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The 1st fruits are coming forth

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  • The 1st fruits are coming forth

    it is their time.
    'You've given me the best of you
    But now I need the rest of you''.lyrics from ''now is the time'' by Billy Joel.
    it is funny when Joel speaks about God's army. [Joel Chapt.2 for details]
    People have even written of this army.
    ''now'' is the time'' for the army to be released?
    we can look at this word ''NOW'' it is an ever present word NOW~! WHERE TIME IS NO MORE... so this Army of 1st fruits lives outside of TIME, therefore it must be an immortal army having the very nature of their Commander -in-Chief. -the hope of Glory.

    The scales fell from my eyes and my soul was suddenly filled with light. There on that throne dealing with me was my REAL Father.
    God was no longer a distant God, but a real, genuine Father.
    The realization of His being my true Father and my best friend came to me for the first time in my life.
    The wonderful relationship I had enjoyed with my physical father and the wonderful love we shared for each other was suddenly brought to mind yet magnified a thousand fold.
    For now I was with my real Father, the one who loved me so much that God left all of his creation to deal with me, the prodigal son.

    For the first time in my life, I saw in my mind's eye who God really is.
    For the first time I met God as God truly is, my real Father, my very best friend. As the realization of who God is flooded my soul, great and painful sorrow also came.
    Sorrow came when I realized that through disobedience I had hurt my Father. This realization and sorrow produced actual pain which was not just a guilt feeling but actual pain similar to what one would experience in the flesh when one sustains a physical injury.
    At this point in time, God started dealing with me in sorrow and no longer did the tone of his voice express pity. Instead, the sound was of genuine sorrow. I suddenly realized that God was hurting too. God was hurting because I was hurting.
    written by H. Pittman.
    We do have this revelation of our Father, IT COMES TO men in all differing ways. JHN 11 V 24 25 26 will explode into our concsiousness so that all previous religious thoughts vanish and are no more.

    The 1st fruits have personal indicators their time to be released is on the horizon.
    it is to be released into the ''kingly'' anointing [notice the small 'k' so no man can boast] under the KING OF KINGS.

    The bible is facts anyone can read the facts just like a daily newspaper, but, we need the TEACHER, our holy teacher who divides the surface facts and reveals the food for ''the hidden man'' of the heart -or- our awakening spirit.
    That 'man' arises and begins to shine with light - wisdom, knowledge, revelation so that this MAN GROWS, just as Messiah allowed HIS MAN TO GROW - CALLED waxing strong in the Spirit.
    1 Pet. 3:4
    speaks of the spiritual man within us as " the hidden man of the heart...a meek and quiet spirit" . - this hidden man is an attitude that is meek and quiet- a learner's attitude~! This hidden man does not arise once we are dead in tomb, but here on earth.
    These 1st fruits KNOW THEY ARE GROWING.~! all former things are passing away, and when we talk to them, even the few, we find the same refining is in progress as their mortal is being PUT OFF.

    This revealing is not done in some haphazard fashion NO, it is done in Order and in Rank, just as an earthy army is fashioned on Principles and Disciplines.

    The 1st fruits hear ''become fully awakened to My plans over you''~!
    Jer 33 v 3.
    Father takes His time over them so they are not confused nor confounded. He shows them their path into His nature and that is IMMORTAL LIFE.
    HE TAKES THEM OUT ON FIELD TRIPS, showing them earthly indicators of their progress, taking time to give them picture words in many natural things.

    It is as if all the Cosmos is filled with a harmony, or, a music never heard before as their lives begin to merge with THE REAL FATHER'S own life - immortal life that is

    their converging into being done now.
    It is love's finest hour.
    you can 'feel'' it taking place and it seems as if the whole universe is singing as vanity is being rolled back as a scroll.

