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the church stole THE VISION

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  • LucySmith
    that hand-made church of man-those = ''twinky 2 shoes''

    has been overwhelmed by a defeated foe..
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  • LucySmith
    pagans in The pulpits - [all without any SONSHINE]

    LAST night i as i was writting a post, i found out that the realm of DEATH is Jealous of the realm of ''THE'' LIFE found only in THE SAVIOUR of the World.


    not only that, but, DEATH wishes to be a rival to 'THE' LIFE.
    Death wants to be in a competition for LOVERS by making them ''his friend''.
    Death receives his ongoing energy to remain, as long as none know HE IS DEFEATED AT THE CROSS.

    THE explanation is
    the Pharisee and Co.[ those religious leaders of all Israel,] would not bow to the New covenant, the new birth, the new life that was being introduced by their MESSIAH. They wanted to kill Him 11 times. These evil old ancient creepy crawlies of abiding evil mindedness, could not even think HE IS 'THE' LIFE and follow Him, so they allowed death, still, to remain as their LOVER. They could not be transformed into '''the''' LIFE OF THE SPIRIT, that breaks the power [energy fields] of the law of sin and death.

    SO!!! nothing has changed, the blindness and the full on corruption is still there...only the faces of the dying in sin are different.{Rev 3 v 17-21] the wretched, the miserable, the naked, [no wedding garment] and the blind.

    THE LOVERS OF DEATH.... are the pagans in the pulpits along with all the heathen lost.
    no divine kingdom
    no power
    no life
    only fancy words that IMPALED them, by their personal wavering, ignorances and indecissions that compromise their faith!
    take a good look at this corrupt system please and escape while there is yet time.

    Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; JEALOUSY is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame (S of S 8:6)
    death is cruel,
    the grave is cruel.
    none can deny this fact.
    THE LOVE for ''THE'' LIFE, is not Jealous nor cruel but liberty from the grave.

    The pastors, the priests, the reverends etc are jealous, oh yes, they jealously guard their retirement fund, their ''correctness'' their statue in their communities, their belief that is a hybrid mixture their own bean patch empires, their power however large or are they Jealous!
    DEATH has it's stamp upon them and those who sit under death's teaching.

    let us see in great detail, what these religious masters of COMPROMISE have produced.

    THE LIFE IS GREATER than death and death has been abolished.
    last night i was listening to a programme on the radio about people who manifest the blood dripping out from their hands feet and forehead, like the marks of the crown and nails of Messiah on the cross.
    They seem to do this mostly at the pagan church's easter time,
    When the blood was tested it was found to be a different type than the person manifesting this expereince.
    No one ever saw this blood begin to ooze only the oozing itself.

    The lady being interviewed said this '' we dont know what it is, but we do know it is possible that, the human mind can create whatosever it thinks, and these people are recreating the marks of the cross upon their body and when the blood dries the marks heal.''

    now it could be totally demonic...some scarey religious demon infestation appearing.
    it could be a POWER TO CREATE inside some people manifesting, but whatsoever it is, somehow the mind produced something that is not normally seen.
    i write this as an example to say this

    ''THE'' LIFE IS not normally seen in a person only their lover -death.

    DEATH is a stalker, or, the corrupted carnalmindedness of man, manifesting outwards into the world.

    DOES DEATH STALK YOU, looking for it's food to continue on surviving!
    Have YOU, made your covenant with stalker death and made this pervert your friend?
    consider Please
    This lover guards his beloved like a jewel and any mention of ''THE'' LIFE [john 11 v 25-26] IS SCORNED AND JIBED AND HAW-HAWED at....for death cannot afford to loose its energy bases otherwise, it knows only defeat.

    MESSIAH TOOK AWAY death's ENERGY by BEING''the'' LIFE and then offering this ''THE'' life to all those who BELIEVE HIM and His Gospel 2 tim 1 v 10 that saves our souls from all vanity and in turn reproduces His harmony back into our flesh. We mature in this divine harmony and when fully completed, we become as HE IS.... HIS BODY.... is not deformed by DEATH, but reformed into regeneration by LOVE [john 14 v 21]

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  • LucySmith
    pagans in the pulpit

    Father has a small remnant - the people being made in HIS IMAGE - containing His immortal nature. CALLED ''THE LIFE'' !
    The counterfeit supplies the masses with death, the real supplies the minority with THE LIFE.!

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  • LucySmith
    without a VISION the people perish.
    The apostate church of world-dom has no vision of life....they die in death and are a product of their own making.

    THE LIFE, has failed to indwell within them
    to dwell within eternal life today!!!
    Unbelief has ruined them and their deaths proved they were without THE LIFE.

    They failed to see THE OPEN DOOR into the divine Kingdom -yes- they thought they did, but also just like the Hebrews of old, these Nicolatian lead pew people failed to ENTER IN.

    so they perished.

    it is a terrible thing to have No vision, for that means there is No created future for anyone WITHOUT VISION.

    wait ...REPEAT...

    *it is a terrible thing to have No vision, for that means there is No created future for anyone WITHOUT VISION.

    *it is a terrible thing to have No vision, for that means there is No created future for anyone WITHOUT VISION.

    *it is a terrible thing to have No vision, for that means there is No created future for anyone WITHOUT VISION.
    the church has died, for they were totally unable to have the vision that THE SAVIOUR gave them.
    WHILE THE COUNTERFEIT burns.....the small remnant thrives as doorkeepers of His visions. ''THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, as it is IN Heaven...'' amen

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic the church stole THE VISION

    the church stole THE VISION

    THEY STOLE '''the'''LIFE OF CHRIST!!!! and fed death as a friend to the pews