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Latuwr - thread for findings on Joseph of Arimathea

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  • Latuwr - thread for findings on Joseph of Arimathea

    it appears a very ''new age site '' i admit, but if we sort through it perhaps we could begin to understand those eternal life foundation saints of 2000yrs ago.

    I know it is very strange, however to ask questions and the delve into the true situation as truthseekers.
    so let us dig Latuwr.

    are you ready Latuwr for this adventure?

    i know truth is hard to dig for perhaps we shall find some tidbits.
    if we use Holy Discernment perhaps Truth shall prevail after all God hides revelations in strange places.
    it is up to KINGS TO FIND OUT. amen
    lets go
    I will use this thread to investigate like a spiritual detective.

    there is nothing wrong with asking ?s and nothing wrong with seeking truth and nothing wrong if we look silly either.

    what prompted me on this new tack is the outstanding fact, the Joseph [ is the name of my darling american son in law heheh] nah - the fact the Joseph [name means ''He shall add'] gave away his grave to Jesus.
    This weathy man who is great uncle of Messiah was as rich as and a wise influential man with the government of Israel.
    He gave his grave away and at first glance one would think ''well thats nice'', but what If Joseph had the divine revelation [like you and me + others out there] that he would never need his grave that he had planned to use.

    if this revelation hits you between the eyes you think ''OMG'' ofcourse - Joseph never needed the grave anymore because he knew he had received Messiahs eternal life.

    This very wealthy man took Jesus on his travels so we are told.
    Dont you think this man of the royal family bloodlines would have ''seen'' something amazing in this child.
    Dont you think Mary would have blabbed how Jesus was conceived to this rich and wise uncle?
    so lets go cobber...........................

    if you look at the 1st pic it is supposed to look like the same Mt of Transfiguration.

    i dont want to delve into the blood of Jesus in a cup [the grail - nah i am not into that - yet... nah, perhaps i dont want to go that way.... it is like peripherial. I want to seek the foundational eternal saints.

    here is mentioned Joseph, Mary and John. [ names of interest hey] grouped togather.

    so have a read ok?

    to cont.

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    new agey, i agree but can we find any truth kernels there?

    to cont. [this is lucy a spiritual detective - i am only investigating at this time] - see this = investigation only. seeking truth.


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      latuwr - lets us look at the defination of eternal life.

      i am going to be a ''spiritual dectective'' and look for clues - a seeker.

      ''For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord''. (Romans 6:23) (NIV)
      the wages if sin is death - physical death

      is there such a thing as ''spiritual death''?
      if we search the scriptures, there is no such a verse relating to ''spiritual death''. -churchians say this but no verse will relate to ''spiritual death''.

      yes, people are dead in sin.
      yes, people die and are separated from life
      yes, the soul can die.
      if we look at NT we find ''spirits cannot die'.
      Genesis 2:17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."
      so sin kills and SIN comes from eating from the tree of the K of G and E.

      but THERE IS A GIFT [ A PRESENT] God will give called ETERNAL LIFE.
      Could i say that eternal life as a gift, from Abba Father, is far better than the ''wages of sin'' to obtain.

      so how would I know if I had received this Gift?
      what proof would i have to satisfy me and my destiny?
      well I know because I was told about 11 years ago and i was gobsmacked over it but i did believe it. But some would say that '' i was seduced away by a false gospel a demion whispering nonsence.
      '' yes'' i thought of this too.
      But then I noticed i began to change, once old ugly things in me began to fade away. I learnt how to trust in God and Have faith In My father, when it seemed in the natural hell was around me. Many times i have trembled in fears and worries, and almost fainted from terror, but now i dont even when i am faced with ugly things. He taught me how to overcome and rest IN HIM and i know I did not do this myself but i moved aside and decreased so He would be my strength and anointing.
      I am being transformed by allowing His life to dominate over my mind that still wants to scream out and take control - but i say NO thanks''We have got this far, i will go all the way see what turns up''
      now - do you think this is from the devil and from a false belief?
      now - do you think this is because the Gift of eternal life is open in my heart.

      you decide.
      I know whom I believe.

      therefore could i say
      '' ETERNAL LIFE IS A CHANGED LIFE, A LIFE THAT IS RULED OVER BY THE DIVINE FATHER'S WILL and because this is so, I no longer come into condemnation but have passed from death [my former ways and belief] into LIFE ABUNDANT.'' john 10 v10.
      do i now allow my mind [carnal death] to dominate over me, in bad thinking, lusts, fleshy ways, - i once did this, yes, but i am changing and all of these old man traits seem not to be very important. I think it is BY Grace alone.
      is this a fair testimony?