    The 1st fruits are being ''filled to the Brim'' see john 2 v 7 = HE SAID ''FILL THEM TO THE BRIM'' ...what water jars? nope His 1st fruit Believer who are now invited to His wedding. [That story is factual, but it is also spiritual.]

    the time has come for living and being


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    the water Jars filled to the brim {Jhn 2 v 7} ..means

    to be EXEMPT FROM DEATH - inc physical death
    6 water jars - in BN 6 is the No. of man.....but these men invited to His wedding need to be FILLED TO THE BRIM, -or- the fullness of the statue of Christ IN them
    they become EXEMPT FROM DEATH

    doing all that previous religious stuff, sent men to their tomb. when all that was ever needed was to be filled to the brim and then the water turned into wine..

    the 1st fruits receive His Grace to do this very thing and so many LIFE VERSES will open up and confirm HIS CHOICE OVER them, as He reveals HIS WORD to make their spiritual man wax strong in power and might.

    Rom 2:7, "To them who by patient continuance in we doing SEEK for glory and honour and immortality, eternal life:"
    Being filled to the brim requires the 1st fruits to seek him.
    To seek for 4 things.
    When they have found these 4 things they have become the defination of the four.


    seeking Glory - they have become Glory
    seeking Honour - they have become Honour
    seeking Eternal life - they have become Eteranal Life
    seeking Immortal life - they have become immortal life and Plx notice each one of these elements are THE NATURE OF THE FATHER.... therefore TO SEEK IS TO FIND OUR REAL FATHER AND TAKE UPON US HIS VERY NATURE.

    this ''seeking'' is the secret of our success.

    to seek
    : to resort to
    : go to
    : to go in search of
    : look for b
    : to try to discover
    : to ask for
    : request
    : to try to acquire or gain
    : aim at
    : to make an attempt
    : try
    : to make a search or inquiry
    to discover the secret TO LIFE.


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      seekers find, this finding leads to life and life leads into

      the divine ability to have the very nature of our Father woven into us as His church and kingdom of the 1st fruits..... His almond rods who bear the bud, the blossom and the fruit - the awakened people and the ''small remnant of Israel'.

      preaching /teaching becoming a small remnant is the object of these 1st fruits.'
      The almond branch that comes out 1st even while winter still appears to be.
      The 1 st fruits company even seems to be ''out of season'' as if they have a wakened too early.... just as the 3 men in Daniel in the refiners fire awoke too early -ofcourse they can be likened to a believer in type of today with a final progress into immortal life. amen. [ for those with eyes to ''see']

      Father never leaves Himself without a witness. even witnesses.

      We have a natural understanding but we all need a spiritual understanding and this is happening in some today as they near their completion. amen.
      If we look at natural things they stay the same to dull eyes, but the eyes of our understanding have been opened and suddenly natural things can take on a divine appearing for us.
      I love to study ''LOVE''. for it is the highest gift to receive and no man can tell another of a divine love for it is nothing like human love yet is patterned upon human love....but not deformed.

      Recently i saw a photo of a very beautifull girl who had a violent attack of Asthma and almost died.
      She was 21yrs when this happened and was so vital and beautifull and then had this awefull attack and almost died, so much so she is now a vegetable and needs constant caring and her mother and father tend her with love.
      Her photo now is one of a girl in a fetal position who is deformed in mind and limb and cannot be helped.
      This photo and description is a characture of ''the human condition'' where all manner of deformity in body and mind florishes.
      The natural will speak of the spiritual too, that is why the 1st fruit company are awakened + made to arise so that they can be redeemed and made whole.
      The 1st fruit company learn that LOVE is not simply one thing but made up of many parts.
      The human love centres upon ''the self'' but the many faceted aspects of divine love is like a rainbow of divine feelings. as each aspect make up a divine whole.
      it is only this all encompassing love that REPRODUCES HIS KINGDOM.

      i e. I COULD SAY divine love is likened to a bouquet of flowers... each bloom gives its own message and smell yet joined together make a wonderfull sight = the same of LOVE IN BLOOM... divine love that is~!

