to damage families.

    Yes, I do take such an extreme position. I even guess that the obesity epidemic came from someone’s drawing board. If so, the fatness of us could be a result of deliberate chemical manipulation of our metabolism, rather than merely an attempt to influence our eating habits. My reasoning is: “If they can knock down two NY skyscrapers in broad daylight, what can’t they do?” I also think once they started doing weird things they didn’t know how to stop.

    As for the SV40 virus, there is no suggestion that it was man-made. But my take on that one is even more cynical. As I have stated in “Prosecution for Treason,” I suspect that the actual polio epidemic of 1954 was leashed upon the nation by design. The point was to create such a fear of polio -- iron lungs and all that -- that everyone would gladly get vaccinated against it. And in the vaccination would be the SV40, which would create a cancer epidemic 30 years later. (“Hooray!” said the Sick-o’s)
    pills poison


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      it is all a part of the matrix and deceived thinking

      i was convinced many years ago of this fact,
      it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
      there is a good and there is evil manifesting together.
      i jumped out in a leap of faith that Jesus would always be my healer. this is such a hard thing to do when the matrix thinking is in control.


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        Item Seven: The Good News

        Plenty of good news in all this. For one thing, medical researchers can get a fresh look at their subject by hypothesizing (say, as a devil’s advocate) that an ‘enemy’ was in there with a bioweapon. That could bring incredible breakthroughs. For another thing, we might all get a better sense of God’s gifts. The human body – like any animal body – is pretty terrific. We could at least learn to use it wisely, instead of worrying that it, the body, is going to punish us.

        I think it's way past time for people to open their minds up to the statement made by Dr Richard Day in 1969 and published by Dr Lawrence Dunegan in 1988, that the cure for cancer exists but is kept “under lock and key.” Why aren’t we demanding the key? Are we a bunch of morons? And it’s time to re-review the neglected publication of Royal Rife who worked in the 1930s and found a way to cure cancer by using bioelectricity.

        Plus there were researchers who tried to show, and did show – though you ain’t heard about it – that bacteria has a role in causing cancer. Alan Cantwell’s new book “Four Women against Cancer” shows how doctors who attempted to prove this, such as Virginia Livingstone, were viciously hounded out of practice. Surely if they were onto a bad idea, their careers would have fallen by the wayside without any help from the big guns. So there must be plenty there to develop: the role of bacteria. Go for it!

        There may also be good news for persons with autism, as suggested by Kent Heckenlively who is both a lawyer and an Autism Dad. It pleases him to note that an XMRV explanation for autism could be helpful to treatment. Scientists find that this retrovirus increases (gets replicated) when any of 3 things is in the body: stress hormones, sex hormones, and inflammation. Autistic children suffer greatly under stress (the stress of ordinary stimuli) and their pain increases during puberty. Maybe they are thus encouraging the virus!

        As for inflammation, Heckenlively wonders if the act of receiving a vaccination, which by its nature causes inflammation, could be the thing that starts a child down the road to autism. (Note: he admits the same thing could be achieved by the common cold.) He also believes that understanding the role of inflammation may shed light on why the gluten-free diet helps some autistic children.

        He says (in the April 26, 2011 edition of “Age of Autism”) that it worked effectively for his son. “XMRV is a slowly replicating virus, so that any inflammation acts like fuel for it. We quickly got him on the gluten/casein free diet, and so we in essence starved the virus, allowing his immune system to launch a very successful attack.”

        Item Eight: Malevolence, the Motives for It, and What To Do about It

        Naturally, the argument against my hypothesis of malevolence is that nobody would do such a thing, as there would be nothing in it for them. I attempt to explain this in my book. Maybe the need to grab resources – a need we all have – is so great that we will go to any length to keep others in a subservient condition. Centuries ago a few men figured out that they could be the secret rulers of the world. To me it looks as though they succeeded, and now they have to work ridiculously hard to stay on top.

        Money was a key to the rise of that secret group, in that money can buy out a person’s conscience. Of course it can also pay for hit men to remove persons whose conscience can’t be bought. I think there would be more of the can’t-be-bought types if the public knew their own strength, in the sense of strength of numbers. It would also help if they could –- at last –- talk about the disgusting behavior to which the powerful have lowered themselves. Just talking about it makes it far less formidable.

        What to do about the malevolence? As I have just indicated, publicizing the problem strengthens us ‘victims.’ I am hoping that this article will appeal to many people simply by arousing their fury over the tricks played on our health. I’d like to see a change in attitude sufficient at least to make folks stare down the media moguls. (Take a lesson from the Autism Moms who really have got some of the media on the run, merely by not caving in, not accepting the b.s.!)

        I do not overlook the fact that the baddies may lash out at us for trying. They are apparently able to deploy a hurricane, a disease, or a police roundup at will. Can they do something even worse, like split the planet, as Nicola Tesla said was possible? Perhaps. They are pretty heavily in denial, and are out of touch with their human sensibilities.

        If any of them want to taste freedom, I urge them to ‘man up’ to what they’ve done, or ‘woman up’ as the case may be. Maybe somebody will forgive them. Otherwise, they can sit back and await their fate.

        umm interesting, people are being poisoned by pills just like the Lord showed me. many years ago.
        i thought of Jesus who said ''of my own self i can do nothing'' so it seems to me [in so many ways] we all are so helpless and have no control over very much at all.
        like rats in a trap.

        that is why, i simply gave up and said NO i cannot do it and i flung myself upon His mercy forever. i have come under much personal pressure over this for years and years and now i can stand up in His strength and endure. I call it the anointing to overcome. Jesus gave it to me and so i do not boast because without it i would be IN THE MATRIX


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          as an alternative..................see