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  • Step~ied out~ie there~ie

    Step~ied out~ie there~ie
    wrote 02-24-2008

    O!~~~~~~~~~~~~~O my goodness here I am looking up into the Staire~~~~~~~~~star of the light of God that Lov~~~~~~~es you as the loud child you are always crying out give me this or that~ie.

    A little odd beginning even for me but a beginning all the same as we talk about that which comes to my heart out of the inner light of love. Light by evening sky, light by night fall, light by a risen son the son of God our Lord Jesus the Christ seed.

    Think~ie about one thinks but write about another thing as the words flow from the heart dark corner lite up by knowledge of love, the love of God. Death is no longer feared but a welcome change from this world to the new.

    The mysteri`~kite of the great unknown as it mov~ies clos~ier to the open door~ie where Christ stands to welcome me to the next life. One life awaiting me in the inner light so bright my eyes cannot look upon.

    Old life must go~ie on because many souls still trap in the darkness not able to see the door of their rescu~ier Christ the leader to new brighter things. For Jesus Die~iet just to show us the way has he lead~eth us by the hand of love.

    Be~ie not afraid but step out there with trust that God will not let you down like the snake handles who live on the border between trust and temptation. Trust God and open your mouth to speak to the ones in darkness but look for a clearing in the fireworks before you speak.

    It is not a fight that you look for but the space to share with a heart of love and not to condemn because they have not that which you have in your heart. But to share openly your love with the broken hearted, destroy hearted, and the worn down heart.

    Be not like the fool on the corner block yelling God hates this or that but be the one to share God’s love with all no matter who they be~ie. So step out wit love that cannot be held back which must be shared.

    Be~ie you who point a lost bod~ie to the giver of love to be re~new in the evening sky like a cloud so blue without water but alive moving forward into the great unknown. That which has not come yet but is always of com~ing.

    I found myself written like a mystery to be revealed by the gift within your very heart but not a mystery for very long. Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.