      there is one aspect of this divine love i am enjoying to learn about and it is LOVE incubates~!

      a: to sit on (eggs) so as to hatch by the warmth of the body
      : to maintain (as an embryo or a chemically active system) under conditions favorable for hatching, development, or reaction
      : to cause or aid the development of
      intransitive verb
      : to sit on eggs
      : to undergo incubation
      : develop
      LOVE can be developed~! to endure every test. - all these facets RIP UP the very fabric of time as the Kingdom of God is another dimension.
      This is where all old things have passed away and the new things now appear.



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        the 1st fruits are taught

        how to move into the Invincibility realm yep... that is their destination.


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          cont/ -how to move into the Invincibility realm

          Weakness causes fear.
          I always remember when Gideon was choosing his army of 300 the first to be sent home was the FEARFULL.

          We see THE MAN - YAHUSHUA, being filled with THE CHRIST, -or- the personal power of Invincibility
          a super-man
          a super man
          a super man

          a super man - a man who exhibits a high degree of power
          a super man - a man who exhibits excessive manhood.


          weakness in man.

          a weak man
          a weak man
          : the quality or state of being weak;
          : fault,
          a weak man - a man who exhibits a fault and defect.

          our weaknesses permit us to be defective and faulty
          these weaknesses [we allow] stop us from being invincible.

          therefore why do we ''put up with'' our weaknesses?
          why dont we desire to HAVE THIS CHRIST-LIKE INVINCIBILITY?

          THE Holy Spirit will reason with THE 1ST FRUITS pointing out THEIR personal weaknesses that brings the fruit of fearfullness - this has to be erradicated.

          The 1st fruits are taught how to COLLAPSE their weaknesses and to gain THE STRENGTH of Christ-likeness so that THEY HAVE BECOME - A PILLAR.

          the 1st fruits dwell WITHIN an astonishing doctrine

          And they were astonished at His doctrine:
          for He taught them as one that has authority, and not as the scribes. - And they were all amazed, insomuch that they questioned among themselves, saying, What thing is this? what new doctrine is this?"
          (Mark 1:22,27).

          not many people understand this ASTONISHING DOCTRINE, BUT His 1st fruits do.... they are being PROCESSED into it, that is why they become A PILLAR~!


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            the first fruits are receiving THE BUTTERFLY TREATMENTS.

            A METAMORPHOO. - subjected to change - changed by learning all about His astonishing doctrine.

            Main Entry: meta·mor·phose

            : to change into a different physical form especially by supernatural means
            : to change strikingly the appearance or character of
            : transform
            : to undergo metamorphosis
            : to become transformed
            synonyms see transform

            to be transformed into SUPER - MAN~!
            to be appointed into this reality - consider-Our Real Father, delivers us from man's creed, tradition, dogma, doctrine, and give us Spirit-anointed truth.

            *this astonishing Doctrine of Yahushua transforms His 1st fruits into SUPER Men.

            the ANOINTED TRUTH~! makes people change, and so we now look at our spirit and our soul and our body.

            the church cannot concieve that our body can escape the tomb, somehow they view their body as vile, but the word of truth tells this 1st fruits HOW TO BE B.L.A.M.E.L.E.S.S. in body~!

            To be blameless in our body, our SPIRIT has to be our Master and our soul, subdued.

            when these 3 items BEGIN TO MATCH UP and are ''married'' the whole DNA changes to reproduce a small remnant [144,000 John heard their number] of INVINCIBLE super men, who become PILLARS in the Temple of the Lord.
            While DNA is a 'hot' issue in the news today, little do the public know that our DNA has spiritual connections., the ancients knew about and have ''secret societies over it'' YET, they did not 'KNOW' CHRIST... therefore it was again ''man's effort to be ''like god''.

