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''revelation'' 11-53am 30th march o8

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  • ''revelation'' 11-53am 30th march o8

    when we put on the mind of Christ
    when we learn how to yield up to the mind of Christ
    when we learn not to lean on our own understanding

    that is our complete protection~! to live in the same sphere as YAHUSHUA~!

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    revelation 4.36 pm...Tues 15th April

    we do not have to convice others of the Truth~!
    All we are asked to do is TO TELL the truth~!

    if a believer has to
    *argue with them

    a BELIEVER IS predestinated TO KNOW THE TRUTH thats sets them free.

    in order to get the churched lost to “see” the Truth -they are not apprehended to sonship! [As Per Roms 8]


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      1 Corinthians 15:20-28 (NIV) But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.

      1] the 1st fruits of those who have fallen asleep [past]
      2] Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits

      the ''fallen asleep'' are the people prior the Cross....not after then Cross.

      For as in Adam all die, so in Christ ALL will be made alive.
      1] those people who remain in the fallen nature of Adam - die
      2] those people who remain in the born again, new creature's nature like Messiah - live.

      satan's goal is to 'convince'' pew people to die and go to heaven.

      MESSIAH'S CORE MESSAGE the gospel Paul preached to the Gentiles is 2 Tim 1 v 10
      2Ti 1:9 Who hath saved us, and called [us] with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,

      is death found in ''a holy calling''? and this holy calling was issued out even before this world began

      2Ti 1:10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:

      this Holy Calling in people changes them via the appearing of the Saviour IN them, who is THE LIFE AND WHO IS IMMORTAL- meaning bearing the same nature as The real Father

      2Ti 1:11 Whereunto I am appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles.

      The pew's chief concern is ''getting to heaven escaping hell''

      THE SAVIOUR'S chief concern is having a visible temple of living stones [His church of Believing saints] in whom He can manifest on earth formed in the exact likeness of Himself, - Thy will BE DONE ON EARTH, as it is IN heaven [ not a location but the realm of real life]

      earth - is NOT A LOST CAUSE for the MEEK shall INHERIT the earth
      Math 5 v 5

      consider this Please..............
      take the law of sin and death away from this earth and a paradise would appear.
      = a new earth with a new heaven =or= THE REAL AS ARRIVED, and the fallen counterfeit illusion has been thrown down and erradicated.

      this time comes when U have had enough of satan and his rulership over you.
      can U hasten the day of His appearing?

      yes!!! when we mean business with THE FATHER, he shall appear In us = not as the powerless religion has taught - that hollow shamed pretender satan rules over as his great apostate harlot... no
      but Christ is WITHIN HIS PEOPLE....on earth.

      happiness IS NOT AROUND THE CORNER.
      happiness is NOW.

      look at the word ''NOW'' reverse the letters -WON.




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        overcame[past tense] overcom-ING [present tense]

        the past becomes the present and the present is now!
        'Now' - a believer is overcom-ing.
        but, they have OVERCAME!
        it is a mystery!
        overcame to be overcom-ing.

        ordained,- the believer overcame!

        an explanation is

        as each Believer overcame, more understanding is given by their OVERCOM-ing.
        The levels are like mountain climbing...the summit is OVERCAME, but the ascension is Overcom-ing.
        in overcom-ing they overcame.

        To eat from the Tree of Life, the overcom-ing Believer must HATE, the works of Nicolatians.
        Rev 2 v 6.

        V 15 ! THE revelation is Father HATES the doctrines of these men, as they fail to bring forth ''THE''LIFE of His son IN OTHERS, yet claim ''they know'' better cuz they have been to the seminary yet are still 'hirelings'.

