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being in CONTEMPT of Court.

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  • LucySmith
    ''comtemptible'' - they said - ''we are as grasshoppers''.

    ''The spirit of anti-christ which is within man hates the truth that the Glory of God can be contained in a physical body. ''
    grasshoppers - eat green!!
    the Colour GREEN is representive of new life - namely resurrection life found in MESSIAH YAHUSHUA.. John 11 v 25-26.
    This NEW LIFE FORM was found in the human body of THE MAN - THE KING - THE SAVIOUR of the world.

    Church grasshoppers destroy and eat THE LIFE out from HIS GOSPEL message - just as those Hebrews did that day when confronted with the giants at the entrance to the promised land.

    They actually held THE WORD IN CONTEMPT and were judged accordingly by dying in the wilderness.
    ''...........we were in our own sight as grasshoppers''
    so what!!!
    ''they'' said in actually fact

    ''we are not warriors''
    ''we are not fighters''.
    ''we are too puny and fallen and lacking to defeat anything''.

    Num 13 v 33
    And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.
    that same spirit is in the contemptible [so called] christian church and their lame duck pew sitters.
    same spirit only in different faces.

    How contemptible and showing contempt TO THE GLORY OF THE MOST HIGH.

    because these puny church wimps, cannot fight the good fight the Good fight of faith - they give off the stink of their own deception and cowardice by denying and BAD REPORTING of THE RESURRUECTION LIFE [ called everlasting life] as an impossibility to live in here on earth as HIS CHURCH!

    these people are really satan's THIEVES OF '''THE LIFE''!! and their bad reporting shall kill them.
    Moses INTRODUCED 12 s.e.l.e.c.t.e.d men to Abba the Father [ the REAL HOLY FATHER THAT IS]
    In Numbers 13:1-2
    "The Lord said to Moses, 'Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites.
    From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders.'"
    10 came back and re-introduced themselves as GRASSHOPPERS.- THAT IS WHAT THEY HAD NAMED THEMSELVES - grasshoppers.

    the church and their pews have installed IN THEM
    all they have is ''speaking words'' and NO power for divine breakthru and victory

    HOW contemptious THEY ARE UNABLE TO overcome the devourer.! that defeated thing, still torments them to death!

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  • LucySmith
    this world in its fallen state is CONTEMPTIBLE


    Word defination
    : worthy of contempt
    2obsolete : scornful, contemptuous
    — con·tempt·i·bil·i·ty \-ˌtem(p)-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
    — con·tempt·ible·ness noun
    — con·tempt·ibly \-ˈtem(p)-tə-blē\ adverb
    synonyms are

    because a counterfeit power rules over this place.
    and so
    this counterfeit power denies the TRUTH that set men free.

    a contemptiable world makes for contemptible citizens.

    a despicable people
    a pitiable people
    a sorry people.
    a disgusting people

    yet John 3 v 16 comes on the scene!

    ''For God so loved the world, [this disgusting place, filled with the sorry, the pitiable and the despicable people] that HE Gave [ as a gift] His only begotten Son, [The Word] that whosoever shall believe [john 11 v 25] In Him, shall have everlasting life.''


    to be set free from
    * being despicable
    * being sorry
    * being pitiable
    * being disgusting

    transformed into HIS EVERLASTING LIFE - so they do not perish!

    perish !
    word defination

    : to become destroyed or ruined
    : cease to exist
    : deteriorate, spoil
    transitive verb
    : to cause to die
    : destroy
    : weaken,
    : benumb

    ''....................................that whosoever believeth IN Him [john 11 v 25-26] shall not perish [ cease to exist, spoil nor detoriate, cause to die, never to be weakened, nor denumb''

    Isn't this EXACTLY WHAT JOHN 11 V 25-26 says straight from the Saviour's mind and lips - THE WORD OF GOD speaking!!!!!

    HOW human and HOW contemptious are the churched religious!!!
    how cruel and mad and disgusting are they?
    to deny the LIVING WORD HIS POWER, THAT MAKES His believer BLAMELESS in spirit in soul and in body! as He appears IN them amen
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  • LucySmith
    How Not To Be Comtemptious

    to answer.

    the revealing of LIFE.
    comparing John 11 v 24 - Martha's summary

    and the ALTERNATIVE BELIEF of Messiah
    John 11 v 25-26

    That is by revelation of the Holy Spirit - this divine revealing changes THE HEART, and the MIND and the process of ''reproducing His Kingdom IN you begins''.
    The Holy Spirit will have u repent of everything He finds distastefull within you....then ye become HIS WORKMANSHIP as He teaches you HOW TO OVERCOME ALL THINGS, as Christ overcame.