            As the 1st fruits begin their walk, the process of metamoophoo begins in them - the changes to their DNA occur and this affects their body as their mind is converted to this astonishing doctrine.

            These elements grouped together brings about our healings.....


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              the first fruits..... the sheaf wave

              I think it is best to explain, the Tremendous divine power that is produced to bring these saints into FULL MATURITY.

              This power accompanies these Believers, at all times, as long as they YEILD up their lives to Father and stop carnal ''self'' preservation.

              “the working of the strength of [God’s] might which He brought about in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead” (Ephesians 1:19-20).

              And Peter said,

              “It was impossible for Him to be held in [death’s] power” (Acts 2:24).
              did we notice the Bible numerics for that verse of Peter's
              no 2 - witness
              no 24 - the elect, the royal Priesthood.....impossible for them to be held in death's power. why? they had become trained up in invincibility by the Holy Spirit.

              on a personal note by Grace alone as I cannot boast at all
              i have considered my spiritual age, over and over i have thought upon this and i realise i am approx. 6-7 yrs of age, and ''in'' this spiritual age, i have grown and grown so much so i scarce recognise who i used to be and the old values i contained.
              Looking back i am totally astonished at my ignorance and dullness and only now am i coming out from this shroud of vanity.
              This world fades away.
              Sins fade away
              wrong thinking fades away
              and something else called AN ASTONISHING GOSPEL overtakes and overcomes all previous thinking and behaviours.

              this is
              " THE Tremendous divine power that is produced to bring these saints into FULL MATURITY.
              it could be described as an inner earthquake~! that produces an imperishable, never-ending life.
              again i wish to describe the almost undescribable as
              “according to the power of an indestructible life” (Hebrews 7:16).
              can ye ''see'' this?
              it is the TRAINING UP of a Believer to HOLD THE POWER OF AN INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE.
              “He always lives to make intercession for [us]” (Hebrews 7:25).
              ALL THOSE wonderfull words.
              super man
              astonishing Gospel
              are all parts of the POWER THAT RAISES the dead, so that they become ALIVE IN CHRIST


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                REAL TRUE LIFE! allows the 1st fruits to be true companions of the Father

                by having the same nature as these wonderfull words.
                *super man

                all because they BELIEVED IN
                an astonishing Gospel.

                and all parts of the POWER THAT RAISES the dead, so that they become ALIVE IN CHRIST
                AS the 1st fruits Mature in Christ His kingdom opens up before them and a NEW TYPE of life becomes theirs.
                It is a transitional period as they come out from their former carnal world.
                It is at this time, their Spirit is ripening and their soul Eve coming out from her deception, that the body is being made whole and blameless.

                So~! to be practical here, the 1st fruits learn how to speak to their body, and how healing comes, rather like that old adage of ''mind over matter''.
                Healing comes as DIVINE HARMONY SPREADS thru-out their body
                the 3 -spirit soul and body can now work together correctly. This is a process as Rome was not built in a day.
                God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27)
                this is HARMONY~! this is MAN PERFECT.~!
                Messiah retained His Image in the Likeness of His Father.
                He was able to do this for us.

                John 17 tells of this Testimony. I HAVE MANIFESTED THY NAME
                To be 1ST fruit this same factor has to be made manifested in this company of believers too.

                Apostle Paul says AWAKEN~! ofcourse the believer's mind becomes awakened but so do the cells of their body. This is THE NEW LIFE HAPPENING U SEE.?

                “Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.”
                The 1st fruits awaken to their healing within.
                The Body is self healing.
                not only in the natural but the real Body of Christ is SELF HEALING too as the 1st fruits minister to each other. That is the unity of the Spirit working to make them whole.
                Messiah says '' I give you peace'' He is the Prince of Peace - therefore a 1st fruit's mind becomes a peacefull mind. The greatest blessing= to be AT PEACE.
                This 'peace' condition allows the cells of our body to return to their fullness.
                I cannot tell u how much we all should DESIRE PEACE.

                pray for it~!!
                : a state of tranquillity or quiet
                : freedom from civil disturbance
                : a state of security
                : freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions
                : harmony in personal relations
                : a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity
                : in a state of concord or tranquillity
                *free from oppressive thoughts and emotions.
                * is only '''in''' this state real true LIFE will grow.

                can ye understand this please?
                if i can explain it correctly i would say '' our whole being is like music being played and it has to be played out IN HARMONY, not disharmony''.

