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3 men IN Flames [ the refiner's fire]

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  • 3 men IN Flames [ the refiner's fire]

    the story of 3 youths who had understanding of how- not to perish- as the 4th man appeared with them.
    Does the bible teach us HOW THE 4TH MAN APPEARS for us as we go thru the flames of the refiners' fire?
    Judgment must being in the 'house of the Lord''

    is His church - the 33,000+ divisional creeds of man termed his House?

    NO~! it is the few who find eternal life -0r- possessing the exact same lifepower Messiah moved in here on earth. amen

    Each day we pass thru the refiner's fire, under the mighty hand of the Holy Spirit who will not allow us to be tested more than we can endure.
    Each day we learn something different, something wonderfull we then have to put into practice by choosing the Holy and narrow path in Life.

    Presently I am learning now ''how to love correctly''
    prior to this i only loved as a human-woman, now i am learning how to love with His agape love and this love is a love that GIVES and not takes.

    human love has conditions attached to it . it is a ''receiver's love'' and not a givers love.... and if by chance one does give - receiving back is expected.

    Adam and his crazy form of love is NOT rulership's LOVE material.

    Overcomers, [who even overcome their last enemy- death] MUST have this refiner's fire processing and His gift of agape love - that sacrifical gift without any expectation.


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    Overcomers, [who even overcome their last enemy- death] MUST have this refiner's fire processing thru them.

    to de-tox their soul~!

    Our soul [the woman eve] has been poisoned by deception and by viewing everything upside down. [meaning - by the eyes of the flesh and not the eye of the Spirit = see 2 kings 6 v 17]
    Her flesh runs wide and is an ADULTERESS to her spiritual man.
    We are to come out from all those former religious teachings and spirits of unjust men, - why?- we cannot carry any man made bondages as Messiah Yahushua never carried within Himself the bondages of the Pharisee and Co.
    He was CLEAN and HE WAS FREE. UNDEFILED even by death.

    We must now consider this amazing thing the revelation that....................
    In the past if we have willing sat under any religious authority in our ignorance, NOW we have to repent and seek forgiveness as the unclean spirits in those in authority over us, feel free to merge with us and corrupt us as the religious preachers/leadership is corrupt.

    in other words - we have taken in ''their corrupt seed''.
    Therefore their sins can corrupt us.

    Did you see the 3 men in Flames DID NOT TAKE IN, that leader's seed [demands for Loyality by that great king] they denied it utterly and what happens is the 4th man appears in the flames.
    let us all learn that..................................
    HIS CHURCH is not a recepticle for seeds of evil.

    let me put this a frankly and as bluntly as possible.

    The church of Yahushua of Nazareth, is not a recepticle for ''other mens's seed''.
    She is not a used by date Harlot but a virgin.
    The only 'seed'' that is going into her is HIS. amen

    can ye understand what i am saying as politely as possible?
    i do hope so~!~!


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      we never hear of the 3 men in the flames again

      are they immortals?

      if they were unable to die in the flames heated 7 times above the ordinary - why would ''they die'' some other way and some other time?
      who has the answer?
      it is very interesting to notice that ''the leaders of the world'' are trying to de-populate. - to reduce people to slaves by fears and famines.
      Egypt is already in one - the population last week was fighting over their food supplies.
      so ! would we bow to such edicts?
      Is this not the same situation [in type] as the 3 men in the flames faced....
      We live in interesting times, = just as the devil has his men in arms so to speak,SO has OUR Father, = that small remnant who will only obey His will. amen
      The whole of the population bowed to this King Nebuchadnezza only 3 did not.
      are we learning our lesson by faith even now?
      IF u find a person who will not bow to the system - cling to them as a brother as only a few find eternal life.

      are we prepared to overcome for others as Christ overcame for us?
      YES/NO/MAYBE? - that is agape love at work u see
      but let us cont.

      Are we still living in the ''terrestial'' realm? the realm of famine and fears or have we been translated into the celestial realm where even death has been overcome..... ummm... such a great adventure, such great revelations, how i love my personal adventure by grace alone as i cannot boast.

      the word explained celestial
      : of, relating to, or suggesting heaven or divinity
      : of or relating to the sky or visible heavens
      : ethereal, otherworldly
      : olympian, supreme
      are you an OUTWORLDLY OLYMPIAN?

      Mat 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and [with] fire:
      EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN opinion upon this verse, not fully understanding perhaps the ramifications.... but.... could this verse relate to the 3 men in flames - their faith - their will to obey - their victory over all horrible tests... how ?
      BY knowing the 4th man would APPEAR FOR THEM..... TO APPEAR IN THEM so that no fire burnt them nor did the smell of smoke come from them.

      ''waiting for His appearing'' takes on a whole new meaning.
      We grow to have faith IN His caring ability as we surrender up into His full Lordship over us. amen

      This is how our personal physical death is overcome amen- we have gained His life called THE LIFE.



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        2 Peter 3 v 10

        2Pe 3:10 ¶ But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
        ''the day of the Lord shall come as a thief'' - well all religious people wait for this day....but.... the ''day of the Lord came to me as a thief in the night'' when it was suddenly [''in a twinkle of an eye] revealed to me
        John 11 v 24-25-26-
        suddenly I KNEW WHAT MY SAVIOUR was saying to me, beyond all human doubt I KNEW most all men believed Martha's version YET there is an alternative WHAT OUR MESSIAH WISHES HIS BELIEVER to believe about HIM.

        YOU SEE ~!THAT IS HIS WORK ETHIC on display.

        can i repeat this again

        YOU SEE THAT IS HIS WORK ETHIC on display
        if we dont believe that - HIS WORK is in vain over us

        THIS RESURRECTION LIFE - has every ounce of divine effort and suffering put into it.
        it is like a divine autograph.

        IT IS HIS LIFE HERE~!!! at stake, HIS MISSION
        so what happens The apostate religious pass over His feat as ''ho hum too dumb'' to understand.
        Is there a film called ''dumb and dumber''? right o~!

        in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise,
        where is heaven but inside of us, i.e. the veil of ignorance has to be rent by Our Saviour by having our Spiritual man awakened and quickened and made alive and so we GRASP for the 1 st time that our ''heavens'' need to be burnt up and OUR NEW LIFE take over - a great noise moves us is HIS TRUMPET VOICE.

        SO WHATS THIS?
        and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
        THE OLD MAN [ called Eve the deceived soul] who is in charge of our 'heaven'' shall be moved and all her works shall be burnt up. She has proven to be simply dead usless.

        now let us consider this plx

        if this was a literal happening no one would ever remain alive, it would be as a Nuclear holocast and everything would die, nothing would remain.
        Despite the religious hybrid convincing theories - there is NO end of the world, only an end of an age.
        this world remains.
        we have to understand the bible is a spiritual book, divinely written for our awakened spiritual man within so that the heaven that was once dead inside of him can be awaked and quickeded and made alive so that HE IS REGENERATED AND REDEEMED, ''today'' as he hears the voice [the trumpet] of his Saviour amen.

        those 3 men in the flames are representive of a believer and the believer's ending. THE 4TH MAN shall always appear with them and IN them . amen


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          those 3 men in the flames are representive of a believer and the believer's ending. THE 4TH MAN shall always appear with them and IN them . amen
          i found it interesting to note well the fact that

          no 1 = no parents were ever mentioned - so! who taught these men about overcoming faith and overcoming death?

          no 2 = after this event all is silent about these 3 as the drama returns to Daniel and his exploits.

          so these 3 men have come into the world, passed thru their final tests and not heard of again.

          *can we notice some characteristics here Plx
          young men without blemish,
          good looking,
          gifted in wisdom,
          quick to understand,
          with an ability to serve in the King's palace.

          while this is a literal drama here found in the book of Daniel - what if we now ''see''' a deeper meaning and that is

          who is

          1] forever YOUNG
          2] WITHOUT BLEMISH
          3] GOOD LOOKING
          4] FULL OF WISDOM
          5] UNDERSTANDS
          6] WITH AN ABILITY TO SERVE the King of Kings.

          rather than literal events, the whole bible is instruction for our awakened spiritual man too.

