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  • Ring around our hearts!

    God first

    Ring around our hearts!

    Wrote 02-17-2008

    Here I sat searching within my very heart, where Christ has place the seed of holy spirit within me, that has given me the hope of glory. But before we move unto words I want to share let me bring to your remembrance, that your God loves you as does Jesus the Christ.

    I have been thinking while talking at God, why would God Share so much with me of very poor skill in written down blessing for others to read. When there are so many out there with must poet grammar skills than myself.

    Why I listen for the answer God I been trying to write a book called “The Truth (the book)” and edit it, where it can be read more easier. But the harder I try the more I get away from the idea I once begin with.

    Then I notice that most of us read the book the bible and when I copy it to a word-processing program it fails as badly as I do when it comes to grammar. While I do see the need of learning better written skills, it is not going to come over night.

    I can only hope that my skills are getting some better than they were when I begin written down what is in my heart many years ago. While I have only been saving everything I write down for a few years I do have a few older words wrote.

    While it is God by the spirit of Christ that moves me to write you and share my heart at least three times a month, it is I that write it down year2027 aka Roy William Perry III. The reason I write is because I want to share the good things I feel inside with others, the love of God.

    I want to take this time and tell my friends I have built a new web page and the link is I would hope some of you visits. My last web page crash or something but I plan to build a even better one in May or June on “One and One” web site housing.

    Now “Wet-paint” is a free site that you can go and visit or build your own site for free, but “One and One” is a site housing service that will cost me about $5.00 a month for ten gi of space. I believe with as must as I write I will need it in the near future.

    While any site I have will be free to you, because I do not believe in making money off the love God has blessed me with. If I had my way I would call for an end to all tithing to churches and have people gather in parks, homes, and wherever they can find for free.

    Now I know this is not like most of my other words from my heart because I am not just given of my heart but I am sharing personal knowledge about what been going on in my life. Getting to know people is very important to helping them grow in the love of God.

    I have also been written slower while using a grammar correct to help me see if small changes will help you understand what I am trying to say. But I have found the need to skip a few corrections because of my style of written. But all and all I hope for this to be easier for you to read and understand my heart.

    I saw a long time ago it is not about how fast a person can write but how they get their point across to others. Like the point God as reach me with the very love he has for me that has moved my believing forward.

    Where hearing God is easier than hearing the phone ring, because I can even hear God in my dreams and visions of the day. I have also learnt how to love people who do not seem to love me back.

    Love is better when there are two sides but love still works when there is only one side to it. Love is not about receiving back but about given that which you have to others anyway you can with out looking to receive back.

    Now I will grant love is more joyful to receive than give, but it is better to give and not receive back than never give at all. And for you few reading which mind is thinking of sex, sex is not love but an act to comfort each other.

    Love can not me seen by science but what can be seen is the effect love has on a person body, by a chemical that causes a face in a person to light up. Science could measure the after effect of a person faith when they learn something new.

    But if science did that they have to say they have the prof of God a chemical reaction in a person after a church service or reading God’s holy word. Now let me tell you this they will not do that because science is their religion.

    Anything can become a religion because a religion is something man made the label we give to things we worship. This is why I say I love God and worship him but I will not look for the label of a church I might visit.

    I look for the love I can share as I watch and learn from the love the people have in their hearts, because labels take the worship from God to the label. I believe this one thing has cause more pain than any other thing “the worship of labels”.

    So I call for us to love God and forget about the name on the building we go to share our love for God and his son with others. Let us put God before the label we use to tell other where we go to church.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy