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the Overcomer Calling - a Key Calling.

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  • the Overcomer Calling - a Key Calling.

    CALLED TO OVERCOME...................all things............even death.

    it is not so much about our ability to overcome, but our overcoming from a DIVINE LEGAL aspect. - WHERE JUSTICE is being served - not ''seemed to be seen as served'' and there is a difference.

    Here is a site for an Overcomer.
    While all the dots are not crossed [ as we all are still learning] nonetheless it has some good basics.

    The overcomer learns smartly that they can overcome nothing, so they learn how to step aside from their problem and yield up their soul to the Word of The Lord [Math 11 v 28-30] so that HE OVERCOMES IN US.
    We make that decission His way or the Highway.... and if we make it for His word HE GOES ON AHEAD and sorts it all out.

    Overcoming really is to teach our soul,[Eve] how to be reunited [Married] to her Spririt man within and no longer to be ''a divided house''.
    This is done from a divine legal aspect, so satan [ends up] without a leg to stand upon.

    JUSTICE for the Just.....=Just men made perfect by Justice.

    I trust ye shall find it helpfull and how to overcome your personal contradictions.

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    cont.... what is so glorious is.......................

    His ability to express His divine - miraculous power- thru us as He is allowed to do BY US AS WE HAVE BEEN ''made willing'' in the day of His power.{Ps 110 1-4}

    We have been 'MADE WILLING'' to learn how to stand aside [our ego no longer in control] so that HIS POWER SHALL RADIATE OUT from us as it did in Messiah.

    This process of overcoming is a process of choices... tailor made for our weaknesses. = Those weak areas in us, have to be FILLED UP with Holy Cement so we become SINCERE and no longer a fake.

    sincere WORD def.
    : honest
    : free from adulteration
    : pure
    : marked by genuineness
    : true
    — sin·cere·ly adverb
    — sin·cere·ness noun

    sincere - stresses absence of hypocrisy, feigning, or any falsifying embellishment or exaggeration .

    wholehearted - suggests sincerity and earnest devotion without reservation or misgiving.

    heartfelt - suggests depth of genuine feeling outwardly expressed.

    hearty - suggests honesty, warmth, and exuberance in displaying feeling.

    unfeigned - stresses spontaneity and absence of pretense.
    our weaknesses make us insincere u see, and they make us naked.
    naked and insincere. = or = in sin

    we have to overcome these weak areas in us so we are tested and tried and have many 'ground hog'' days waiting for our ego [soul eve] to expire.

    that's ok.... it' all about process and patience. and learning to choose with wisdom.


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      cont,,, for miraculous powers we have to

      wax strong in the Spirit
      Just as this is said - of Our Messiah.

      at age 12yrs.
      THE child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom: and the grace of God was upon Him.
      age 12yrs
      B.N. No. 12 is the Governmental Order of God.

      Here is our destiny. to WAX STRONG in our spirit.

      SO SPEAKING OF 'Government'' led me to think that.........................

      Recently i read a proposal/theory;
      that Obama would be your President with Caroline Kennedy as his vice President. This Article said that USA would go crazy over this, as it would be the LIKENED TO THE ''RETURN OF THE LION KING''.
      Caroline in turn would be elected in 2016 as the first woman President of USA.
      i guess this is conjecture.
      Then a question is asked - can Caroline trace her B.L.O.O.D.L.I.N.E back to the Kings of Ireland.

      ofcourse this well maybe 'pie in the sky'.

      what i found so interesting is that....................................................

      Lots of people seem to ''long for the ''return'' of something!!!!!!

      It is like a mass consciousness TO RETURN

      but there is a solution

      OUR KING [the Lion King] needs to be RETURNED IN US.
      That is why we need to fully understand that inside of us is our SPIRIT...longing to RETURN TO IT'S FORMER 1ST PLACE and for that woman [the soul in us-the usurper] REJOINED to her Spirit so together = THEY CAN WAX STRONG = IN THE POWER OF THE MIGHT....
      THE SPIRIT's ofcourse.


      after this event the curtain drops till His age of 30yrs -where our story takes up again and INTO the MINISTRY OF THE MIRACLOUS .

