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Be-bob-ed O My-ie what a mess!

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  • Be-bob-ed O My-ie what a mess!

    God first
    Be-bob-ed O My-ie what a mess!
    Wrote 05-25-2008
    M,m,m,m and O ben o my goodness here sat’s I looking within and without this fleshly world of my fleshly me for a message to hear from Christ to share unto you the reader of the moment. But first here we know the one who loves us no other than God and his son Jesus the Christ.

    One, two, three, four, five, six, and seven events will pass but who is awake to see them when the moment of each event comes. I do not say this to warn you but to see if your awake or asleep in the light of love.

    For my eyes are opening more each day but not wide awake yet because I have not came out of these fleshly box of limited love. But one day I will see as God as called me to see when my body is no longer fleshly but a new one of pure light.

    If I say unto you help me watch will you sat with me an Godly hour or will you fall asleep leaving me with only Christ to sat with me. Christ sat’s with us all but most of our kin can not stay awake until the hour has come.

    Hours come and go like cattle running to get away from the lighting that puts them in fear of their flesh being set on fire to burn alive. But you have been taught where to find a safe place to hide out until the storm is over.

    The place for us to run is in the arms of God by being led by the hand by Jesus the Christ unto the love of no other than God the great true love who begin it all. Believe me or not because I am only one voice crying in the wilderness where danger is all around us.

    But Christ is ready to take us to the promise land of spiritual milk and spiritual honey that fills us with light of love that is pure without spot of darkness. If you have not called on the name of my big brother Christ please call on it before the hour of your death comes.

    For I long to flow alone the light of God’s love unto the great spiritual house of God the creator of all things small and great, whether limited now only to be forever here at a later day or never to be again because they never reach and asked Christ to help.

    Now it is time to wrap this up into a circle which always comes back to the love God has reach to share with you by the gift of his beloved son Jesus the Christ. So I end with love and a holy kiss blowing your way from Roy.