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        Latuwr - here is some more ''news'' ??? see what we have ok?

        to cont,

        Latuwr - did you see the names of the foundational saints listed?
        i think it amazing they are together.


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          still hunting for clues

          here we have a rich uncle of Jesus who is old enough to consider his grave and burial. This grave was a ''rich man's grave'' containing 2 rooms.
          Joseph makes these arrangements ahead of time - never knowing at the time HE WOULD NOT BE USING THE GRAVE FOR HIMSELF but another. God is working this out for Jesus ahead of time.
          God gives Jesus ' the best type of grave' not just any old grave so to speak.
          Now Joseph is a ''good man and a just man'' and important man who mixes with the ''rich and famous'' of his day. He is also a ''secret disciple'' along with Nicodemus the great and famous religious teacher.

          ok so far so good.

          1] a rich uncle - a good and just man and a secret disciple.
          2] a fine teacher - a secret disciple - mixes with the famous.

          2 secret disciples. we Know Nicodemus came to Jesus because none ever did as He did and His acts convinced Nicodemus of His Godlikeness. etc.
          do did Nicodemus chat with Joseph and while these 2 great men are listening to Jesus, did Jesus give them the gift of eternal life.?

          ummmm ok
          now we have to consider that if Joseph was arranging for his grave and Jesus used it why did Joseph and Co. hightail it all over to a far place namely England. He left it all to go to this place. Like how long would it take to get there? it is not as if it is a jet flight away and if he is so old why is he travelling all over '' preaching and making a church along with Jesus friends'.

          do you think as these 2 secret disciples watched and heard Messiah, they got hold of HIM and asked questions and ''let us be like you too please Lord''?
          put yourselves in their place - what would you do and what would you ask Messiah?

          somehow i do not think Jesus was ''poor''. The church makes poverty an obsession. These are not poor people.Jesus had His robe without seam - this is an expensive item. 'They due lots for it'.

          now, another thing i read was Joseph's staff [the one that budded in England like aarons rod] and today this thorn tree only grows around glastonbury.
          I read that this was JESUS ROD/STAFF and Joseph had every right to it as the oldest living relative. If this is all true - Jesus LIFE WAS even IN THE STAFF forgoodness sakes. WHY NOT IN PEOPLE as He talked to them and touched them and embraced them?
          The jolly staff grew and flowered and is there today with the power of the resurrection in it.
          this ''staff'' puts me in mind of Elisha's bones and when a man died and fell on Elisha's grave , he lived. Someone asked '' how much would you pay for one bone''?
          I do believe, there is much more to this whole drama than meets our eye and what we have been taught to think.



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            boldly....note this word please.

            We are told Joseph of Arm. went bodly before Pilate to claim Jesus Body.
            Pilate granted him permission to take down the body.

            John the disciple stood with Jesus as His friend as He died on the Cross - all other 10 hid in fear of the Jews. John was the only man eyewitness to all events in Messiah life.

            we have these 2 facts to investigate.

            according to the law Jesus was a ''criminal'' to the authorities so with this mindset of authorities Joseph would have to be BOLD to ask for the body.
            We are told Boldly asked.

            Definition of BOLD
            : fearless before danger
            : intrepid
            : showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit
            : impudent, presumptuous
            : confident
            : standing out prominently
            — bold·ly \ˈbōl(d)-lē\ adverb
            — bold·ness \ˈbōl(d)-nəs\ noun
            ok now i am going to some sentences here.

            Joseph and John were FEARLESS BEFORE DANGER

            NOW i am going very deep here very deep from personal experiences.

            TO BE FEARLESS is to be set free from all manner of fears.
            Fear is an outstanding tool in the hands of satan - FEAR WORKS - FEAR PARALYSES action.

            I can positively say as a testimony THESE 2 MEN HAD LEARNT TO OVERCOME THE FEAR-FILLED NATURE OF ADAM therefore they already has been QUICKENED.
            THERE IS NO way living these 2 men could face this terrible drama unless FEAR WAS NO MORE in their persona.

            so HOW WAS apostle fear removed from these 2 men when it was not from others who ran with Messiah as disciples.