    The formula is ACTING upon Our Believing, by working out our salvation in fear and in trembling [like a work-out at the gym] and this means - we lean not upon our own carnal understanding but TRUST IN HIM, as Yahushua did, for He is our pattern.

    the carnal mind within will never allow FAITH AND TRUST to florish in us - it is a battle against this evil thinking patterns in us all, the solution is - we are to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST.
    that is why!
    tests and trails shall come as ordained to see how much we have progressed into REAL LIFE.....the real nature of our REAL FATHER.
    These test etc is designed so that unbelief, fears, wavering, doubting in Father's ability to care for us [as the everlasting father and Good shepherd] ceases, and the effects of our fallen nature is removed, to Be His church, without spot nor wrinkle nor unclean thing.

    it is not easy walk for we war in the carnal mind of ''seeing is believing''....when FAITH IS THE divine FOUNDATION STONE....
    remembering FEW find this LIFE, so do not expect to be popular and supported by the masses. It is a lonely walk - like Enoch - who was not, for he WALKED WITH GOD AND WAS WELL PLEASING.

    walking -with-God, most times seems as if one is deserted, for they cannot go back into wordly religion nor seem to have ''made it'' into the real of life - this is our wilderness experiences and dying upon the cross daily to wrong and crazy choices that kill us.

    this wilderness last until this happens
    Song of Songs 8 v 5
    ''WHO IS THIS?

    the Holy Spirit is asking WHO IS THIS?
    A TRANSFORMED PERSON, into the LIFE that their Saviour gave them in John 11 v 25-26 - this is the WELL PLEASING believer, who WALKS WITH GOD, like Enoch.

    pray to receive ''THE LIFE'' REVELATIONS
    ..they are all scattered thru the NT.
    once A BELIEVERS, eyes have been opened to these scriptures they wonder why they never ''saw'' them before - but- the gospel is hidden from those who are perishing....that is the majority who think they are saved but failed to have the laws oF SIN AND DEATH removed from them and LIFE IN THE SPIRIT INSERTED.

    beg the Holy Spirit to lift the veil of misunderstanding sown by tares and angels of light! refuse to make your ''covenant'' with death, repent of everything that would bind u to its laws.

    A believer is TRANSFORMED.
    the realm of mortal put off and the gown of immortality put on.
    notice ONLY THE FATHER is immortal therefore we are to have the real nature of our REAL FATHER put into our lives.

    seek ye first the kingdom of heaven [ the realm of true reality not a location] and all else shall be added unto you.
    THE LIFE on earth EXISTED in a perfect human body. a body that has been described as ''it is good and wonderfully made''

    our HAPPINESS IS HERE AND NOW on earth by living in REAL LIFE that is found in LIFE OF THE SPIRIT.
    ''now'' -re-arrange the letters - they make

    ONE -WON - NOW = our happiness.
    to be AS ONE
    to live NOW
    WE HAVE WON the prize of REAL LIFE manifesting in us ON earth - a new heaven and a new earth - the meek shall inherit, is ''thy kingdom come and thy will be done'' stuff.

    never be comtemptious of THE LIFE - for - the MAIN purpose of Abba, is - He'll put the believer's together for us.
    Then it shall be written “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth!”
    Psalm 139:14, "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

    what if we considered another revealing Please.

    I fearfully and wonderfully made - is spiritual understanding.
    I AM now fearfully understanding all wonderfully made spiritual realities.

    -LIFE in the Spirit makes 'I AM' a believer, fearfully and wonderfully made.
    marvellous are thy works!

    King david said
    "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. It is high, I cannot attain unto it''.
    : exciting wonder
    : marvelous,
    : astonishing
    : unusually good
    : admirable
    ''A believer described in John 11 v 25-26, becomes an exciting wonder, and astonishing marvel, who is unusually good and very admirable, as the workmanship of the great I AM''

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic being in CONTEMPT of Court.

    being in CONTEMPT of Court.

    the divine court that is!

    is when

    ''The spirit of anti-christ which is within man hates the truth that the Glory of God can be contained in a physical body. ''

    Yahushua of Nazareth is living proof of this advent in the ROYAL COURT, of the universe.

    what of the Father's judgement on such an evil position -death!