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  • de-materialised

    when Jesus was in a tight spot HE WAS ABLE TO PASS THROUGH the crowds. He could de-materialise.

    the church of the 1st born,
    the church that is '' not of this world''

    shall learn this too.

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    in the matrix only a few could escape.

    to escape we are to FOLLOW THE RULE Jesus gave when He said FOLLOW ME.

    DID you see Eve followed another and was deceived and this deception is The Matrix. Everything is called DECEPTION IN THE MATRIX and wisdom of this world is from the Matrix therefore our mind has to be de-programmed FROM this deception.

    notice Jesus did not allow the Matrix [eve's deception] to waylay Him and how He believed.

    He was IN the world BUT OUTSIDE IT too.
    THAT has to be a believer's position too so they are progressed into another way of thinking and this makes them enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

    now, do you think anything would have hurt or destroyed Jesus as He ministered out Eternal Life?

    well ofcourse not - so a believer has to grow up into this position too.


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      the Holy Spirit's deprogramming a believer

      all of this holy training is progressive for a Disciple who is ''''in'''''' DISCIPLINE.
      baby steps first that daily grow into mature steps into the Fullnes of Christ - the de-materialisation realm. Is this important to know . yes indeed as it is our way of escaping just as it was for Jesus himself.

      The Holy Spirit will put a line in the sand for a believer.
      right on one side
      wrong on the other side
      but the line in the sand is saying ''FOLLOW ME, TO THE TREE OF LIFE AND EAT FROM IT.

      so when we are assailed by evil in all manner of forms - we let it in like Eve did or allow Christ's new mind to appear IN us and this will make us Live.


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        i want to get into the ''guts' of this....

        for it was Jesus way of escape and a believer's way too.
        We are a spiritual success when we have learnt to rest and say this ''of my own self i can do nothing'' Like Messiah said - it has to be our mantra too.

        now WE DO NOT LEARN THIS from being in a crowd nor gatherings but only when we are ALONE AND WALKING IN HIS PRESENCE LISTENING... see this LISTENING is our key.

        When we listen WE HEAR how to escape like Noah did and dont forget it was Jesus Himself who said ''as it was in the days of Noah, so shal it be in the days of the son fo Man''. etc.
        noah listened,
        Noah acted,
        Noah escape.


        are u alone REJOICE then and be blessed.

        are u in a crowd - move out then for none hear above the din.

        Our whole self styled preservation and will has to fade away.
        because we are to become SUPERCONDUCTORS for the Holy Spirit and there is NO crap IN A SUPERCONDUCTOR.

        no mind of evil
        no mind of woes
        no mind of rejection nor torment
        no mind for evil imagination and acts
        no mind that is corrupted
        no mind that thinks like deceived Eve
        no mind that gives power to the devil

        can u hear this please?

        if you think as deceived eve your deceived STOP NOW say NO.
        say NO to sin. Stamp your foot and say NO - i will not think like the Matrix. Make all your enemies Jesus footstool.

        i am telling you the truth - we are to learn how to escape like Noah did and like Jesus did = it is time.
        look around and notice THE TIME we live in.


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          stop, look around, observe the values of the MATRIX then walk out from it

          by recognising it is EVE'S WORLD of doubting God's word.

          a world of ''if i dont see it I dont believe it''

          therefore this world is based upon a lie and this lie becomes our reality IF we are not saved to salvation [removed from the Lie by Abba Himself to become His workmanship]
          Jesus has to excute venegence upon our enemies - not people - but the lies we believe. This destroys the carnal mind and allows LIFE TO APPEAR IN US.
          Spiritual LIFE has to take up residence within us.

          A NEW CREATURE is a being who does not allow the values of the Matrix to influence them any more.

          ''But who can endure the day of such a coming? And who will be able to stand when He appears in such a way?" (Malachi 3:2).
          those who are PREPARED to hold His glory - the 1st fruit company.

          the Days of Noah are here - faith and God's deliverance took Noah out of danger. Same as Jesus. Same for a Believer .

          same old same old.


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            Eve bestowed upon her children

            an INFIRM MIND.
            all people possess an ''INFIRMITY OF MIND''.

            but Some are transformed to have the mind of Christ.

            This mind begins to think as Abba thinks. Abba makes His Believers switch over to a new way of thinking. He shows them clearly the works of the destroyer inside them and then shows them how to escape this mind destroyer that Eve bestowed up us all.

            thinking differently.

            stop believing the lie of Vanity.
            start living ON and IN the WORD so u become THE WORD like Jesus.,

            say you have a headache you take a pill the headache goes. This is how vanity works. But the headache comes from the realm of Eve and it is not real but a lie but appears real. This realm works with our values from the MATRIX. But If we give this headache to Jesus as a burden [Math 11 v 28-29-30] we find the headache shall go AS WE REST AND TRUST IN HIM and vanity has been bypassed.

            it is a very hard walk but Jesus presence with us shall allow us to OVERCOME.
            This is how we are transformed by not believing the lie Eve believe in.
            This is how we are ''clothed with the Melchidezek Order'' by giving up our self preservations and self will that belong to vanity and trust in God no matter what we see here.

            It is the taming of the 5 senses.


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              the taming of our 5 senses - Eve's legacy -

              WE will get rid of all our TOXIC ENERGY.

              please Be aware that EVE'S OPINIONS, MATCH satan's whispers, make the Matrix keep turning and destroying.


              switch off everything that is contrary to the word of GOD in your life
              DONT LISTEN,
              DONT ACT,
              DONT RE-ACT.
              rest IN the Word. This is our spiritual hiding place. Jesus lived like this but HE WAS MATURED so we must become mature to and when Jesus matured HE WAS POWERFILLED in a normal way we consider ''supernatural'' but HE WAS JUST BEING NORMAL.

              how low of the scale we all have fallen

              but there is HOPE.
              do not be yoked to an unbeliever

              - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]