                I hate jazz music, it is disharmony.
                Others love it~!

                here is a comment on Jazz
                "Jazz became many things—
                saccharine, Lombardish, vapid—it has enriched stuffed bellies;
                it has corrupted the innocent;
                it has betrayed and it has traduced;
                everywhere and in all its forms, something jazz acquired at the moment of its origin has profoundly touched all its hearers.
                What was this thing that set folks dancing and smiling from the slums of New Orleans to all the capitals of the earth?" —Alan Lomax (1950)
                does this not sound like the human carnal mind?
                The Human mind is Jazz.
                ''Never far below the story's surface are the racial tensions that sparked off the early development of jazz.
                Slaves transported from West Africa to the New World took their musical traditions with them, and adapted their tribal work songs and dances to sustain them in their forced labours''.

                see these words
                *LABOUR.....are all stages of the human condition, as I use this to demonatrate what is happening within the bodies of human beings in this carnal world.
                They are tense or have tension, slaves to sin, an forced to work for the world the flesh and the devil.
                THIS IS NOT LIFE but death.

                PRAY for THE peace...that passes understanding.
                why would such 'peace'' pass understanding?



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                  cont .........becoming alive in Christ strips a believer

                  from their former physiological abnormalities

                  true healing is found in A SOUND MIND.
                  A mind that has been restored back to it's former BLUE-PRINT design.

                  Messiah WAS IN A ''MINT'' condition and His sharing and caring of His Astonishing Gospel allows a BELIEVER first fruit from the dead to become 'MINT'' too. AN ''AFTER DINNER MINT'' [ so to speak] as they feed upon His Hidden manna, that restores them into endless life.
                  This SOUND MIND, becomes the builder of our soul and body.

                  : free from injury or disease
                  : free from flaw, defect, or decay
                  : solid, firm; also
                  : stable
                  : free from error, fallacy, or misapprehension
                  : exhibiting or based on thorough knowledge and experience
                  : legally valid
                  : showing good judgment or sense
                  synonyms see healthy, valid
                  did ye see SOUND IS RELATED TO HEALTHY?
                  did ye see SOUND IS RELATED TO HEALTHY?
                  did ye see SOUND IS RELATED TO HEALTHY?

                  a body IS HEALTHY CUZ the mind is SOUND.
                  a body IS HEALTHY CUZ the mind is SOUND.
                  a body IS HEALTHY CUZ the mind is SOUND.

                  now FOR a revelation Plx

                  the mind is creative,

                  now Plx consider

                  a sound mind is perfected in its creating ability therefore the body is created back to perfect again.
                  Messiah KNEW THIS, and remained free.
                  The maturing Spirit [the husband] FORCES his authority upon his wife [ subdued eve, the soul realm] and the body becomes unified with a mature spirit and a saved soul. amen


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                    cont......................our astonishing Gospel

                    ''Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.
                    Romans 8:23
                    in BN... no 8 - new beginnings/resurrection life.
                    in BN... no 23 - death...

                    a new beginning from physical death...the redemption of our bodies.
                    redeeming - compensate for a defect

                    *Adoption - Our Spirit entering into the healing processes on behalf of our deceived soul and faulty body.

                    the 1st fruits now are eagerly awaiting their spirit within matures and the soul is saved and our body is back to its original blue print.
                    However this is a pathway, a progress, a way of entering into the NEW LIFE AS A NEW CREATURE... CROSSING into eternal/immortal life.
                    YAHUSHUA spoke to HIS FATHER of “the glory I had with thee before the world was.” (John 17:5)

                    HE CAME, to bring back our rememberance of the Spiritual world...and to make this real world APPEAR IN US.

                    now as a matter of interest.~!~!
                    Do we notice that Tibet is in the news lately, [RE China's injustices and the Olympic Games] = that mountain region where Shangri-La is proposed to exist? that ''LOST HORIZON''.