      IN Him is LIFE.

      WHAT DID MESSIAH learn in those 18yrs?
      why are those years hidden?
      Did He need further developing in those 18yrs or was ''he finished'' at 12yrs?

      whatsoever happened
      HE WAXED STRONG IN THE SPIRIT.... He did not get there by any other route.

      again we can note.

      WE need OUR SPIRIT to BREAK LOOSE and be free and this is when we overcome and allow OUR SPIRIT [CHRIST IN US] to be miraclous for us.

      HE KNEW how to step aside from His soul realm and allow THIS MAN THE SPIRIT TO CONTROL EVERYTHING HE TOUCHED AND THOUGHT AND ATE AND PREACHED = then the miracles came flowing out.

      now let us note well that
      The 1st words the bible records of Yahushua's
      How is it that ye sought Me?
      wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business?

      the ''Father's Business'' is INSIDE US, namely HIS SPIRIT OF LIFE.... that''s His business.

      no-one understood, but Mary KEPT these things IN HER HEART.
      no one else did.

      did MARY take great notice of her Son and looked at Him with ''piercing eyes'' cuz SHE SAW, he was DIFFERENT. if not, why would she ''kept this in her heart''?

      I look at Yahushua with piercing eyes.... and when i do... I LEARN about His mystery of Life and i get wisdom to understand WHAT I MUST TO TO RETURN BACK to my Camalot.

      This is our route too.
      We can talk all we want,
      We can look big + all puffed up knowledge before others
      UNLESS we overcome our dictorial soul and tell her ''shut up, moron'', we are doomed as HIS ETERNAL LIFE takes wings and flies away.
      He will not share His eternity with a REBEL.

      The overcomer goes thru so much to WAX STRONG IN THE SPIRIT, that all their rebellion is drained out from them.


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        cont.... breaking down our 'prison walls''

        OUR RETURN.

        Messiah, is THE GREATEST man who ever lived, yet, seldom is HE rated as such, as most people never relate to Him as a man.... who... allowed Father to dwell and move IN Him... but as a god, who in a way had a different nature than any of us Plebs.

        BUT DID HE?... IF SO... HE COULD NOT CLAIM any type of suffering relationship to us - could He?
        when we VIEW Him as a Man
        the Messiah - This SAVIOUR is our greatest warrior.

        back to
        ''Mary kept all these things in her heart''

        what things?

        as a mother i KNOW my Children.
        what did Mary ''see'' in her Child?
        Any mother [worth her salt] knows her own child................
        Did she ''see'' her 1st born SUFFER as a man, with His INTERNAL battles?
        His mind-games.
        Did she see Him battle for the ETERNAL sovereignty OF HIS FATHER'S WILL OVER EVERYTHING that appeared contrary to His soul.

        WELL, that is our path too.
        INTERNAL mind games.
        the battle
        the war
        the victory

        as we ALLOW the ETERNAL LIFE to s.a.v.e. US.

        His name is ABOVE all other warriors, why? He is our blue-print back to Camelot.

        HIS SPIRIT GREW - our spirit will grow too
        HE WAXED STRONG - we shall wax strong in our spirit too
        AS LONG as we understand HOW~!~!

        HOW................................ HOW SHALL WE DO IT?

        WE face all these horrid contradictions -
        they are our tests -
        to prove what mind we have ruling in us.

        HIS MIND
        satan's mind.

        that is the internal war, that's where the battle rages - in our mind..

        THE ENEMY death shall claim us- by our carnal reasonings
        LIFE shall claim us - by putting on the mind of Christ.

        ONLY THESE ISSUES are of importance to us.

        satan shall have us into other versions of the truth, other discussions, other disagreements, other divisions of religious views..... these are all bunny traps cuz all of these things are not important.
        These are smoke-screens
        WHAT IS VITAL to our SPIRITUAL HEALTH is learning and practicing HOW TO GROW STRONG in our Spirit.... and leave all this other junk to the dead religious.