        this is the very ministry that HINDERS the production OF ''THE'' LIFE..
        Father will allow His Believer to come out from under such a miserable display of greed and paganization of the true facts.
        Because of the doctrines of these hatefull people, the ORDER OF MELCHIDEZECK is not preached nor even considered as ''an attainment''
        1 Peter 2:9

        did Ye see this

        the Father knoweth HOW TO DELIVER THE GODLY OUT FROM TEMPTATION.........''
        WORD def. of Godly.
        : divine
        : pious,
        : relating to, or proceeding directly from God
        : being a deity
        : directed to a deity
        : supremely good
        : superb
        : heavenly, godlike
        — di·vine·ly adverb

        now hatefull Nicolatian - show me please where death lives in a GODLY BELIEVER!!!! YOUR LIES no longer harm such a GODLY BELIEVER, for they know your'e a paid wages as a hireling and a pretender.
        so ye receive your wages, paid in full by sin and death and your tomb!
        ye are told TO REPENT!
        yet THESE religious horrors of satan would say ''why''?
        Church historian Roland H. Bainton reports on the situation when the United States entered World War I:
        “American churchmen of all faiths were never so united with each other and with the mind of the country.
        This was a holy war.
        Jesus was dressed in khaki and portrayed sighting down a gun barrel.
        The Germans were Huns. To kill them was to purge the earth of monsters.”—Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, pages 209, 210.

        Yes, the churches paid lip service to peace. But at the same time pulpits became recruiting stations for the nation’s war effort. British Brigadier General Frank P. Crozier said of the situation during World War I:

        “The Christian Churches are the finest blood-lust creators which we have, and of them we made free use.”

        That the position of the churches was indeed hypocritical was acknowledged by the late Protestant clergyman Harry Emerson Fosdick. He admitted: “Our Western history has been one war after another. We have bred men for war, trained men for war; we have glorified war; we have made warriors our heroes and even in our churches we have put the battle flags . . . With one corner of our mouth we have praised the Prince of Peace and with the other we have glorified war.”


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          REVELATION - ''because thou art dust..............''

          i loved this one.
          Gen 3
          Gen 3:19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou [art], and unto dust shalt thou return.
          to the serpent Father spoke this out
          ''........ and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life''
          the dust-man Adam is co-existing with the dust-eating serpent.

          at a funeral the preacher says ''ashes to ashes, dust to dust'' over the dead.
          the dead person contained ''adam and the serpent''.

          then it is stated '' A SEED shall bruise the head of the serpent''

          and the dust-eater and the dust-man, BECAME OBSOLETE, as THE NEW MAN IN CHRIST appears and the dust-eater and the dustman fade.
          Redemption has been completed.
          Lam 3:58 O Lord, thou hast pleaded the causes of my soul; thou hast redeemed my life.
          I liked this verse for it tells of our deceived soul eve, pleading for redemption - there is the CHANGE OVER, from death into LIFE as the soul is saved.

          however! here is the 1st mention of this word REDEEMED in the NT
          Luk 1:68 Blessed [be] the Lord God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed His people.
          the dust-eater and the dustman have been made VOID.

          here is a confirming comment i found.
          Written some years ago by J. Adewumi
          from the gospel distributions.
          [*I always liked what this person wrote and it was the 1st confirmation i found when LIFE NOW, WAS REVEALED TO ME thru John 11 v 24-25-26.a few years ago]

          If Christ has
          come to redeem us, He has got to redeem
          us from sin, from sickness, and from death
          -- physical death.
          For this Jesus said
          "Verily, verily I say unto you, if a man keep
          my saying, he shall never see death"
          There are many verses in the
          bible concerning abolition of death and
          that God's will is not for man to die.
          Christ provides total salvation and full
          [ 2Tim 1:10, Eze 18:32 ...]

          He has removed sin, sickness, and death from
          (if only mankind will come to believe
          because those were wages of the
          disobedience of Adam and Eve.
          Jesus is the
          new Adam; He has removed all these curses
          from mankind, but individual has got to
          believe it.
          now can we consider this OT verse.
          Eze 18:32
          For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn [yourselves], and live ye.
          death, dying, Death (personified), realm of the dead

          a) death

          b) death by violence (as a penalty)

          c) state of death, place of death

          to live.
          ) to live, have life, remain alive, sustain life, live prosperously, live for ever, be quickened, be alive, be restored to life or health

          a) (Qal)

          1) to live

          a) to have life

          b) to continue in life, remain alive

          c) to sustain life, to live on or upon

          d) to live (prosperously)

          2) to revive, be quickened

          a) from sickness

          b) from discouragement

          c) from faintness

          d) from death

          b) (Piel)

          1) to preserve alive, let live

          2) to give life

          3) to quicken, revive, refresh

          a) to restore to life

          b) to cause to grow

          c) to restore

          d) to revive

          c) (Hiphil)

          1) to preserve alive, let live

          2) to quicken, revive

          a) to restore (to health)

          b) to revive

          c) to restore to life

          now for the drummmmm roll.

