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  • soul healing

    each one of us needs our SOUL healed.
    King david KNEW this and this man is quoted as having ''God's own heart''

    he knew his soul was in trouble.
    therefore he prayed.
    He LEADETH me in the PATHS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS for His name's sake
    (Ps 23:3)
    our souls need to be restored.

    word def. of restore.
    : give back, return
    : to put or bring back into existence or use
    : to bring back to or put back into a former or original state
    : renew
    : to put again in possession of something
    synonyms see renew
    *our soul needs divine help to be restored back to its former and original state

    the sinning soul releases a continual delusion.
    the sinning soul is ''the deceived woman''
    the sinning soul has to be saved.
    the sinning soul MUST BE SAVED, to be REMOVED from death's realm.

    did ye see in 2 Tim 1 v 10 Yahushua came to ABOLISH death.
    under His tutoring our soul and her deception is healed, restored and made whole.
    Like David let us pray FATHER RESTORE MY SOUL PLEASE, in the Glorious Name of Your Son Yahushua Messiah amen.

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    peace and heaven [to ponder]

    most people long for peace.
    They want to die and go to heaven to receive their ''peace'' by perhaps
    tending to flowers, gardening and walking with family on streets of gold


    are these not the very people in this world who caused unrest to themselves first and then to their family and neighbours.?

    heaven DOES NOT BRING PEACE.~!
    INFACT did 'heaven' bring this peace to all the fallen angels?
    it did not infact 1/3 rebelled + hated God according to scripture.

    also consider this!!!!
    Did this beautifull heavenly peacefull garden of Eden bring 'heaven to Adam and Eve''?
    no~~~~ it did not.

    Most people think automatically ''heaven shall change me''
    most people think that this heaven shall being them into an euphoric state... if ye wish that
    try valium
    ye can get that euphoric drugged state right here!

    Consider if ye died and ''went to heaven'' would this improve you?
    ''ofcourse''!!! most people shall reply.

    but where does 'heaven cure anything?
    Did 'heaven cure'' the devil as he wandered too and fro.?
    The devil is not cured nor changed walking to and fro with the sons of God.

    realise that a million heavens will not cure the human nature.
    realise that millions of people wait for a heaven that does not exist.

    to be in HEAVEN, we have to be SAVED by the anointing of the Messiah~!
    Heaven IS WITHIN US and the veil to this secret place can only be rent by MESSIAH YAHUSHUA.
    ONLY HIS TRUTH can set a person free.

    where did the Messiah SAY HEAVEN IS?
    that the kingdom is inside of us
    HEAVEN IS A STATE OF BEING not a place.
    Love is a state of being love is not a location,.
    TO BE ''INLOVE'' is a state not a location same as BEING IN HEAVEN is a realm not a location,.

    The soul that dies with a bad temper remains bad tempered nothing has changed and there are NO Magic wands and fairy godmothers in death.

    ''the Kingdom of God is nigh unto you'', says scripture and this KINGDOM is devoid of SELF INTERESTS.
    THIS kingdom never has upsets and worry, sickness nor depression, war or troubles no jealousy, no guilt, hatred, or insecurity...and In this heaven lives THE PRINCE OF PEACE.

    FAITHFULLNESS AND TRUST walk side by side.

    this only happens when a deceived soul is saved. Saved by being finally set free amen
    The carnalmindedness [that is an enemy to Father] has died = that is heaven = to have a dead soul~! by being restored back to her former glory

    The kingdom of God comes not with observation: neither shall they say, Look here! or, look there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. Luke 17:20-21.


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      the Holy Spirit, adjustes a believers soul, back into its former position.


      Their Spiritual man, now presides over their soul correctly.

      let us consider that...............................
      the soul is a willfull misguided creature, fully deceived and filled with carnalmindedness. The only way for this brutish creature to vent is to manifest the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil.
      this is, the creature, that has to be saved,~!

      the soul has to learn how to be successfull in uncontending in this vanity realm.

      contend is too

      : to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : struggle
      : to strive in debate
      : argue
      a soul has to un-contend~! [there is no such a word] but it beautifully describes, this new postion of our reformed and saved soul. amen