        A WARRIOR never messes WITH THE CIVILIANS

        the civilians have their ways
        A warrior has his.


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          what do we learn from overcoming?

          how to be PLACED IN THE POSITION TO WIN and cross the ''finishing line''.

          YES, we run the race that's for sure...... but.... we also learn HOW TO BE PLACED TO WIN... for u see there are many runners IN THIS RACE but not all ARE winners.

          This is so important to learn - HOW TO WIN.... BEING placed to win.

          LET US UNDERSTAND THIS WORD ''''placed''''.

          : to put in or as if in a particular place or position
          : set
          : to present for consideration
          : to put in a particular state
          : to direct to a desired spot
          : to assign to a position in a series or category
          : rank
          : to appoint to a position
          : to earn a given spot in a competition

          placed to win.
          while it is so good to ''run'' it is better to win.

          did ye notice this description here.....
          to earn a given spot in a competition
          to earn a given spot in a competition
          to earn a given spot in a competition


          ALL THE RUNNERS ARE RUNNING, but an overcomer is placed in a winning position - they earned it.... the winning position is earned.

          i never knew this till now.

          again let us look here.....
          : to appoint to a position
          an overcomer is appointed to a postion to win the race.

          i never knew this either till now that is so amazing.
          now i already know the answer to this ?
          [ but ---- i had to ask the question to an answer i already knew how funny is that~!]

          The answer is = TO BE WELL PLEASING..... to our real Father.

          Only the ''well pleasing'' are placed In Position to win this race.
          Ivé got to let this sink in and to become fosilized into my brain.

          Only the ''well pleasing'' are placed to win this race.
          yes. what a revelation~! I thank Father for it.

          now we look at WELL PLEASING.
          hidden in the word 'pleasing'' we find another word =ANGEL
          A PERSON can be ''an angel''.


          1st = ENOCH

          There it all is AN OVERCOMER RACE WINNER staring out at us...ENOCH the only one in the 7th generation that made it thru into the real realm.

          THAT Info is so good.

          ok lets look at Enoch.
          he is a MAJOR clue.
          HIS TESTIMONY IS '' HE WAS WELL PLEASING''..... there we go - a real race winner is our br. Enoch.
          Heb 11 says all about Enoch v .5
          this would be like a BRAND upon him, or a seal upon his whole life so that nothing in the universe could ever take this ''brand'' from Enoch.
          ''well pleasing Enoch''.
          OUR saviour was WELL PLEASING BUT PLX. NOTICE WHERE THIS IS DECLARED OVER HIM -- at the Mt. of transfiguration NO LESS.
          [Math 17 v 5]
          NO. 5 used for both verses hey?


          we will find to be TRANSFORMED INTO REAL LIFE... and win our race and receive the prize.. we have to be WELL PLEASING.


          why dont we pray A SIMPLE PRAYER to be ''WELL PLEASING'' why dont we just do ''it''. FATHER MAY WELL BE WAITING FOR OUR SIMPLE REQUEST so He can SWING INTO ACTION for us.

          ENOCH has a testimony - notice - in the midst of the reign of death~!~!~!
          HOW IMPORTANT IS THIS TO understand
          ENOCH is to outlive death....................................

          what of us?


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            i really liked that previous post.... cuz i learnt so much


            a] Do you think if we prayed to be WELL PLEASING, our request would be denied.

            b] Do you think if, our prayer was answered, we would attain to this ''mark'' of a ''well pleasing'' testimony therefore never die physically.

            c] When our prayer was answered, do you think we could attain to the likes of Enoch-the-Legend?

            It is interesting to notice only 3 people attained this ''well pleasing'' title
            1] Enoch - was not
            2] Noah - translated into a new world
            3] Messiah - abolished death

            Each man [in type] ruled over death.
            Each man was a LEGEND in their own time.

            IT IS ALL ABOUT our T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.A.T.I.O.N.