          Isa 52:2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, [and] sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.

          remember the funeral service ''ashes to ashes, dust to dust''
          adam the dustman -co-existing with his pal the dust eater.?

          Isa 52:2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, [and] sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.
          see....THE FUNERAL SERVICE, was all so dusty.
          the dead could not be the redeemed.

          *who are the redeemed then?
          *who SHOOK OFF THEIR DUST, and their dust-eater
          *who loosed herself from by a dustman and captive to the dust eater?

          Rev 14:3 And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred [and] forty [and] four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.

          Rev 14:4 These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins.
          These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth.
          These were redeemed from among men, [being] the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb.
          why it is the 1st fruit company.
          how many?
          144,000 redeemed.

          the majority were dustmen and were eaten by the dust-feeding serpent and returned to the dust!

          are u dusty?
          on your way into the Promised Land of full redemption - set free by the TRUTH.


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            when we put on the mind of Christ
            when we learn how to yield up to the mind of Christ
            when we learn not to lean on our own understanding.
            that is our complete protection~! to live in the same sphere as YAHUSHUA~!
            consider, putting on the mind of Christ - is here and now = a daily thinking pattern is being developed.
            the old carnalmindedness is receeding as this NEW FORM OF THINKING takes control.
            Messiah thought with this NEW WAY and so was HE THE LIFE?.
            THIS NEW THINKING, determinded HIS LIFE AND POWER.
            was he like His Father?
            is the Father alone immortal?
            with this NEW THINKING FULLY DEVELOPED - fullness of Spirit - a believer would be the very nature of their father - real Father that [the bondage to satan and his lies ceased] is and is this father immortal

            IMMORTALITY IS BEING DEVELOPED WITHIN a people called HIS CHURCH... here and now.

            the devilish thing that stops immortality from taking root is the carnalmindedness of man!
            so = get rid of this carnal mind - means- the real nature of the real Father has arrived and in place in an earthen vessel...Just as it was in the SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD


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              resurrection life - in a dream i had.

              this dream is so clear like a teaching in my sleeping....
              it went like this.

              if we have enough of Christ IN us, to be able to overcome - say -the sin of evil imaginations, by casting them out when they appear.....why not have the same power for healing
              why not the same power for defeating death.....all these type of things are sins, yet, there is NO big sin/little sin is there?.

              To cast out the sin of evil imaginations is simple.....why not healings made simple too? why not for death to be cast out simply.

              The power to cast out evil imaginations successfully, should be enough to cast out sicknesses and death as well.
              Christ is this power.
              and we are to have the FULLNESS OF CHRIST, in us.

              i think it is to do with unbelief.
              and carnality
              the mind says '' the little sins are easy the big health issues and ofcourse death are harder'' Christ divided into easy and hard? or is there enough of Christ to ''fix all things'' concerning our lives?

              somehow i believe CHRIST fixes the big issues as well as the smaller ones in our eyes.

              Then i saw the 3 men in the firey furnace again.... a relook so to speak... and i knew these 3 men were walking in RESURRECTION LIFE, there and then as the 4th man appeared.
              Their bodies were already IN ''resurrection life'' and there is NO other explanation. Dan 3.
              ''Didn’t we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire?
              They answered the king, True, O king.
              v 25He answered, Look, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the aspect of the fourth is like a son of the gods.
              now, how would these unholy people KNOW that the 4th man ''is like a son of the gods''?
              today we would never say a thing like these ancients?

              we read the OT and it is full of heros.
              we read the NT and after Messiah there are not too many heros.
              the Messiah went away [so to speak] so that this Holy Spirit could operate and save men successfully. Teach them successfully and graduate them are the heros?

