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is there anything wrong with this concept?

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  • is there anything wrong with this concept?

    At Christ's Resurrection, were the resurrected saints made immortal?

    Matthew 27:52-53 states,
    “And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves after His resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.”

    There are various biblical accounts of people that were resurrected.
    In I Kings 17:17-24, Elijah is instrumental in resurrecting a widow’s son. In Luke 7:11-17, Christ resurrects a widow’s son.
    In Acts 20:9-10, the apostle Paul is used to resurrect a young man.
    There were multiple resurrections at the time of Christ’s Resurrection.
    One may wonder why.

    Unlike the previous singular resurrections, this one entailed many. Christ’s Resurrection was unique and of exceptional importance. God chose to accompany this event with another great miracle, the resurrection of about 500 saints.

    Similarly, when the Holy Spirit was given to a multitude for the first time, God displayed great wonders such as the tongues of fire, the sound of a rushing wind and speaking in tongues (Acts 2:1-4). The giving of the Law on Mount Sinai was also accompanied by great and terrifying wonders (Hebrews 12:18- 21).

    Were the saints of Matthew 27 resurrected to eternal life at that time?
    The two resurrection chapters, I Corinthians 15:50-53 and I Thessalonians 4:13-17, describe the resurrection to eternal life.
    It is set at a particular time—Christ’s Second Coming.
    This precludes any other resurrection to eternal life. Therefore, we can safely conclude that the resurrection in Matthew 27 was merely a resurrection to physical life—and these saints did die again and are awaiting the resurrection in the same way as all other faithful saints who are asleep.

    is this an anointed writting?
    is this a writting from a person who has made a covenant with death?
    is this rightly dividing the Word of The Father under the Holy Spirit teaching?
    CAN WE ''SAFELY CONCLUDE anything from this person's writting?

    what say ye?

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    is there anything wrong with this?

    David Guzick describes it like this....

    What Jesus did:
    He abolished death.
    Death isn’t death anymore.
    In regard to believers, it is called sleep - not because we are unconscious, but because it is pleasant and peaceful.
    Death does not take anything from the Christian; it graduates them to glory!

    The Christian has no place for “RIP” on his tombstone; “Rest In Peace” does not adequately describe our eternal fate. Why not the letters “CAD”? “Christ Abolished Death” would let everyone know that we are now more alive than ever, enjoying the eternal glory of our Lord.

    Guzick goes on to say...

    What Jesus did: He brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. The understanding of the after-life was murky at best in the Old Testament; but Jesus let us know more about heaven - and hell - than anyone else could. He created them!

    Jesus brought the truth about our immortal state to life through His own resurrection; He showed us what our own immortal bodies would be like, and assured us that we would in fact have them.

    These things make Jesus a more reliable spokesman regarding the world beyond than anyone who has a “near-death” experience.

    God’s plan of salvation began for us in eternity past, before time began; it continued with the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, and came to us when He saved us and called us, continues as we live our holy calling, and will one day show itself in immortality - eternal life!

    When we consider the greatness of this message, no wonder Paul calls it the gospel - Good News!

    this is the concept of the church as a whole - is it wrong?


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      scarlet is our colour?


      By Jim R. Schwiesow

      May 12, 2008

      Time is fleeting and every second, minute, hour and day hurtles this nation closer to a time of retribution, a time so horrific that the mind cannot comprehend the magnitude of the fiery fury that will descend upon this nation and the people in it. The Eternal is moving against this country with purpose and terrible resolve, like small fingers of flame the preliminary pestilences signal a rapidly advancing holocaust.

      The worst of heathen have come to possess the offices of our government, the halls of our institutions and the minds of our people. The land is in the terminal stages of a great spiritual disease. We are an adulterous people and a scarlet A has been emblazoned upon our land.

      With regularity one hears it parroted that God’s blessings are upon this nation, those who give lip service only to the God of all creation continually wring their hands in despair over the removal of God from our coins, prayer from our schools and the Ten Commandments from our public institutions. One can only wonder where these same people were when sexual perversity and the teaching of social filthiness invaded our schools. Where were they when derelict and avaricious politicians and government agents incrementally and systematically dismantled the Constitution and destroyed the individual liberties of the people? Under what rock were they hiding when the killing of live babies was sanctioned and a host of soul killing perversions were institutionalized?

      Why would a supposed God-fearing people allow such to come to pass? The truth is that the more than one-half of the people of this country who call themselves Christian, a great majority of which are ashamed to utter the name of Jesus Christ in public, have done more spiritual damage than the totality of the non-religious, the atheists and the agnostics who reside in the country.

      God’s blessings were withdrawn from this nation years ago, if that were not the case why is it that our vaunted power came to naught in wars with such small peanuts on the international scene as North Korea and North Viet Nam, two tiny two bit nations with little in the way of sophisticated weaponry at the time of their conflict with the United States. Some will bristle and bridle at this and many will alibi the defeats with any number of excuses none of which will explain away the fact that they won and we lost.

