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    31 KINGS


    I will surely tell of the decree of the Lord; He said to me, “You are my Son, today I have begotten you. Ask of me, and I will surely give the nations as your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; you shall shatter them as earthenware.” (Psalm 2:8)

    I was able to share with you yesterday how I believe the above verse applies to the “overcomers” and the raising up again of the “tabernacle of David,” but,
    as I have continued to wait upon the Lord and meditate upon this verse, something else seems to be coming to light of a more personal and current application for us all, something that needs to happen now in our individual earths, and our individual temples.

    It appears that the word “nations” as it is used in the scriptures, can have a spiritual application to the things of the flesh and the carnal adamic nature; the things in our lives that are at enmity with the spirit.

    Certainly this is shown to us in Old Testament type, as Israel struggled to subdue the enemy nations (31 kings) in their Promised Land.
    But how does this apply to us?
    What exactly is our Promised Land?

    YOU are your Promised Land!
    The Kingdom of God is within you! ... BUT!! ... If you are to come to a place of perfect peace and rest in that Land, there are “nations” and enemy strongholds that must be subdued; there are 31 kings (rulers of nations) that must be conquered before you can come to that place of perfect rest.

    It is interesting to note that there are 31 nerve centers in your body that support your five senses, which in turn, support your reasonable and rational carnal thought life.
    Beloved, the carnal mind and its thought life is DEATH to your understanding of the spiritual life that is in God.

    If you do not cut the heads off of these 31 kings that war against the spiritual life; if the armies of these 31 nations that are warring against the Christ Life in you are not shattered like earthenware by a rod of iron, you will not know the peace of fully possessing the Land; you will not know the fullness of the life of the spirit, and you will never know anything experientially about the raising of the tabernacle of David.

    Ah beloved saints, we are now at the dawn of a new day, the seventh day, the day of the Sabbath rest.
    This is a day when men (first only a remnant) shall cease from all carnal, soulish, and even seemingly good but religious works, and will only do as their Father directs them to do.
    These will be able to say as Jesus,

    “I of mine own self can do nothing”
    for they will be constrained by their Father to do nothing but His will ... and the Spirit of God will rest upon them in fullness.
    Beloved, this is what the true Sabbath rest of God is, of which the Hebrew traditional Sabbath day was only a shadow.
    This is the personal application of what it means to possess the Land, the nations, and even the ends of the earth as your inheritance. It is also this that must happen within a people ... before the nations of this outer world can be fully gathered into the Kingdom of our God.

    how true.

    let us go out too and become 'fishers of men''.
    THE disguise comes before THE deception
    What would happen if we hired Agatha Christie character to investigate the CRIMES of the O.T Yahweh?
    THE TRUTH comes to His people from Jesus - it is revealed knowledge
    - Just as His Father revealed THE TRUTH TO HIM daily in prayer
    - FAITH COMES from hearing not reading.[the bible is corrupted]
    This revealed daily Knowledge 2 the Ekklesia changes us into HIS WORKMANSHIP here - there is NO other way~~