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    God first
    Before it’s to late!
    May 11, 2008
    Here I sat saying to myself how blessed I am to get to write unto this very moment in time where time is just made up ideals to measure things we humans’ love to measure. But before I spin off in the wild darkness of light let me say how much God the father who is also like a mother to us loves us as does Jesus the man who is like a brother by flesh the Christ who is like a hero who saves us from our-self’s loves us too.

    What shall we do before it is too late some, will say we need to get saved but what and who to we need to be saved from? One person might ask with open heart to receive an answer without judgment by other man’s ideals.

    The what we need to get saved from, is death because all other things we can overcome with time but death is something we cannot overcome, while sickness of all kinds can be fought off but death is still coming no matter what reason we give it death is still death.

    The who we need to get saved from, is self because it is our self that we believe will end one day and it is our-self that brings all pain to our door. The things we choice in life can bring effects to our life that give us sorrow on top of sorrow.

    The reason I call this “before it’s to late” is because time itself is a lie that we choice to believe but in true there is no beginning or end other than the ones we make up within our minds to try to understand beyond our years. Because our need to know, it will come at the right moment in our stages of growth, our God will teach us knowledge we are ready to receive but not until.

    I write this not to cause a fight over well sowed ideals but to sowed new ideals which you may have never given any moment to think about because they may be old ideals that you trash long time ago or new to your mind all together.

    Before we get into a long draw out debate on these things lets us take a moment from our stage of growth and think about where we were yesterday and where we are today. Then think about where we like to be in the near and far future.

    Given our-self’s a wide area to grow and be shape into a work of art of love created by God or self depending on our personal beliefs in God or not. Because whether we believe in God or not, we still desire love in our lives.

    I will end here but thank you, my dear friends of the web with love and a holy kiss blowing your way from me Roy.