              WHAT IS MORE, He makes the greatest heros in this dispensation.
              unbelief, robs men of Father's best and my dream proves that there is NO such a thing as a small sin/big sin, nor is there ''a little bit of Christ or a big bit if Christ'' indwelling a believer.
              CHRIST IS ALL IN ALL.... and what can FIX evil imaginations can FIX death too.

              what blocks/hinders/stops all of this full processing is UNBELIEF.

              consider please
              are ye heavily into adulteries?
              what of thieving and lying,?
              what of lusts and sex sins?
              and what of the add nauseum list of other unmentionables....are these a problem in your life?
              repented and clean from abominations?
              becoming His church without spot nor wrinkle?
              well ask this
              ''why is death a problem if these other ''smaller corruptables'' have ceased to exist as a sin within''?

              i think the biggest sin is unbelief,
              and the stupidest!

              We are to be a Representive of another KINGDOM - SHOWING OFF ALL OF IT'S BENEFITS to others.
              to do this
              WE ARE TO LIVE IN THIS NEW KINGDOM NOW... just as the 3 men in the furance did.
              others were ''impressed and influenced'' by their testimony!!!!
              they had OVERCOME DEATH, as their NEW kingdom proved them with DIVINE LIFE.

              WHY? WERE these 3 men of the OT [prior cross] BETTER than the men of today's church?- answer is- they represented their New Kingdom living on earth.

              why did these men walk in RESURRECTION LIFE, [prior cross] yet church men fail to do this today? - answer- they represented their church kingdom and never the divine KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.
              do not be yoked to an unbeliever

              - Do not let our Spiritual man [ the believer] to be unevenly yoked any longer our 5 senses soul [ the unbeliever]


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                cont...well some could say......

                why dont you Lucy look 20yrs old if your'e so convinced that ye can ''put off mortal and put on immortal'' here and now.!!!

                bascially i think i was too long under the laws of sin and death.
                I was such a slow learner...dull of hearing....resting in my churches experiences....listening to church and not to the Holy Spirit.
                Steeped in deception and apostacy TILL, i was shown [ a few years back] John 11 v 24-25-26 and the 2 ways and the 2 beliefs

                only then did these laws of sin and death begin to receed.
                More obedience - the more the laws receed.....less obedience = stuffed.! and just like all men.

                Some ask ''what is happening within so ye will KNOW''?
                sin is hated.
                sin is avoided
                sin becomes less
                more energy
                more peace
                more vigor and zest and blessings begin to happen, and the ''life force of Christ'' flowing into other's lives that are not believers.
                body - not yet....but there is a change but not by eye sight.
                ''well, really! that is not such a great testimony'' some could say.... but i shall reply ''ye dont know what i went thru before my transforming into DIVINE LIFE ''....the pathway /that highway is getting brighter and brighter each day as WISDOM COMES and right choices [for once] are being made.!!!!

                SEE it is not so much by the eye, but divine cleansing within begins and you know when you pull down an old house and rip things out and clean up years of dirt from other owners, then prepare the walls and renew the floors and wash down the outside and roof then the work begins to be seen and in a few weeks a whole new house appears....brillant and worthy to live in..... well that is what happens within a BELIEVER..... without spot and no wrinkles and no spots left.
                COMES into a mortal body and makes that person have the very nature [ the immortal-ness] of their TRUE FATHER

                a radical change by A SAVING GRACE. amen


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                  7-49 sat.morning. 2008

                  I JUST realised that
                  ''DEATH'' IS A MENTALITY.

                  ''DEATH'' IS A MENTALITY.

                  ''DEATH'' IS A MENTALITY.

                  ''DEATH'' IS A MENTALITY.

                  The locked gate mentality in the jail of vanity.
                  People live behind this LOCKED GATE and cannot escape.
                  ''DEATH'' is the gate that cannot be opened by no man. All men have the mentality of death indwelling.

                  there is a way of escaping the ''locked gate'' that is a cage of our mentality.


                  Open up, O gates, and let the King of Glory in!
                  He is your Lord: strong and mighty, invincible in battle:''
                  our MENTALITY IS CHANGED from accepting death into ACCEPTING LIFE Everlasting. HURRAH!!!!
                  [these gates are the 2 lobes of our mind - joining in union - by letting go our carnalmindedness.]

                  look please
                  it says ''LIFT UP THOSE ANCIENT DOORS'' - the covenant all have made in their minds about death, namely -that it is inevitable. We are to lift up - our thinking into DIVINE LIFE.