          If we stay in literal WE MISS the advice that is given to our Spirit as we think '' this belongs to another time and ANOTHER person and has nothing to do with me at all as i was not even born then''. etc

          *a lamb of sacrifice was to be ''without blemish'' too - yet is not a believer considered HIS LAMB?
          doesn't a lamb give up it's life into the care of the Good Shepherd.

          lets look again at these words ''without blemish''

          if we look now at Lev 24 v 19 - it talks about a man who will cause a disfigurement [blemish] to another person, so, as this man is disfigured - in return he too shall be disfigured.[blemished]
          is this very thing not done in an apostate chuch? one disfigures another so everywhere there is blemishes.

          blemishes cannot inherit.
          a little leaven within cannot inherit.

          again let us look at understanding and wisdom = MOSES learnt this in the wilderness Moses was a ''deliverer'', but first he had to be released from his soul's control. amen

          now when these 3 young men were choosen by the king [ called appointed] and this king provided for their daily provisions

          is not this the very same chats and revealings Our Father has with us -His church
          Math 11 v 17-18.


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            we have to become a type of spiritual Sherlock Holmes.
            seeking for clues to solve a murder.... ie..... the murder of our personal being by the ''murderer from the beginning''.

            what is the new names meanings THE KING gave the 3 men in the furnace?
            Hananiah = became Shadrach
            Misheal = became Meshach
            Azariah = became AbedNego

            that is in verse 49 and No. 49 is Jubilee releasing in B.N.

            yet back in verse 47
            we are told this '' Your God is the God of God's Lord of Lord's and a Revealer of secrets...............''

            what is name change mean?

            a symbol for our new characters - Rev 2 v 17
            the new name means VICTORY~! over.



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              ok - lets find out some secrets

              original name No.1 man - HANANIAH - means mercy and grace, a gift from the Lord.

              original name of No.2 man - MISHEAL - ask for

              original name of No.3 man - AZARIAH - strength of the Lord

              could i now write this about these men's original names

              '' We can ask Our Lord for the His Gifts of mercy and grace, so He shall become our strength''?

              yes /no / maybe?

              now for the 3 men's NEW NAMES.
              No 1 = SHADRACH - tender

              No 2 = MESHACH = draws with force

              No 3 = ABEDNEGO = a servant of shining light.

              could i write this sentence for our new names.

              '' Tenderly He will draw us almost with force to become His servant of shining light''

              that's a New Discovery hey
              Thank you Father, for Your Grace towards us.

              let us consider now ''the believer with the NEW NAME''
              becomes His servant of shining light
              Does this not remind us of MATH 17 - the Mount OF TRANFIGURATION and how MESSIAH displayed Himself as HE REALLY WAS/IS? - shining light. and
              as HIS IMAGE, HIS PEOPLE known as the 'church of the living stones' shall be the same - transformed into SHINING LIGHTS.

              He will give us the '''clues'' to ''prove'' to us this is so.....LIGHT shining is mentioned in other NT verses too.

              let us reveal MORE secrets of this SHINING LIGHT amen

              YAHUSHUA empowered men to become the children of light, [John 12:35-36]
              children of light~!~!
              * children of the transformation [Math 17 transgifuration]
              * children of Metamorphoo [ changed from darkness into light]
              takes on a whole new meaning.

              Just as Spying and I were led to discovering His LIFE available now, happening in many verses - so too we can find LIGHT with a NEW MEANING TO MATCH the people of the NEW NAMES

              "a burning and shining light" (John 5:35)
              glory and light go together.... look up GLORY AND LIGHT [NT} and it will take on a new meaning for a BELIEVER amen

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                cont John 5 v 35

                cont - new names....are a new character formed make SHINING LIGHT as on the Mt. of Transfiguration Math 17 v 1-2

                this is called a HIGH MOUNTAIN EXPERIENCE [v 1] ''ascending'' up.

                *did you know Elijah ''ascended up'' the high hill too.

                wow - i am putting 2 x 2 together here.
                let me see.

                2 kings 1 v 9 Elijah sat on the top of a HILL [ he was ascending already prior too his whirlwind experiences, Elijah was being 'put on notice'']
                let is also notice! the 50 armed men told him to ''come on down''.

                Let me be Frank here - Most People do not like those who are ASCENDING.
                Most people did not like Elijah nor Yahushua either.

                Ascending is a progress of our freedom in Salvation.
                Ascending means, the things of this world shall grow strangely dim, as we begin to ''see'' with His Spiritual eye sight for the 1st time.
                Suddenly as He appears IN us our ''eyes'' begin to see ''the plans'' He has over our lives, clearly~!
                Jer 33 v 3

                Some how our physical death [that law] has to be removed from us.
                We are to be as a NEW LUMP.

                let me not cheat here and say it is easy and pull out scriptures that make it all look so darn comfortable.
                NO WAY
                THESE 3 BELIEVERS, were CHALLENGED , by their soul's being put on notice - like a Parliament, where ''senators' are ''placed on notice to answer the questions.

                what question?

                what is the question Neo?
                always the same 2~~~~~~~

                will ye choose life?
                will ye choose death?

