LIFE NOW-John 11 v 24-25-25
Damascus blades~!
SWORDS of the Spirit.

today i was so blessed to find out about Damascus blades.
i HAD NEVER HEARD OF THIS before... so lets try and understand just what these blades are...

some info.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The old Saracen warriors were famous for the swords they carried. A few of these old swords still exist, among them the famous Damascus blades.

These blades are said to be made of finely woven steel wires fused together in a secret process by a charcoal of fire.

The amazing thing about these swords is that they were so pliable the sword tip could be doubled back to the hilt without breaking.

They were so strong that they could pierce any medieval armor.

Their two edges were so sharp that they could halve a silk handkerchief in mid-air.
comment by J Preston Eby
The sword of the Spirit, which is the living Word of God, is fused of many threads of truth and reality.

By the secret processes of spiritual power, these threads are being gathered into one mighty weapon of truth — the many-membered Christ of God!

This is a sword that never wears out!
Its edge is never blunted!
On its blade no rust ever yet has gathered!
It cuts to heal! It smites to save!
It kills to make alive! It is the sword of the Spirit. Now is the time when it calls for the strong hands and brave hearts of God’s sons to wield it!
A BELIEVER, now living in ''THE'' life....learns how to have the Sword of the Spirit,..... and if we look at the description and comments we can see how A matured BELIEVER IS INVINCIBLE in Christ isnt the making of these swords amazing?