      That God has broken our pride in our power is not the worst of it, we are seeing increasingly the punishments for our national sins and our refusal to keep faith with the Eternal God our creator and our master. Perversions lie upon this land like a filthy blanket. The land stinks of the rottenness of the lusts that prevail. We now find ways to make iniquitous pursuits seem righteous. With the passing of statutes and a stroke of a pen, Walla! We have made despicable sins acceptable or at least we think that we have. We may fool the fools that pander after the lusts of the flesh that Satan has put into their hearts, but we have not fooled the all-knowing omnipotent God. Those who think that they have are in for a very rude awakening indeed.

      The dam has been breached in regard to the rapid delivery of the nation unto ever escalating catastrophes, manmade and natural, a trickle of such has turned into a deluge.

      The dollar has all but collapsed; the economy is on its deathbed and kept barely alive by snake oil remedies that only prolong its inevitable demise. Corporations and industry moguls have discerned the depth of the sickness that they have contributed to and like rats off a sinking ship they are abandoning the country of the birth of their enterprises and moving their wealth and their assets to foreign lands. Crime flourishes; serial killers and others of criminally debased minds stalk the land. The cities are immoral cesspits and simmering racial tensions fed by illegal immigration and shattered family units portend rapidly approaching riots of an astronomical and deadly potential.

      It used to be that natural calamities were relatively rare occurrences, we now see deadly and super destructive natural phenomena strike almost daily somewhere in the United States and the areas of destruction are more widely spread. Devastating widespread flooding, thousands of violent tornadoes, hurricanes of magnum strength and completely unseasonable weather patterns are rapidly becoming the norm rather than the exception. The 10 most deadly natural disasters ever in the United States have all happened within the past 10 years.

      The secularists who make up the majority of the scientific community and the national media would have us believe that all this havoc is caused by men and the changes they have wrought in regard to atmospheric conditions. They cannot be expected to know the real source of these anomalies since they have no spiritual base whatever, even if they would open a Bible they would be completely mystified by the contents. They prattle on thinking that they are wise. They do not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for it is foolishness to them; and they cannot understand these things because they are spiritually discerned. Those who are enlightened and who do dissent in regard to the global warming myth are bullied and threatened into silence, just as those who question evolution are stifled by threats of loss of tenure, censure and loss of jobs. The agents of deception who serve the dark spirits cannot allow the light of truth to be shined upon the lies that they spin, and since they have not the truth to rely on they resort to smearing those who will not assent to their prevarications. A smirk, a sneer, a curled lip of disdain and churlish commentary are the tools of their trade and a gullible public is their ally in the transforming of their outright lies into fictitious truths.

      The unrighteousness of our people, the moral degradation upon the nation, the rebellion against Almighty God and the rejection of His rule have brought us to the cusp of absolute destruction. Repent is not in our vocabulary and humility does not inhabit our soul, foolishness is forever on our lips and pride and arrogance mark our character.

      The ignorance of our leaders and the delusion upon the people has made way for the institution of the elements of our own destruction. Our cities are teeming with forty million illegal foreign nationals with no allegiance to, or regard for, our safety or our domestic tranquility. They see the American people as intruders and interlopers on lands that they covet as their own. We allow unfettered access to many thousands of Islamic militants each year and have allowed them to establish hundreds of Mosques throughout the country, which serve as sovereign citadels for subversion and truculence. In deference to political correctness we have undermined our social underpinnings and delivered up our schools and other institutions to moral bankruptcy. Only a nation that has been cut-off by Almighty God could have been handed over to such great vulnerability.

      We have foolishly expended our resources and frittered away our assets. Auguries of a coming food shortage are upon us. We are diverting our crops to the making of fuel and food reserves are at a thirty-year low. Food inflation has become more serious than the rising cost of fuel. Given the unnatural weather patterns that are upon us it is inevitable that we will in the very near future experience massive crop failures through drought and other weather related developments. Famine will bring us to riots of unthinkable dimensions. The cities will erupt with the fires of such and the toll in death and destruction will be fearsome. But, the end is not yet.

      The cataclysmic events described heretofore will weaken the nation and render us completely vulnerable to attacks by belligerent nations. At the present time the fuse has been lit in the middle east that will ignite most definitely a third world war. But, it will not be the Islamic nations that will put an end to us. It will be the nations, our former enemies of Europe, who have risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of their defeat and been reborn in their nazi fascist image that will make an end of us.

      Many have written to me and bewailed what they see as a failure by me and other columnists with to provide solutions to the problems that we describe. They concede that we have accurately identified the degradation that is upon our nation, but they want someone to provide the answers that will deliver the nation from a seemingly imminent demise. The truth is that there are no secular solutions that will deliver this nation. No resolution other than a nationwide confession of sin and repentance thereof will save this nation.

      In one of my articles I quoted the following scripture and noted that some took umbrage over my application of this scripture to the United States. Protestations to prophetic scripture will not prevent the fulfillment thereof.

      “How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. Revelation 18:7-8”