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growing up, maturing in Christ by Lucy

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  • growing up, maturing in Christ by Lucy

    recently Latuwr wrote to me, asking how i was fairing in the Queensland floods. it is of biblical proportions. Nothing has been seen as bad as this.
    the rage of the rain was totally unbelievable and to come out from nothing into a huge flood.
    I knew Latuwr was concerned and so i wrote to tell him i was ok.

    I have asked for Latuwr's forgiveness as i actually dont care what he eats or what day he is a lounge potatoe.
    to me this is no longer an issue and i have grown beyond this limited religious boundary. what I do care about is that Laturw is excited about LIFE NOW AND LEARNING HOW TO BECOME AS LIFE-BEING and how to radiate DIVINE LIFE AND LIGHT. This is my 1st and only consideration now as i have moved beyond the petty things that really dont matter.
    I know Neo [the Matrix fame] had to learn how to believe in the unseen.
    He could not fight Mr smith and ran away till one day he was able to stand and win the WAR all because he had learnt how to fight in the battles.

    I know for a Fact Laturw does fight for LIFE NOW , that is his goal to stand firm on this revelation of immortal life and win others to Christ. yes, we may not do it ''just right'' but we are learning how to war and how to win the battles even if it does seem we lost.

    I would seek Laturw's permission to write again on his forum
    It is not about death and religion it is all ABOUT the LIFE and how it is lived and how we survive into REAL LIFE.

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    Hi Lucy,

    Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

    Your permission to write on this forum has never been denied so you are fully empowered to write as you desire.

    Concerning forgiveness, I was indeed angered by some things that you publicly revealed about me, things that I privately related to you. Even so, I am not controlled by anger, and I am short on holding grudges, and I strive to be long on forgiveness seeing how I have great need of forgiveness myself. Forgiveness existed for you long before you asked for it. I would not have enquired about you and your family if I had not already forgiven you.

    Concerning the Sabbath and the Food Laws: They are shadows concerning things that are right now in the process of coming. Surely, you recognize that the priests had special duties to perform on the Sabbath. One may know about those duties without keeping the Sabbath Day holy in the physical just like one may know how to eat the flesh of Messiah and drink HIS blood without keeping the food laws in a physical sense. The question here in my mind is simply this: Can physical disobedience override spiritual obedience?

    In my judgment, it sure can, but who am I? I am not the Body of Messiah Yahushua so I am not empowered to determine these things for anyone, and neither are you.

    My desire for you, Lucy, is that you live and not die. It is one thing to know about LIFE NOW, and it is another thing to live LIFE NOW. Sin kills, and righteousness gives life. So, we should learn to practice both physical righteousness and the spiritual righteousness which generates life.

    Thanking you in advance should you be moved to reply, I am,

    Sincerely, Latuwr
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      thank you Spying

      I felt i did not reveal anything that was not already posted over the years on this forum - However as you say I did, i shall further seek your forgiveness once again I do not like to have sin glaring at me and not saying sorry.

      Thank you for allowing me to write here.

      however, BEFORE IN DO -I need your able help [should you so desire] to bear witness against the false wiTnesses to His LIFE NOW on this forum.

      their arguements come thick and fast as these '' religitiouses'' are still suffering from their ''covenant with death''.

      I would appreciate your help in defending the Gospel of living now so we can put devils to flight. amen [should u desire to do it]
      If not that is all ok too, as i need more experience~!

      why is the forum not counting the readers? not that it makes any difference, because the Lord sends who He wills for our Message regarding LIFE.

      thank you