                *Is our soul saved -
                that's the question, and while she remains in control, trying to save her life [authority over us] we are doomed and that is why, some people who believe in immortality still die, why? they have their soul in control and somehow missed by choosing death rather than LIFE.

                how do i know?

                Well right here i am looking at the CHOICE OF OUR SAVIOUR IN Gethsemane
                life or death.

                imagine this
                IF you contained THE LIFE how hard it would be to sacrifice THE LIFE, for a death... therefore Messiah HAD TO TRUST HIS FATHER, by fully surrendering up His own will of choice....and right there...a believer is challenged too.

                This is why only FEW find this eternal life for none really want to GIVE UP THEIR LIVES unto death. {Rev 12 v 11] the middle verse of the Book of Revelation.

                The power of our soul HAS TO BE BROKEN~! SHREDDED UP and we are to exit from this continual control by EXPOSING OUR SIN and rebelling to OUR FATHER, so He can fix it all up and make it all better.
                [Math 11 v 28-30]

                We can ''believe'' all we want, and still die... for BELIEVING HAS TO BE AN ACTIVE WORD, SO THAT OUR BELIEVING WORKS to make us His immortal family or meaaning the same type in nature and in character as He is already.

                as we are released from the control of our soul, a beautifull harmony of living life enters into us.
                I know i cannot describe this, but it is as if a great horrendous burden has been lifted from over us and we can run free.
                i know i have not my full freedom yet, but, i am not longer chained to many things that once held me in their vices.
                I am mountain climbing and ascending not on my own but as HE GOES BEFORE ME in love. amen



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                  PEOPLE DIE, People live -new hearts

                  i was interested to see that a heart attack is considered the NO 1 KILLER of mankind.
                  people literally have - their hearts attacked- this is caused by 'a hope deferred that makes the heart sick''.

                  Proverbs 13:12
                  Hope deferred makes the heart sick.....
                  a sick heart
                  an attacked heart

                  This morning i was awakened to the fact that Father shall give a new heart to a believer.

                  Ezekiel 36:26 says, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; ... ''
                  a new heart with a new spirit is installed in a believer
                  therefore - their HOPE SHALL NO LONGER BE DEFERRED.

                  but what hope?

                  A hope that is always deferred makes people's hearts sick
                  they had hope restored, their heart would not get sick.

                  There is one hope i know the HOPE OF GLORY
                  if a person, cannot obtained this new heart with a new spirit in them - that hope has been deferred and they are heart sick, and have an attack of the heart...they die.... but if this HOPE is not deferred, their new heart and their new Spirit within shall advance them into THE HOPE OF GLORY.

                  without the HOPE OF GLORY being established within - people die OF a HOPE THAT HAS BEEN DEFERRED.

                  i never knew this before now.

                  so what is this HOPE OF GLORY?

                  IT IS A MYSTERY~!
                  we have to unravel this mystery and seek the truth from this mystery so we can be-come this HOPE and not die of a sick heart.

                  a sick heart kills the body
                  a sick heart makes the while body sick too

                  what if WE HAD THIS NEW HEART - the mystery would be solved and the cure achieved.

                  CHRIST-IN-YOU is our hope.
                  word def. of Hope is.
                  : to cherish a desire with anticipation.
                  : trust
                  : to desire with expectation of obtainment
                  : to expect with confidence
                  : trust
                  synonyms see expect
                  to expect the best - to expect- implies a high degree of certainty.

                  Now let us move back to the 3 men in the flames.

                  notice now in Dan 3 v 19
                  ''the king [our deceived soul loosing her authority was full of fury and the form of his visage changed -meaning- this is the inner battle raging in us and of choices we are facing - life or death.]
                  and had the furnace heated up 7 times more.''
                  the powerplays BEGIN AND END IN OUR MINDS-THAT IS THE BATTLEGROUND
                  how would one heat up A FURNACE 7 time more and how would one know 7 times MORE was accomplished?
                  that's impossible.

                  what is 7 times more hotter really mean?