                    The world wide church has ''lost the horizons'' of the astonishing Gospel.
                    That is why they die~ another gospel has become ''the fashion'' to believe in.
                    THEY ARE NO LONGER PRISTINE.....
                    the church is leavened.

                    The 1st fruits have to be weaned from leaven....and graduate into adoption into the nature of their Real Father, that is immortal.

                    here is what i wish to draw attention too
                    ''our bodies are the temples of the Living God''.
                    Now DOES YAHUSHUA p.r.o.m.i.s.e. A BELIEVER, they become ONE with Their Father? A body to carry His visible Glory?
                    can anyone point to where ''death'' would hide in ABUNDANT LIFE.?
                    in eternal life, IN THE VERY nature of immortal life.?
                    is this ''temple of the living God'' -a voluntary vessal of Satan?



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                      ................the redemption of our body. Romans 8:23
                      WHEN Father reveals THE LIFE of His Son, to the 1st fruit company, they now begin to live '''in''' the life of the Spirit where [only in this place/realm/state/position] is now NO condemnation
                      see this?
                      in this life, there is now, no condemnation.

                      SO! let us disect this word condemnation,
                      *no con. [tricks]
                      *no demon [ know how to defeat them]
                      *no nations [ no other seed of men, that create men's kingdoms within]

                      to declare to be reprehensible, wrong, or evil usually after weighing evidence and without reservation
                      a: to pronounce guilty
                      : convict
                      : sentence, doom
                      : to adjudge unfit for use or consumption
                      LIFE ''IN'' the spirit takes the 1st fruit away from
                      *being reprehensible
                      *being wrong
                      *being evil
                      *being unfit
                      *being doomed and guilty

                      DO YE NOW THINK, in this position/state/realm a person will physically die from sin? and do you think the law of sin and death would still apply to such ones?


                      to escape from the laws of sin and death the 1st fruit company now learns HOW to do this very thing.

                      by learning ''''how'''to dwell in the LIFE OF THE SPIRIT they come into the possession of their redemption ....

                      lets us now consider ''their redemption''.

                      : to buy back
                      : repurchase
                      : to get or win back
                      : to free from what distresses or harms
                      : to free from captivity by payment of ransom
                      : to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental
                      : to release from blame or debt
                      : clear
                      : to free from the consequences of sin
                      : to change for the better
                      : reform
                      : repair, restore
                      : to make worthwhile
                      : retrieve

                      to make free from the conseqences of sin.

                      Do ye now think, we are well advised to FIND OUT, how to LIVE, THIS

                      ******** life-in-the-Spirit********

                      today, I found out, that a man i knew from a forum 10odd years ago had died ''preaching'' his Gospel in far flung lands.
                      I was sad to learn of his passing as he preached his pentecostal creed and not LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.
                      I thought, what a waste of effort and how many religious people are deceived by this tree of good and evil.
                      This man banned me from his forum, yet, what he REALLY did was -he ran out of life's spirit and expired-he banned himself from The LIFE. the truth is this poor man died in sin. He died in the realm of ''being unfit''. The sin of heeding a religious creed over the Word of the Father killed this man. So the moral is GET LIFE NOT RELIGION.



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                        cont..''and all death, shall be no more, as we live LIFE IN THE SPIRIT

                        By receiving the hidden manna,....[Rev.2:17] He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.
                        To him that overcometh, to him will I give of the hidden manna.