            TRANSFORMATION did it.
            that is the only way it could happen. RE-GENERATION happened so fear of anything was no longer a problem HENCE BOLDNESS.

            I AM not going to pussyfoot around here but say NO MAN CAN WITHSTAND FEAR UNLESS THEY KNEW THEY HAVE GAINED ETERNAL LIFE.

            a great uncle and a cousin of a royal family WERE BOLD in a time when BOLDNESS had disappeared.


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              The Blessing By Israel!

              Hi Lucy,

              Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, Our YAHWEH and Our ELOHIM!

              At the risk of answering before I have had enough time to consider this matter, I feel compelled to give you a little of my history on this matter.

              In my early 20's, I fully accepted Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong's teaching that the peoples of the British Commonwealth and the United States of America were the recipients of Israel's blessing of Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

              Mr. Armstrong believed that Ephraim was the Commonwealth of Great Britain and the Manasseh was the United States of America.

              Today, I believe the opposite.

              The United States is a company of nations in unity. Britain was a colonial power which ruled over many peoples autocratically.

              Ultimately, how many nations will belong to the United States of America?

              Many nations seek the protection and blessing of the United States. I do not think it far fetched to consider that there is little to inhibit the growth of the United States of America.

              Of course, this is all according to the physical, but please remember that the physical is a shadow of the spiritual.

              Thanking you, Lucy, in advance should you be moved to reply, I am,

              Sincerely, Latuwr
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                hard ???s to consider [false teachings to be shunned]

                hey allen.
                i am not into what other church leaders teach too much i must admit.
                somehow we can make the bible say what is in our heart good or evil.
                All i am really interested in is finding out how eternal life works and how it changes people to become alive.

                see how i wrote about boldness. in my last post?

                i can say this boldness does not come easy. It is ''earnt'' by having great tremblings.

                please allow me to explain.

                we all live in the Matrix - it is our value - we go along with all of its institutions knowing they are faulty but so are we, so we take it and that is how it is. Our eyes tells us what to believe.

                however a few people are taken out from the Matrix like Neo was. they have been choosen they did not elect themselves. Outside this Matrix all old values still remain so a person is betwix and between.

                a transition.

                in this transitional peroid DIVINE LESSONS TAKE PLACE AND THIS LESSONS are so hard on our old man because he wants to rule God wants to kill him off.

                In this peroid the tests come and we fail many times but grace moves in and allows sin to be removed.
                let us take the apostle Fear..........................

                God allows fears to come to tests us, so we become afraid very easily over our home , children, jobs, body and health, driving. death etc.
                These tests are there so fear shall fade away and TRUST AND BELIEF are woven into a believer so THEY BECOME THE WORD OF GOD TOO, HAVING ETERNAL LIFE.

                can u see this??????
                the change to eternal life, sows the word into our heart so we become the word LIKE THE WORD.

                can u see this?
                as this happens , victory comes, sin goes and eternal life grows into immortal life that is the very nature of God.


                now i am seeing this change over happening in John and Joseph when you consider their tests and drama of massive proportions for their times.

                now if they went there to England, i dont want to go off on a tangent of ''british israel'' No way I want to find out about these saints as ''immortals''. - having the nature of the Father in them, perfected and mature as foundational members of the church of the 1st born. I would rather investigate this than worldy unclean reverends claims.


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                  upfront and personal

                  some sins are very big and dominate over our lives
                  some sins others may have dont bother us at all.

                  i list my sins and shudder how gross they are so I begged the Lord to allow me to be a partaker of His life and kingdom and cleanse me from death.
                  He answered me a while ago and i am changing, now i find my gross habits have gone and sins are fading and I desire to ''go on into oerfection''.
                  I never put this desire there myself because for years i was always happy with myself.

                  so as changes happen inside a believer, changes also happen outside too.
                  changes are always in the air.

                  to explain this is to say ''if eternal life in seeded into 1 person correctly this new life dominates over others too and changes them''- it is like otherS BENEFIT FROM a believer with eternal life. BLESSING HAPPEN.

                  NOT LEMON DROPS either but massive outpourings of blessing.
                  when trust and belief becomes holy pillars IN A BELIEVER, blessings are showered around. [ it can be likened to The holy Spirit woo-ing Rebecca the bride for Isaac with 10 camel bags of jewels]

                  the change happens when our eyes tell us one thing and our mind goes along with our eyes - hell is there. this is hell or separation from THE WORD.