                  We are to bepurified by the word of The Father - the Refiner's Fire and the hotter the fire the more dirt shall come out.

                  satan is determined to destroy the faith of the Elect....however... the more purity in the Believer the whiter their garment which now brings us right back to Math 17 v 1-2 the white garment on Yahushua on the Mt of Transfiguration- the hope of Glory amen.
                  the white robes in Revelation 3 v 18 called white raiment.

                  new heart/new spirit/purity/white garments/= the hope of glory= Christ in you.

                  now let us reconsider here.
                  3 men typed as a believer, went thru a refining process that made them purified as Christ appeared with them.
                  This is true freedom from the laws of sin and death.

                  we have to face to problems

                  1] some who 'believe' in immortality die anyways- i have read of many
                  2] some cannot die, for they have won their race and are the ''we who remain''. i HAVE READ NOTHING from a ''we who remain''

                  it seems to me that there is a counterfeit immortal life being preached
                  as well as
                  the Truth of THE HOPE OF GLORY [a programme OF HAVING CHRIST FORMED IN US]

                  THE counterfeit believer who dies has not overcome their last enemy.
                  The Believer who lives-in the HOPE OF GLORY has.

                  THERE has to be a difference between the 2 classes of people
                  1] those who say ''i believe in immortal life and die''
                  2] those who say ''i believe in immortal life and live.''

                  No 1 - has not been purified by the fire of the Word or their soul is still in control and their spiritual man is a CRIPPLED dwarf.

                  NO 2 - has been refined by overcoming by faith and trust in their Father's ability which is supernaturally higher than their own.
                  They have yieled to the workings of the Holiest Teacher and have submitted to His just Instruction.[dying to self, dying to their deceived soul's demands]

                  NO 1 person believes but never metamorphoos, they remain virtually unchanged. They have still retained their sin.Tthe little leaven is still there.
                  ''by their fruits ye shall know them'', as sin shall be manifested for others to discern.

                  No 2 person believes and is actually metamorphooed into the full redemption of their Spirit soul and body and are blameless without condemnation for they have yielded up to the Refiner's fire and know how to overcome the torments from their deceived soul, so that their soul is saved and married to their Spirit.

                  When Father makes His move, so does a counterfeit appear,
                  It is a well known reported fact that branches of Medical Science are demanding a break thru in aging, changing DNA to 12 strands and perfecting immortality within a few years - the world believes this - but not the churched.
                  should the world have such a break thru - What of Father's Melchidezic Order sons of endless life ?

                  yes the counterfeit is here
                  but also
                  A BELIEVER is being changed daily, by being deprogrammed from their soul and this world, so that the devil as ''nothing on them'' just as he had ''nothing on the Messiah'. A believer is subjected to earthquakes that shake them out from their sins
                  Sin within becomes a Zero tolerance.

                  SOME others who say ''i believe'' never hardly change at all, but still walking in the same old same old habits, year in and out , they say 'i want to change'' but lack THE LIFE POWER TO DO IT, and are a counterfeit move or the tare and pretender.

                  ''Christ in you''= is about THE DIVINE ABILITY TO USE THE POWER OF THE FATHER WISELY and to be about the Father's Business, Just as The Saviour was.
                  But what is His Business?

                  it is establihing a divine kingdom, where all men can be set free from ''heart attacks''


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                    dan 3 v 20

                    ''bind the 3 men and cast them into the furnace'' ordered the King.

                    in a way the Holy Spirit binds a believer to Yahushua as He will never allow a temptation more than a believer can endure....for ....a Believer has to endure to the end to be saved.

                    so the Holy Spirit cannot have an un-enduring Believer crashing out before the end. Hence He will bind a Believer to Yahushua of Nazareth forever.

                    BOUND TO BE THROWN INTO THE REFINERS FIRE - allows an overcomer to be formed who shall even overcome the last enemy perfectly as did these 3 men in the flames.

                    also notice the King's commandment was urgent
                    yes, a believer can ''hasten the day of His Appearing''. yet... also notice that the men who threw the 3 men into the flames were killed.

                    out of all the population of this empire only 3 men could endure the refiner's fire, others get killed from it
                    because of this.

