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A Witness Of YAH-SHUA- YAH-SAIOR In Scriptures.

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  • Originally posted by Eliyah View Post
    No Lucy, I'm very learned by Yah Messiah in His word, and I believe His word, and trust Him and His words.

    Wrong Lucy, this is another one of your BACKWARD LIES, and those who do NOT believe Him and abide in His word John 8:31 do NOT really BELIEVE IN Him either John 8:45.

    Ye do NOT believe His words, ye believe and trust in other fool's false words about the scriptures, it's called UNBELIEF, and ye willfully disobey it, and therefore ye live in the law sin and death, as so do those whom ye follow and listen to, and IF ye can't understand my words, it's because Yah Messiah's Holy Spirit no longer abides in ye, and probably never did.

    PS: Moses was also CHOSEN, who ye vilify, and speak demonizing idol words about too.

    Ye don't really believe all of His words, therefore John 10:10 only have life who abides in ALL of His words.
    explain how the tents were arranged for 2000000 people

    So to understand the scripture explanation the tents all together took up 7 miles from its center To outside the camp
    the tent of meeting was in its center
    therefore making the camp 14 miles across

    to go outside the camp a person would have to walk 7 miles there
    image going to the toilet with a baby and children

    and the 2 priests running to and fro with all the guts of the murdered animals to be placed outside the camp
    so this printed bible story is a lie a myth or a gross exaggeration