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    we are told to have a ''sound mind''. The assumption is humans have an UNSOUND MIND.
    A believer walks in rulership but how

    By learning to RULE over all our UNSOUND THINKING

    our UNSOUND thinking removes the WORD OF GOD from our mind.

    it is a hard task and hard yards need to be practiced daily so that THE WORD [SOUND MIND] takes 1st place over our thinking and this new way is a LIVING WAY opened up before us.
    do not be yoked to an unbeliever

    - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]

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    JESUS was like He was because

    He did AS HE WAS TOLD. HE did not allow 'his opinion' to rule HIM
    He allowed His Father's will [mind/will/opinions] to RULE HIM.

    Jesus refused to be ''his own god''.

    if we follow our opinions we are our own gods and suffer as a ''rebellious child'' and the ''punishments'' of rebellion.

    it is an extraordinary walk to suddenly TURN AWAY from rebellion and learn to SUBMIT to Father like Jesus did.

    submit to the Word is to develop a sound mind and to walk away from an unsound mind.
    ''submit'' means we become the image of the Word too.

    we dont change from the outside in, but from the inside out.
    Our mind is changed back to DO THE WILL of the Father.


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      remember in the OT a priest did not have ''blemishes''

      well that is why Jesus Church is ''without spot/wrinkle/nor unclean thing.

      A believer becomes changed from inside to the outside.