                    Revelation 3 v 18
                    they did not know how to BUY the gold, the eye salve nor put on the white raiment.- THEY COULD NOT RULE AND REIGN IN CHRIST
                    Rev 3 v 21

                    if we try to do anything in our soul's strength, we are overcome and cannot do it.

                    the believer falls down too, in the midst of the power of the baptism of fire,
                    self explodes to the heat of His appearing IN us.
                    self explodes inlieu of our supernatural choices and opened eyes.
                    self explodes as the white raiment is put on
                    self explodes as the Gold begins to take affect and their spiritual man waxes strong in the LIFE POWER OF CHRIST.

                    those around a believer are ASTONISHED as they witness JOHN 10 V 10 coming to pass in a believer's life.


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                      after this impoding of self

                      the ability comes to translate.
                      a believer passes thru their tribulations, and ascends to the throne.
                      Did this happen to the 3 men in the flames?
                      i believe it did.
                      The overcomer is no longer subjected to the world nor its conditions.

                      Do we have to wait for a ''certain date''... NO
                      it happens when we finish our race and there is nothing left inside of us called death, that satan can hold onto.
                      Yahushua translated as 3 eye witness give account of yet pulled Himself back into the flesh body and said ''TELL NO MAN'' till the Son of man is arisen from the dead.

                      the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our God.

                      is our kingdom of lust now the kingdom of our Father?
                      is our kingdom of fear now the kingdom of our Father?
                      is our kingdom of lack and wants and sickness and dying the kingdom of our Father?

                      math 11 v 28-39

                      We have all got these worldy nations/kingdoms inside of us - each ''nation'' has to be conquered and overcome so that THE KINGDOM OF THE REAL FATHER RULES OVER US.-that is how we finish the race,

                      Much is written today about ''the tribulation'' so that the mind is centered upon ''conditions'' that shall happen so that the inner man sleeps.

                      Lulled into ''something that will come sometime out there'' stuff - never realising that to escape this tribulation a believer has to overcome their private tribulations so that NO hold is upon them any more - they have conquered their land and cross over Jordon.... in the life power of Christ.

                      If we view the bible as more spiritual than just plain history and factual, many things shall open up as the bible is about CREATING A MAN [ us] IN HIS IMAGE.

                      IT IS UP TO US [by seeking the truth] TO MAKE OUR NEW MAN..... correctly..... and within the divine image by the life choices we make.
                      you would never think that,
                      We think something or some other things make a new creature.
                      We make our new creature ''us'' from the life choices.
                      Paul says

                      I labour to form Christ In you.... how? by giving correct knowledge.

                      people form their own worlds.... their minds fashion ''how i wish to live'' and they go for it.

                      *some wish to be a business success - they become what their mind has fashioned for them - they have created their great florishing business.

                      *some wish to be in movies with that lifestyle - that is how they fashioned themselves and how they have formed themselves.

                      *some wish the be a priest in a church, so they form themselves into a churchy priesthood.-NOTICE THEY ''FORMED THEMSELVES'' INTO THE CREATION THEY WANTED TO BE.

                      an Overcomer's mind is to create Throne Rulership in the image of Christ and to be a co heir with His majesty....therefore.... they form this life within themselves as they have a indomitable spirit that NEVER gives up.

                      they get knowledge [like a degree in the university of living life] - they become aware that THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL IS INCORRECT IMFORMATION AND KILLS THEM SO THEY TURN TO THE TREE OF LIFE - WISDOM- AND EAT FROM THIS TREE AND GAIN ETERNAL LIFE.
                      The Creator has children like Himself, to create a life of whatsoever they will.

                      people ''form/ create '' themselves thru the power or ways of their thinking.

                      somehow the 3 men in the flames, created their thinking into overcoming death and when put to the test survived.

                      Father says ''your thoughts are not My thoughts'' but what if we actually asked HIM...''may I think as you do please Father after all Your dear son did
                      why not me too''?

                      Paul laboured to form Christ in people.
                      if Paul can labour why not us too? first in ourselves and then in others.
                      Christ is not Yahushua 2 nd name but THE ANOINTED POWER FROM the realm of the Kingdom of God.
                      Paul says '' I labour so that Christ [the anointed power of the realm of God] is formed in you.

                      how shall we labour to form us? in ignorace and rebellion or eating from the tree of Life.


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                        ''hot Buttons''

                        A BELIEVER [Jhn 11 v 25-26] is to walk in resurrection life here and today as they hear the Voice ''Follow me'' and no other shall they follow.

                        On this adventure the Holy Spirit shall shine His light on a blemish He wants to be removed..... a blemish, a wrinkle a spot cannot remain as they are defilement [death] therefore a believer has these ''HOT SPOTS'' that need to go.