                  WHEN we take no thought what our eyes are saying, what we are feeling that is upsetting etc - we begin kingdom living.
                  Jesus took no notice of the Matrix He took notice of The will of His Father -This is the very best position to be in and the position that is OUTSIDE the Matrix. This is overcoming all things.

                  it is if ''the things'' of the Matrix are an illusion, a deceit, a hologramme and THE WORD rips this veil away.


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                    drum roll

                    found this.

                    The end of the life of Joseph of Arimathea is unknown.
                    By some it is believed that, like Enoch, he was translated; by others, that he was buried in Glastonbury Abbey.


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                      here is some insight. as a spiritual detective

                      The Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and shall call His name Immanuel. (Is.7:14).

                      And the prophecy of Micah, But you, Bethlehem, House of Ephratha, are little among the thousands of Judah, yet from you shall come forth to me Him who is to be ruler in Israel, and His going forth is from the beginning, from the days of eternity. (Mic.5:2).
                      what if Mary [Jesus Mother] told her uncle all about '' the immaculate conception'' as written in the gospels.?
                      dont you think this rich uncle would have taken ''an interest in the boy Jesus, in all He did and said''?
                      It said of this good and just man ''he was waiting for the Kingdom of God''.


                      ''... himself waited for the kingdom of God''. (Luke 23:50-51)
                      dont you think this kingdom of God would be so much ''better'' than what people were experiencing 2000yrs ago WITH the Law of Moses?

                      John says [in John 21] ''if all the books could be written on Jesus, this world would not hold them''.

                      DONT YOU THINK------------------------------------------JESUS would have been like a Nuclear bomb ON THIS society. And Joseph was a part of this great event. A royal uncle. John the disciple a royal cousin.

                      let me set the scene here of the expectation of these religious people.

                      words of Isaiah:

                      The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. (Is.9:2-5).

                      1] these religious we are told ''walked in darkness''.
                      2] saw a great light
                      3] dwelt in the land of the shadow of death
                      4] a child is born.
                      5] the government upon His shoulder

                      now that is a mouthfull and Joseph of Arm. KNEW this passage and message and Mary comes and tells her uncle ''I am the virgin who has conceived''.
                      *do you think this is sensible reasoning?
                      * is this stupid and silly?
                      there is a name here i want to consider = EVERLASTING FATHER.

                      everlasting father~! ok flow with me here ok
                      Here is this little Godboy Jesus walking with His great uncle and this little boy is THE EVERLASTING FATHER, for this uncle who is waiting for the kingdom to appear.

                      what does this word everlasting mean.

                      Definition of EVERLASTING
                      : lasting or enduring through all time
                      : eternal
                      : continuing indefinitely
                      — ev·er·last·ing·ly \-tiŋ-lē\ adverb
                      — ev·er·last·ing·ness noun
                      did you see this word ETERNAL.
                      IF WE have this eternal everlasting father working IN us correctly- we too become everlasting and eternal.

                      to put this in modern day lingo that may seem crude


                      What say ye?


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                        have u noticed this expression lately?

                        the rising cost of LIVING

                        ALLEN - how much does ''living'' cost us hey is it a ''rising cost''?


                        now i found this - all so sad.


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                          The christ in Jesus.

                          eternal life , is the ability to withdraw from vanity correctly.
                          to withdraw from our eye sight
                          to withdraw from the fleshy habits and worries
                          to withdraw from all human reasonings we have be conditioned to believe.

                          so when we are able to withdraw it creates a vacuum so we then allow CHRIST [the lifeforce, the nature, the power from on high] to overshadow us and indwell in us.]
                          The christ spirit [Holy Spirit] then introduces us into His kingdom with His values.

                          The training of a disciple is to get this student to be able to withdraw from all known reasoning and turn and TRUST AND BELIEVE.

                          Jesus did this perfectly.


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                            i found this..witten by Larry wilson [ an aussie BTW]

                            he had the revelation of ''spiritual DNA''
                            here is his site. read if interested.


                            if all men have the DNA of adam
                            maybe the few who find eternal life, get this spiritual DNA.

                            so how could physical death kill a changed believer with a NEW DNA ????


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                              the word ESCAPE means.

                              word "escape" originated from a compound Latin word,
                              ex, meaning out,
                              and cappa, meaning a mantle, a cape (the English word "cape" originated from the same word).

                              "Escape" literally means to go out of one's mantle, or to exit what covers us.