                        note - this divine food is hidden~~!
                        OK~! but WHAT IS IT?

                        answer ~!
                        The keys to how to be free and live fully within THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT.
                        Our seeing is NOT spiritual~!
                        the 1st fruits learn how TO ''SEE'' by their new man- THE QUICKENED SPIRIT.
                        That is the victory, why? it is a higher state than the earthy existance.

                        notice the number of the verse.
                        No 2 and No 17

                        No 2 - is a witness in BN
                        no 17 - is victory in BN
                        coded into this one verse [by numbering] is THE FOOD THAT BRINGS THE 1ST FRUITS INTO VICTORY, as a witness that they have eaten the hidden manna.

                        what is this ''victory''?
                        their VICTORY OVER the law of sin and death~!
                        now do ye ''get it''?

                        The church pew people are not eating the ''hidden manna'' they are in famine and starve to death.
                        The food they are served is 50% rat poison mixed with 1/2 truths.
                        THEY WITHER AWAY, from bad eating habits.
                        Their life force slips away as they become skeleton bones without life.

                        are ye a skelteton?
                        filled with the finest food as His Majesty invites ye to SUP AT HIS TABLE. {ps 23] and while eating there the ''covenant'' ye made with death is broken~! amen
                        “My kingdom is not of this world” (Jn.18:36).
                        is death [all manner of death that is] OF THIS WORLD.?
                        but there is an alternative as
                        The MAN, Yahushua, is in the MIDST of His overcomer remnant.

                        WHERE IS DEATH, IN THE MIDST of the CHRIST-MAN and His remnant first fruits???????
                        show me.

                        NOTE WELL.
                        The collective mind of pew people follow the wrong MESSIAH~! age old church traditions have made up their own one with their own gospel and their own time frames of HIS APPEARING.
                        ask this Plx~!
                        CAN YE EVER TRUST A harlot??????????
                        they “walked no more with him” (Jn.6:66).
                        notice the verse numbers?

                        “Except ye eat the flesh of the son of man and drink his blood, ye have not life on yourselves” (Jn.6:53).
                        the 1st fruits company learn now that in place for them is this new covenant, which brought life (2Cor.3:6,7).



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                          the King and the Priest company[the 1st fruit harvest] are groomed by the Holy Spirit in
                          the art of serving or THE ARTS OF SERVICE.

                          THEY COME TO SERVE, not to be served.
                          Immortality for His saints creates these possibilities whereas death [the wages of sin] does not.
                          Death[falling into the hands of the enemy] produces limitations, LIVING [falling into the hands of Christ] has NO limits as YAHUSHUA knew of no limits here.

                          HE SERVED OTHERS, from this UNLIMITED realm.
                          INSIDE OF HIMSELF WAS UNLIMITED, as death had NO hold upon Him...a believer has to dwell in this same ''divine value of life'' John 11 v 24-26.

                          THE RESURRECTION LIFE.~!an~! IMMORTAL LIFE gives service forever.
                          A believer is taught how to serve, and in the art of serving. It is a skill.
                          The holy Spirit trains up a believer to be the HIGHEST and Greatest POSSIBLE USE, AS CHRIST WAS USED.


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                            CONT... the 1st fruit company

                            the Power of the Gospel to save = 2 Timothy 1 v 10.
                            2Ti 1:10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:
                            this is the 1st fruit understanding of The Mission,.
                            NAMELY - to sever all their relationships with their fleshy mind of vanity, the world and its ploys and social culture and the devil's whisperings that will lead into evil and evil imaginations.... that manifest into the world.

                            Now heaps of churches will tell you ''we are right, join us, we are the true church'' but the fact is none are right nor true and let us remember a believer IS asked TO BE JOINED TO CHRIST.. and no other.
                            THE DIVINE INSTRUCTION SAYS............