                        ''hot spots'' are a kink within that is a habit, a word, and feeling that has NO character in the image of Christ and His Body.

                        ''hot spots'' CAN BE words - THAT go straight thru and birth a nervousness into our lives, that speads fear juices and poisons INTO OUR BODY rather than HIS JOY AND PEACE.

                        the body goes into stress

                        i cannot tell u how important it is we examine our ''hot buttons'' and bring them all under Math 11 v 28-20.

                        as example

                        one word that was a ''hot button'' to a woman in the OT is barren.

                        barren barren barren spoken out to a barren woman would make her more barren and unable to conceive as her mind was in trauma over this one word.
                        Hannah was one such a woman, but many others were too.

                        Somehow that word spoken out, fed a ''hot spot'' and out would come all the body juices to make falling pregnant an impossibility -however when this ''hot spot'' was removed a pregnancy would often result.

                        have u word ''hot spots'' that stress u out?
                        well the cure is math 11 v -30

                        those words that bring a sense of failure
                        those words that bring a sense of lacking
                        those words that bring a wondering ''will i get that sickness''
                        those words that bring a low self esteem etc etc

                        all THE ABOVE AND MORE ETC'S - is unbelief - for WHAT OF THE PROMISES OF FATHER over our life. Jer 33 v 3.

                        we can
                        have nothing,
                        own nothing,
                        be nothing
                        but still BE SOMEONE in the the Royal House OR A person Father has called into HIS LIFE = TO SHARE IN HIS LIFE.

                        WHAT ABOUT turning the tables of these ''hot buttons'' and replace OUR hurts and failures and nerves and stressing with HIS PROMISE = GET THERE BEHIND ME satan and REJECT what satan wills, or, the carnal mind wills and remain in that standard till the hot button becomes cold and fades away.
                        Ps 138 v 7.

                        Our Faith has to be the same faith as Yahushua walks in.
                        Our Faith has to be the same as Enoch had for Enoch allowed father to remove all of his death [defilements] to be a ''was not''.

                        Now we are not going to develop such faith by being in a trauma and a panic over demonic stuff meant to tame us, INTO THE WILL of another - we are being murdered by an illusion that our mind thinks is real, we are murdered by some evil who is INJECTING us with their own will and not THE REAL FATHER'S WILL.

                        Yahushua knew this and said ''get thee behind
                        Me satan'' = therefore HIS WORDS become OUR WORDS....we practice them and repeat them for these words are HIGHER IN VIBRATION [yes words vibrate] than the thoughts within.

                        ''get thee behind me satan'' - is IN THE REALM OF THE INVISIBLE.'


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                          blameless in body

                          a blameless body is a body than has been cleansed of ''hot spots''
                          I have a hot spot called AN EVEVATOR.[ we say Lift]

                          when i was 3 yrs old my grandmother locked me in a broom cupboard cuz i was naughty, my own mother was at her mother's funeral that day so apparently when this happened my Mum does not know how long I was in this black hole.
                          i dont like small squashy places much and avoid them and an elevator is one such a placeSo when i need to go upstairs i have to use the lift and it was a massive problem for me to face.
                          I was in trauma over it big time.
                          Till one day i was trapped in one and i was as calm as can be for i knew Father was there.... even now i dont like them but i generally go in one cuz i look at all the others trooping in without a problem and i think '' this is a test- pass it and be cured''.

                          i think i would rather be ''cured'' than healed.
                          ''cured'' seems to give me that final assurance that hot spots will never return but healed seems slightly 'it might come back'' TO ME anyways.

                          We have to watch our ''eye gate too'' our eye sees things upside down and our brains have to reverse our sight to make us comprehend what we see [now that speaks volumes just in this funny thing] therefore guard the eyes~!

                          The eye directs the brain and the brain remembers what to eye sees BUT IT IS UPSIDE DOWN SIGHT... i.e. seeing a lie yet the truth is THE WORD, so if our eye sees something that is NOT PROMISED IN THE WORD disbelieve it.

                          this is hard.
                          our new mind has to go opposite to what we have seen that disturbs us.

                          if we were in our BLUE PRINT body, OUR EYE SIGHT would be 20/20 spiritual vision so that No part of us would be suffering.

                          adam and eve knew both sides of this
                          1] their blue print body working
                          2] their deformed body mark missing.

