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the ''church'' out of order - doesn't work

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  • the ''church'' out of order - doesn't work

    The Schools 0f Pastors have church Out Of Order.
    The Members 0f The HouseHold 0f God are BUILT 0n
    The Foundation Apostles & Prophets.

    Being Joined Together With Jesus Grows Into
    A Holy Temple In The Lord. In Whom you are also being built
    together for a Habitation of God in The Spirit. - Ephs.2:19-22

    The Members 0f The HouseHold 0f God Are Not
    To Be Built On A Foundation 0f Pastors!
    ('Senior Pastors', 'Assistant Pastors', 'Youth Pastors'.)

    And This Is The Faulty Foundation Schools 0f Pastor's Have Built.
    And Christians have bought into!

    This Is Why We Are Taught To Continually Hold Up The Pastors!

    Because The Members 0f The Household 0f God
    Are Built 0n The Foundation 0f The Pastors!
    With the blood, sweat, tears, and tithes of His sheep.

    This Is Why We've Not Grown Into A Holy Temple 0f The Lord.
    We've Growing Into Christian Country Clubs.

    In Whom, We've Being Built Together For
    A Habitation 0f (man) In The Spirit!

    Pastors Are To Work with Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers.
    (FOR) the equippping of the saints
    (FOR) the work of the Ministry
    (FOR) the edifying of the body of Christ.
    (TIL) We All Come To The Unity 0f The Faith
    and The Knowledge 0f The Son 0f God
    (TO) the perfect man
    (TO) The Measure and Stature 0f The Fullness 0f Christ
    (THAT) We Should Not Be Children Tossed To And Fro
    Carried About With Every Wind 0f Doctrine
    (BY) The Trickery 0f Men
    in the craftiness by which they lie in wait to deceive
    (BUT) Speak The Truth In Love
    (MAY) Grow In ALL Things INTO HIM Who Is The Head-Christ-From Whom the Whole Body Joined and Knit Together
    (By) What Ever Joint Supplies According To The Effective Working
    (By) Which Every Part Does It's Share, Causes Growth 0f The Body
    (FOR) The Edifying Of It's Self In Love. - Ephs.4:11-16

    posted by Pandora
    [revival school]

    the whole system fails as it is built up the wrong foundation.
    the whole system fails as there is no unity but division.

    people shall not know this unless the Holy Spirit draws them out from the great Harlot..

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    Do you think the Saviour of the World would be like the pope?
    Do you think the Saviour of the Word would be like a Baptist pastor?
    Do you think the Saviour of the World would be like Benny Hinn?

    well that is
    #1 - the RC group
    #2 - the protestant groups
    #3 - the pentecostal groups

    the same spirit in the head, governs the pews.

    why not question your own creed to see If the Messiah of the World is like your reverend.

    come out from her MY people, do not partake of her sins............goes the cry


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      believers need to mingle with other believers, who have a pulse.
      Infact, Yahushua needs BELIEVERS, WITH A pulse.