                            ''follow Me'' WHEN A BELIEVER DOES THIS EVERY THING THEY come into the posession of ''the power of God'' The Christ~!
                            called ''CHRIST FORMED IN YOU''.
                            TO BE in THE BODY OF CHRIST IS TO BE ''IN'' THE BODY OF POWER.

                            That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
                            (I Corinthians 2:4-5)

                            THE first fruit company find no fellowship with the 'wisdom of men'' as this curse kills everything it touches.~! That is why the pews drop over dead.-The religion of men kill all who sit under such miserable instructions.

                            Apostle Paul taught this...
                            the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. I Corinthians 4:20
                            This first fruit company is trained up by the Holy Spirit to manifest THE POWER of Our Father=Just as Messiah did.

                            The church has re-placed everything that THE SAVIOUR TAUGHT!
                            THE SAVIOUR TAUGHT FULL freedom FROM THE ADAMIC CURSES + it was for a believer to be HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS HERE ON EARTH, and to be in a body of fellowship with like minded kin... ALL IN THE SAME BOOT CAMP.

                            the church has it backwards. They do then they ask for the blessing but a believer asks first then does so that the blessing flow forth

                            This world of the lost is not interested in ''what we do for God'' way.
                            THIS WORLD IS ONLY INTERESTED IN ''HOW TO BE FREE'' from their imprisioned and trapped faulty lives with sickness and death all around them i.e That is why ''SIGNS SHALL FOLLOW'' a believer's preaching of LIFE NOW~!
                            To see Thy power and Thy glory, so as I have seen Thee in the sanctuary. (Psalms
                            it is interesting to notice that when a person is freezing to death they go into ''a deep sleep''.
                            The so called ''christian'' church is a freezer... a fridge of sleepers.

                            the contrast is so stark as a BELIEVER IS FILLED with the fire of the Lord.
                            Psa 119:139 My zeal hath consumed me, because mine enemies have forgotten thy words.



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                              the image -the 1st fruit/the pick of the crop

                              THE SAVIOUR TAUGHT FULL freedom FROM THE ADAMIC CURSES + it was for a believer to be HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS HERE ON EARTH, and to be in a body of fellowship with like minded kin
                              the Believer is trained to shed the counterfeit image of the carnalmind, and to shed, all their unlikeness to sin

                              this is done in the here and now as death [sin/separation] are swallowed up into THE LIFE.

                              THERE is a saying a ''mortal immortal'' and that is what the 1st fruits are BE-coming...their mortal is being laid aside to be an immortal or the very nature of the real Father is put on.
                              * HIS NATURE IS IMMORTAL AND ONLY HE IS IMMORTAL, therefore when His nature becomes OUR NATURE, we be-COME as He is .
                              ''the meek shall inherit the Earth''.
                              ''The meek shall inherit the Earth according to Matthew 5 v 5''
                              The Meek is not the weak, but those who have submitted to the inner working of the Holy Spirit upon their lives.
                              MOSES WAS THE MEEKEST MAN, and notice MOSES WAS A DELIVERER.
                              could i write this sentence?
                              THE DELIVERERS INHERIT THE EARTH
                              Obadiah 1:21
                              ''And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge
                              The deliverers will ascend Mount Zion To judge the mountain of Esau.''
                              Our redemption can ONLY COME BY A WAR .
                              We learn to WAR and WIN over the counterfeit sinner within - our carnal mindedness.

                              We become delivered from sin [our carnal vanity reasonings] and move into OUR DELIVERANCE~! a DELIVERER has to be delivered first from the affects of vanity.

                              I would like to write this comment 1000 times on a chalk board, SO THAT it is tatooed upon my mind and it is this.

                              ''Mortals ARE really COUNTERFEIT immortals''
                              ''Mortals ARE really COUNTERFEIT immortals''
                              ''Mortals ARE really COUNTERFEIT immortals''
                              ''Mortals ARE really COUNTERFEIT immortals''
                              ''Mortals ARE really COUNTERFEIT immortals''