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    Have Been Searching

    By: Janet Rexroat

    [email protected]

    I have been searching and searching for more answers. Yah is faithful. . He always puts the answers before us. (Or at least SOME of them!)

    I have not understood why I cannot become part of some fellowship or congregation, thinking that I am really in a strange place. As you know, I even got so frustrated with all that has been going on that I have basically shut myself off from most people.

    We are certainly going through a process of being "changed", from mortality to immortality, from flesh to spirit. This dying involves dying to everything that even hints of Babylon, especially doctrines that have been so erroneously taught and are even filtering in to the Messianic movement.

    Anyhow, I do not question any longer why I am where I am and what is happening with me. I have fought it and fought it but I now understand. I have to submit myself to the plan of Yahveh in all of this. I must submit to His purging via all of the "experiences" that I am going through. I know this is very painful for us, but the end result will be worth it all. We will count it all joy!

    Here are some excerpts from what the Lord gave me, through one of the websites linked to Larry's, regarding what is happening.

    (Janet makes some statements that are direct quotes from Nora Hobbs web site at Click here: SON OF GOD IN THE MAKING, and wanted me to be sure and give the credit where credit was due.

    I am getting piece by piece, and of course this will definitely have to prove out. Perhaps "the hope of the believer" is as simple as this. The sons of God are birthed out of physical realm into the realm of spiritual manifestation where death is swallowed up in life, where mortal puts on immortality. And the woman spoken of in Revelations 12 is just God's people who have come out of religion and don't go on into sonship because they choose to remain dependent on each other for their spiritual life. This is not God’s plan for them, but they cannot let go of all of the religious teachings because it appeals to their intellect.

    The way I understood it before was that the son was in the bride for a period of development as a child is in the womb of the woman. Then they are birthed out. The bride goes off into the wilderness to a place prepared for her to be taken care of and the sons ascend into heaven. I must now rethink this concept. Now I know some that have been birthed out from or came out from the body of believers for it no longer is life to them, me included. ME TOO!

    Now " we have gone out to meet God in the Tent of Meeting outside the camp or corporate membership realm." Out here we develop a one on one relationship with God and are no longer dependent upon others for strength and security because he has become all in all. So I see two distinct realms, each in their own place in God. The realm of all believers called out of Babylon and the elect of God, like the congregation of Israel called out of Egypt and Moses the man of God.

    My daughter reminded me that a man shall leave his Father’s house and be united to his wife. "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh." (Eph.5:31) Do you want to leave the Father to be the bride of the Son?

    As we mature in our walk with God and allow the Holy Spirit of truth to purge us of all that is still religious in us, I think we will find we must change our thinking on a good many things. God did not strip us bear when we left Religion, lest we become too discouraged and just give up. Therefore he is removing, like garments, the clothes of the old order as we put on life and immortality. Paul said that we should not be unclothed, but to be clothed upon with our house from heaven. This old house of the flesh is being changed in a moment of time now upon us, in the twinkling of an eye. This is not just one flash of enlightenment to our understanding (eyes) but twinkling as in a renewing of our mind from carnal to spiritual thinking, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little (TORAH).

    Remember in Exodus 19 - Wash your clothes and be prepared for the Third Day. The Sons of Yahweh are being prepared now in order to lead the rest of the believers who are not preparing themselves, but WILL in the great tribulation. Those who will recognize the Sons of Israel will come to them to be taught. That is how they will be protected. We know that the Torah is the protection of God's people. Moses first had to be taught the Torah by GOD in his 40 day wilderness experience at Mt. Sinai and remember, God gave it to him after he struggled to learn it. (This was between he and God - sound all too familiar, struggling to learn and be obedient to Torah?)

    You could say Moses was "caught up to God and His throne" on the mountain. Meaning that is where he received his "governmental authority" from Yahweh.

    I cannot go any further without bringing in Elijah. He was the prophet (in the Spirit of Yah) that called for the repentance of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, to return to the God of Israel instead of wavering between God and Baal. His spirit will return in these last days to do just the same! The spirit of Jezebel has been ruling the people of Israel and Elijah is coming forth to bring the battle to a close. The Spirit of Elijah within us, as it overcomes Jezebel, prepares the way for the manifestation of Son of God within us. I long for that day! This is the scene of the transfiguration at Hermon. Moses (Law,Truth) and Elijah (Grace, Spirit) coming together in Yahshua! This is the unity of Psalm 133! And then, at the time appointed of the Father, this change will be fully seen on earth in the final full translation of our being from mortal to immortal as the sons of God are manifest.

    The commentary in the Chumash states this, " In order to establish his (Moses) credentials, the revelation at Mt. Sinai (the giving of the Torah) was public so that faith in Moses would be beyond question." I believe the sons have already been spiritually birthed and are in the process of being brought into maturity. There are 144,000 of them all over the world. They will reach maturity at the time of the sealing. (Rev. 7) This is when they will be given "governmental authority" by Yah just before the opening of the 7th seal. (Rev. 8) They then have the authority to bring the judgments upon the enemies of Yahweh and His Kingdom as the Torah, the Word of God, goes forth from their mouths.

    The 1/2 hour of silence is in correlation to the time of silence just before the Torah was given at Mt. Sinai. To recall, the commentary in the Chumash states: "When the Holy One of Israel, Blessed is He, presented the Torah at Sinai, not a bird chirped, not a fowl flew, not an ox lowed, not an angel ascended, not a seraph proclaimed HOLY. The sea did not roll and no creature made a sound. All of the vast universe was silent and mute. It was then that the VOICE went forth and proclaimed, I AM HASHEM, your GOD!

    When God revealed Himself to Israel, the world fell silent." . .my comment -just as then, only those who have not defiled themselves with women, those who have submitted themselves to the fire (purging) of Yahweh (His judgments), those who have been in the wilderness turning aside to look at the burning bush as Art Katz so well teaches, will hear the VOICE of HASHEM.

    Moses heard the VOICE of HASHEM; the rest of the children of Israel heard only the sound of the Divine Voice, (Deut 4:12) implying that they did not understand the words themselves (Rambam - Moreh Nevuchim II:32).

    Moses however, heard and understood and then taught the commandments to Israel. (This was a supernatural experience.) This is what will happen when the woman is taken to the wilderness where she is nourished for 3 1/2 years by the man child - "And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared for her of God, that THEY should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days." Rev. 12: 5 & 6. She will be taught the Torah (by the sons of Israel), which is the "protector" or "guardian" of Israel. (of course you must know who Israel is! to understand this)

    The "places of refuge or retreat" are the places where the Torah will be taught CORRECTLY finally! No more wondering who is teaching what right! It will be coming forth from ZION! (spirit) And, from Zion through His chosen vessels, until Yahshua Himself appears at the end of the tribulation to teach us all from the Holy City!

    Let the same mind be in us as was in YahShua Messiah and that mind was the New Covenant. The change from religion to spirituality, from religious acts to spiritual life, from outward recognition of God to an inward relationship with him. Intimacy with Him results in "righteous" acts, not religious!

    Submit to the working of the Holy Spirit to strip you of the old and be quick to put on the new when it is revealed. God Bless!

    Well, that is all for now. . . piece by piece! Give me your comments.
    There is so much that is even yet to be revealed! I personally have so much to learn!

    In Yahshua,

    By: Janet Rexroat

    [email protected]
    a comment from another person who is being changed.
    is not the many but the few as John heard their number.

    while we shall not agree on all, [as we are still maturing] it is good to see others are ''out there'' and escaping away from the Matrix.