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    God first

    Tongues of Animals

    wrote 02-06-2008

    Here sat I year2027 known as Roy William Perry III a fleshly animal of breath life which flows in my blood. But before we talk of super spiritual things there is something I want to bring into the open which is God loves us.

    This love God has for us is not a animal love of a act of the moment but it’s a never ending act of giving so we can live to become more than animal kind. So that we can become spiritual kind and shine as a mirror of God.

    As I was looking out into the vast space along I saw and heard like a vision the very air talking to me. The air said “I give myself to you take me in and breath which will give you the here and now reward of breath life and me the reward of changing into air that the plant can live by.”

    I spoke back and said “yes that is a truth in itself but do not forget God is love and he will not forget the great gift you have given to me” then I wake up from by day dream. Thinking about how God might repay the air for its gift to me.

    I know God is love and which God there is a way but while my little mind can not see it I get comfort in knowing God has all things under his great loving heart. So I say to the air thank you for your gift and gift just so I can live here and now.

    I talk to my dad’s dogs as I watch them love my father who I care for very much they love to lay beside and comfort him. He seems to enjoy taking care of them on a day by day basic which blesses me to.

    Sorry about this pause in this words from my inner heart but the weather got bad and I put this off why I enjoin watching the lighting works. As it flash I could see as if it was daylight for a second which got me thinking.

    If spiritual insight come to us as flashes of love a lot like the flashes of light from the lighting from a storm. But back to my father’s dogs that I visit while visiting my loving dad.

    When I open the door to enter my father’s house they began barking to warn him some one is coming and to tell the person they will fight for their love one my dad. But when they see its me the tone of the bark changes to a welcome tone of good to see you.

    The dogs know me by the love I have for my father because they have witness me helping my dad around the house as he needed. Me and my dad and his dogs are close there is a love that nothing can break.

    So you can witness the tongues of animals around as you watch the tones of them speaking to you out of their many reasons. But what I love to hear is their tone of love that blesses my life and the life of my family.

    Thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy