Here's the statement:

I will praise the Lord (Judah), for He has looked on me (Rueben) and has granted me good fortune (Gad).
Happy am I (Asher), because my wrestling (Naphtali) is teaching me how to overcome my fallen nature, and is making me to forget (Manasseh) that lost and fallen state from which I have been redeemed.
God hears me (Simeon), for He has joined Himself in Spirit to me (Levi). He has purchased me (Issachar) by the Blood of the Lamb and is making me into a place in which He chooses to dwell (Zebulun) forever.
As I myself decrease (that is my Adamic nature), God will add more of Himself to me (Joseph), for He is making me into a son of His right hand (Benjamin) ... a son of God.
then the author continues....

Oh! ... and one more thing that I feel that I should just touch on ... it's about that "Jewish virgin boy” thing...

First, a "Jew" is someone who follows the King of Judah, who, as you should know by now is the Lord Jesus Christ.
That is why Paul said "Not all Jews are Jews" (or something to that effect).
Second, a "virgin" is one who is espoused to one Husband and can be presented as a chaste virgin unto that Husband. Thus, might it just be that the 144,000 are a group of Christ's own followers who have not been corrupted by the false doctrines of all the apostate churches; spiritually defiled by the great whore and her many harlot daughters?

how good is that!!!!!?????!!!!!!