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Here, here and here again!

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  • Here, here and here again!

    God first
    Here, here and here again!

    wrote 03-10-2008

    Here I sat reaching out to you the beloved person who will take the time to read my words of love. Thanks be to my God that loves you as does his beloved son Jesus the Christ the seed of holy spirt.

    As I reach you with the love of God to share my heart of how I love to share by heart with all of you. Whether you love and worship God as I do or you do not know God at all, I still love you.

    I used to be a foolish person who judge people by the doctrines I made my own in my person walk of faith. Now today I just love people as I set an example of what loving God should be like as I try to live the love Christ set an example of.

    It is not what we write but that the things we write promote that which is in our hearts deep within that which makes us what we are. That which we are is children of the most high God and brother or sister to Jesus the Christ.

    I am going to keep this short because this is the first words I wrote on my new computer an apple mini. I got this new computer so later I could try making some U-tubes but nothing fancy just me sharing my heart with you.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy