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Here, i am again! 04-30-2008

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  • Here, i am again! 04-30-2008

    God first
    Here I am again!
    Here I sat with my heart reaching up and away to the word’s God has for me to write that will enlighten you and me. But before I begin let me say like to many times before God loves us as does his beloved son the Christ seed.

    Love is about truth because without love there is no truth as all powers come from love but can be measure like from pure love to distorted love. Distorted love is, when some things are added to it like reasons and conditions.

    The goal is to reach for pure love the love God loves us with or a good mother loves her child. While there are many examples, I might use the good mother caring for her child every need is the best one comes to my heart.

    I know we have talk about the love and its range from bad too good or hate to love which all parts our love. It’s just the hate has so many reasons and conditions added to it the love is over-showereding by them.

    This is how the devil or fleshly thinking works we let our inner self be control by reasons of wants and conditions we put on others. God’s children are human like we our selves are as all people are so we need to love them where they are.

    Loving someone where they are has nothing to do with sex but everything about being their friend without judgment of their shortcomings. Nor does it have anything to do with trusting others to watch your children.

    Your children are your children to watch and raise and teach with the help of your family that you are close too. While friends and strangers may be willing to watch your children, it is not their job.

    By everybody taking care of their own children they get raised the way God set it up and yes I know there is times the state takes away children but that is because the parents are not watching their children. Some parents watch drugs and other things other than their children.

    But God all ways watching over his children but many seem to run out in the street of fleshly thinking believing they know better than God. But do not your children push you to the outer limits at times but while God never loses his cool we do because we are only human.

    I am going to end now with God loves you and if you’re a parent be a good one do your best and understand your only human. Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.