                          we dont
                          we have NO comparsions only HIS WORD... yet it is enough to allow us to escape and LIVE.

                          NOW lets us go back and see the 3 men in the flames
                          would their eye gate would have been working overtime, processing the vainty of
                          ''boy thats hot'',
                          ''I hope my faith stands,''
                          '' I wonder if i shall die, ''
                          ''what is it like to have burnt skin'' etc. flowing out from their carnality

                          yet it would seem they were ALREADY CURED of their hot spots for they did not murmur but went into the flames - their faith intact.

                          can we do this?
                          we have to be BUILT UP in holyfaith that is why we are daily tested as FAITH IS GOLD and Gold cannot be destroyed.
                          a Precious metal is Gold and we are asked by Messiah to buy GOLD [Rev 3 18] and so we do, we 'buy'' it till we shine like a golden bar and the dross has been burnt out from us - dying daily to hot spots of sin within.


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                            home from the mountains.

                            NOW lets us go back and see the 3 men in the flames
                            would their eye gate would have been working overtime, processing the vainty of
                            ''boy thats hot'',
                            ''I hope my faith stands,''
                            '' I wonder if i shall die, ''
                            ''what is it like to have burnt skin'' etc. flowing out from their carnality

                            yet it would seem they were ALREADY CURED of their hot spots for they did not murmur but went into the flames - their faith intact.
                            did we '''see''' these 3 men were NO LONGER VICTIMS.

                            vanity had been overcome and it did not matter to these 3 men how hot the furnace was, how great their faith was, etc - they HAD ALREADY passed into THE LIFE.

                            I.E. i heard this comment once i have remembered it went like this

                            ''would it matter at 1/2 time if our favourite foot ball game was loosing, when we already knew the end game score and our players won.

                            there is no point in any arguement here - THESE MEN KNEW HOW TO WIN.

                            NOW IT IS OUR TURN......our end game....the tomb? or knowing how to walk IN HIS RESURRECTION life.

                            what sort of people are we?
                            The church religious with no guts, no backbone, no power but stupid words playing the hypocrite.

                            They are so defiled YET isn't defilement DEATH?


                            WHAT OF A VIRGIN.... IS A virgin defiled?
                            A virgin never took in another man's seed and these 3 men were NOT GOING TO BE FORCED TO TAKE IN this defiled dead king's seed and be intimidate by it,

                            INTIMIDATION - is a ploy.

                            these men WHERE CURED of any intimidation from anyone.
                            what of us
                            leave all our religion....walk away.... exit.
                            and then
                            allow THE SAME FATHER THAT TAUGHT THE 3 MEN, TEACH us TOO. amen

                            cont - being ABOVE evil


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                              again let us reconsider.Plx.

                              NOW lets us go back and see the 3 men in the flames
                              would their eye gate would have been working overtime, processing the vainty of
                              ''boy thats hot'',
                              ''I hope my faith stands,''
                              '' I wonder if i shall die, ''
                              ''what is it like to have burnt skin'' etc. flowing out from their carnality

                              yet it would seem they were ALREADY CURED of their hot spots for they did not murmur but went into the flames - their faith intact.
                              over and over we go for this is OUR PROBLEM - the carnal mind cannot become a NEW SUPERNATURAL mind and so we are to PUT ON the mind of Christ TO BE victorious AND no longer A VICTIM.

                              the CARNAL MIND AND THE VICTIM - are joined together in marriage
                              the NEW MIND, AND BEING VICTORIOUS - are joined in marriage.
                              marriage is OUR SOUL being reunited to her Spiritual man.

                              i dont care how many people go to church
                              i dont care how many tithes they give
                              i dont care how much study and good works they do
                              i dont care how they talk to impress etc

                              UNLESS a person can asnwer these questions these 3 men answered for themselves - we are all ONLY PLAYING A GAME CALLED ''RELIGION''.

                              can we do what these men did


                              we cannot,

                              we are to learn HOW TO WAX STRONG IN OUR SPIRIT - THEN IN THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT - THEN trust Like Messiah trusted His own Father and this is how we ''come up out of the wilderness LEANING ON THE ARM OF THE WELL BELOVED''.
                              We are to learn how to live above all evil surrounding us.

                              let us not pretend, that is our deception but let us pray Father shall complete His work IN us, so we too can be victorious even over our last enemy as these 3 men were.
                              the end.