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wrestling.............................. an interesting word

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  • wrestling.............................. an interesting word

    many millions of people have a vastly different belief system than mine.

    so it seems as if i am '' the odd man out'' amid billions of others i have never met but i call ''the churches''.

    This church system has utterly failed to reproduce 1 person in the image of christ for 2000yrs man has ruled the church system for if it was the truth, millions of messiahs would teach and help mankind and this world would have been vastly different from todays' world of chaos and total immorality.

    if the churches were a product on a supermarket self they would be sued for false advertising.

    Immortality brings chaos like no other sins for it is a sin that is taken into the body as no other sin is.
    This makes for the continual transference of demons from 1 body into another - or- to put more meaning into the fact- it is the reproduction line for demonic activity in humans that is why sex is such a lusty success story. Today it is full on demonic reproduction with rotten fruitbearing as we all can see.
    however - that is not the point i want to relate.............


    Jacob wrestled and ofcourse we know what this means and how it all turned out but there is another way to WRESTLE and it is for the GOSPEL OF LIFE AND LIBERTY - I wrestle for my LIFE and my LIBERTY.
    I go on forums and i wrestle for The Life of Christ, because i take THE LIFE in me [however small ] out to others who dont have LIFE AS I HAVE IT.
    I am not boasting for i am a ways from the finishing line however looking back i am a long ways from where i started this race.
    A Part of my wrestling programmed is to CONFRONT doctrinal beliefs that kill people and murder them in the pews.

    This wrestling is very full on, but it is necessary and part of the spiritual training to see how to survive religious confrontations - not to necessarily to convert but preach life so THE WORD GOES OUT THAT SOMEHOW CHANGES THE WORLD.
    I dont know how BUT IT DOES.
    IF we look at the world today it is full on and ghastly some much weird, unheard o stuff , strange stuff is happening we all know it, it seems as if this whole weird theme SUDDENLY HAPPENED TO US AS IT WAS NOT LIKE THIS in our past.
    suddnely weird things came all in a line of evil and death.
    ;;weird;; is now becoming normal

    because LIFE IS APPEARING ON EARTH and satan counter-acts with death.
    upheavel, chaos, sin running rampant, wars, loss - are his way of saying ''look at me my days are not numbered, i still control'' - it is PANIC STATIONS for the devil.

    i kid you not.
    Each time i focus LIFE IN CHRIST IN ME on a foruM chaos comes - big time- as the enemy comes in as a flood.
    however when Spying comes and joins me - hell breaks loose and we are banned for '' false prophets''.
    BUT YOU SEE we are not false at all - WE BRING IN THE TRUE GOSPEL PAUL PREACHED - 2 TIM 1 V 9-10. and people get very unsettled and ruffled and angry because the devil in them is in its death thows because LIFE HAS APPEARED near them.

    that is why i wrestle, to see hell in men have a headache and maybe they shall be set free.

    Jacob wrestled and so did rachel [ male and female wrestlers] who overcame their problems.
    We wrestle against the opposition and we win the Victory that THE WORD OF LIVING LIFE IS BROADCAST INTO THE WORLD AND SOMEHOW IT CHANGES THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE from death to life - I dont know how but it does.

    wrestling is hot, heated and sweaty in the natural - so too in the spiritual. amen

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    now i wish to describe the people who are churched or bible based

    but not the lost, who cannot be judged as Emmanuel
    The lost are not to be judged.
    However what of the churched - i am at liberty to judge and discern them and their message.

    Now to be frank, i find church people, preachers and the religious particularly repulsive - to my sensibilities.
    INFACT THEY STINK so bad, they actually give off a most fearfull odor.
    it is because they.......................
    PREACH FROM THE DEATH REALM and hover over death and kiss death as their friend and hold up death as some MEDAL TO WIN.

    I find these people an abomination, fully and totally horrible and nothing shall convince me i shall be delighted to receive any teaching/advice/learning from death's realm. I REFUSE IT. In the Name of EMMANUEL.
    [God is with us].
    This is why i wrestle against their spirits of death.
    I will not stop my wrestling because LIFE DOES APPEAR as these abominations of death, crawl back into their deathholes of darkness.

    do you this I am being too savage?

    no, for these repulsive creatures have been more taken over by death, than even the lost [ so to speak] for they appear as righteous teacher yet are hypocrites and Jesus despises them and their grubby mis-representions of His Gospel of everlasting life abundant.
    when He pronounces WOE [ a cursed end] = why am I asked to love up and respect their death message that is from satan's own religion


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      wrestling death and overcoming it

      death is our carnal mind surviving and are spiritual man [ we all possess] sleeping.

      death makes our flesh want to survive and allow the spiritual man within to remain unawakened.
      death can be overcome.Its the last enemy to be overcome here and now.

      churches appeal to the flesh, hence death is their friend and the 'covenant of death' still remains over them all.
      They cannot stop death because they sit under death.

      Say Jesus HIMSELF stood each sunday and taught people His way His life His belief and for years people were FED upon His word
      do you think they would die IF HE WAS THERE IN THEIR MIDST?
      do you remember Martha saying this ''If only you had been here my brother would not have died''.

      what is Martha saying?
      look at the 1st layer of her words - then go deeper and you will see, THE LIFE EMERGING.
      the life in Christ is the truth and the truth sets men free.
      WHO is free.?

      where are the church freemen?

      show me 1 who is enchristed?

      why do the pew people die?

      ask DID JESUS EVER GIVE A FUNERAL SERVICE AND BURY ANYONE AND PRAY over their tomb as christian posers do today?

      it is a sham
      it is a farce
      it is a death club posing as life.
      why should i not wrestle against the death posers?
      why should i take counsel from death posers?