                  INEVITABLE =
                  : incapable of being avoided or evaded

                  In the Movie the Matrix, in the 1st one
                  Mr Smith said this to Neo...''death like taxes is inevitable''.
                  it was MR SMITH, who was blown to smitherens, when Neo [after his training] was made whole.
                  Neo came out from the Matrix - the mentality of death and taxes, and MOVED INTO another realm.
                  MR SMITH with his death and taxes mentality LIVES IN THE REALM of the corrupted.


                  once out of the corrupted realm, DEATH IS SWALLOWED UP, by a new mentality CALLED ETERNAL LIFE.
                  ''let this mind be in you'' STUFF.
                  When the mentality [the new way of thinking] moves in, death walks out...why? for our mind no longer suffers death to have it's hold over us any more.



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                    passing thru the rent veil

                    Mon. 2nd june 2008

                    the rent veil.
                    has many theories and sermons but today I knew that the 'rent veil' in the temple is yeilding up to the Holy Spirit to allow WISDOM, the tree of Life to be fully rooted inside a Believer and then DO what the Holy Spirit is advising.

                    preaching and sermons and bible study are of NO help UNLESS we do as the Holy Spirit tells us called '' I do the Father's will''.

                    we do - we grow - we grow - we wax strong in the spirit - as we wax strong = we mature, - when we mature, we can be about our Father' business without continual correction.


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                      sad - u- see

                      the unbelievers - have created their own SADNESS by unbelief.


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                        ''the race''-that is set before all men

                        today it occurred to me that all men can

                        a] run out of breath of life - like a pricked ballon!
                        b] gain more breath of blowing up a ballon!

                        the LIFESTYLE choices, ARE ONE OR THE OTHER.

                        most people simply RUN out of LIFE'S breath and die.
                        some, become more filled with ''the breath of life'' and become the ''newness of life''.

                        who are you? who am I?
                        the loosing runner gasping and expiring?
                        the winning runner, finshing their race and receiving the prize?

                        something to ponder.

                        i shall never forget a day many years ago this old man dying in my store.
                        he kinda sunk down gradually!
                        then he turned the colour of mud and it reminded me of ''adam's earth''.
                        Actually i got such a fright watching him collapse into death, i didn't know what to do, so i said ''the Blood of the Lamb, cover this man''.
                        He revived, as i helped him up then paid for his bread and my son drove him home.
                        what was so strange was to watch this poor chap run out of breath! It was like looking at a rag doll, crumpling.
                        I dont know what happened to him afterwards.
                        I dont think 'death' is very nice to people and loosing the ''breath of life'' is something no man should really experience - not now when 'death has been abolished''.


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                          Interesting about Lazarus;
                          I think often of him.
                          He was Jesus' best friend.
                          He was not a disciple - yet it is recorded that Jesus spent most of his leisure time with the Lazarus family.
                          Then came the news that Lazarus was sick.
                          Jesus tarried two days.
                          When the Centurion asked for help for his servant, whom Jesus did not know, he said,

                          "I will" and healed the servant lying ill at a great distance in the self-same hour.
                          Why did he not say: "I will" in the case of Lazarus? - but he tarried.

                          Could it have been that some experiment was going on?
                          And then two more days and the word came that "Lazarus is dead," but even that did not disturb him.
                          And then he raised him up.
                          The moment the WORD of LIFE touched the decaying flesh, it was instantly back to life.

                          What became of Lazarus?
                          Where did he go?
                          Why did not Lazarus stay at the time of the crucifixion?
                          He disappeared.
                          Because he was functioning on a level of immortality that men do not believe in.
                          They know they must die or break life in order to gain immortality - and so Lazarus did the same thing as Jesus did when he resurrected himself; he almost instantly disappeared.
                          Jesus only appeared when the belief of his disciples was stimulated to a point of recognition sufficient to see him.

                          The law is so simple you stumble over it.
                          The Law is "BELIEVE" and until this takes place, you cannot see an immortal.
                          BELIEVE IS A VERB!
                          Written by w.langdon

                          i thought some of those comments were so interesting.
                          why! did the Saviour have a ''best'' friend outside the disciples?
                          I would love to understand this answer
                          disappear to re-appear.