            Recently i heard a radio interview with a new male Opera Tenor. He is an Aussie, of Italian heritage.
            He was under 40yrs old and used to be a tradesman for many years, till he had a terrible accident, a file flew up and cut his neck open and he was in hospital for a while and when he came out, he found, he, now possessed this incrediable tenor voice.
            The radio interviewer played a track from this singers lastest Opera CD and his voice was magnificient.

            This guy really had the ''wow'' factor

            I got to thinking that [in type], this is how, a saint is transformed.
            They start out their lives one way, doing stuff, yet suddenly they are APPREHENDED by the King of Kings and they enter into a type of SPIRITUAL HOSPITAL for the dying or a ''rest home'' from their Egos ..... and COME OUT truely MAGNIFICIENT -
            ''verily verily, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death." -Jhn 8 v 51.
            The spiritual hospital training of a saint is -how to really keep His word.
            His word is eternal.
            His word's never die.
            When we keep that WORD IN US, it makes our spirit soul and body RETURN to their former blue print.

            OBEDIENCE is our necessary condition for entry into HIS WORLD OF LIFE.

            Do you remember David used to sing and play Music for Saul, when his reason became unhinged.
            David had the ability to LIFT off the depression/unsoundness of mind FROM Saul by his music.
            David was ''cunning'' with Music.
            The evil spirit departed and Saul was refreshed again.

            WELL............ the same thing happens to us when we obey THE WORD to all our situations......we become refreshed as the evil backs away from the light of His word shining out from us.

            We have to learn to walk in the FOOTSTEPS of kings.....
            These people's lives are written for our learning.
            We look at them and WONDER..... now..... it is our turn TO BE AS WONDERFULL and a LEGEND too.
            It is OUR TIME, for such a time as this.
            There is a book i saw once called ''THE REIGN of the SERVANT Kings''.

            NOW - it is OUR TURN, to learn the rules of ''reigning''.

            WE are ''cunning'' and we PAY ATTENTION TO the rules of Kings.

            how are we ''cunning''?

            Well we ''see'' how others have translated this John 8 v 51 to explain that ''we dont suffer spiritual death''.....but......this is not so.
            Actually who cares about spiritual death, lets face it, who would be really moved by the religious explanation - ''you will not face spiritual death'' who cares, but WHEN THE TRUTH apprehends us to reveal; THE TRUTH OF
            John 8 v 51 [confirmed by the verse number] now IT ALTERS EVERYTHING as the SPIRIT has come into us and QUICKENED US into LIFE.

            THIS QUICKENED LIFE makes us ''cunning''.
            what is cunning?
            Date: 14th century
            : dexterous or crafty in the use of special resources (as skill or knowledge) or in attaining an end
            : displaying keen insight
            synonyms see clever, sly

            in the OT the word cunning is used.... for a special purpose - to Build the tabernacle
            And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
            See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah: And I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship.
            And I, behold, I have given with him Aholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan: and in the hearts of all that are wise hearted I have put wisdom, that they may make all that I have commanded thee; The tabernacle of the congregation, and the ark of the testimony, and the mercy seat that is thereupon, and all the furniture of the tabernacle, And the table and his furniture, and the pure candlestick with all his furniture, and the altar of incense, And the altar of burnt offering with all his furniture, and the laver and his foot, And the cloths of service, and the holy garments for Aaron the priest, and the garments of his sons, to minister in the priest’s office, And the anointing oil, and sweet incense for the holy place: according to all that I have commanded thee shall they do. (Exodus 31:1-11 AV)
            These ''cunning'' men built this tabernacle by divine inspiration..... therefore....
            we too, are to be just as CUNNING at overseering how OUR PERSONAL TEMPLE is built.... and our temple is not made with hands but HEAVEN WITHIN US, is exposed to the world by our maturing in OBEDEINCE TO HIS WORD. amen,


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              cont,,''keeping His word'' /THE LEGENDS

              cont.....the LEGENDS... for our learning. cont.

              to re-run John 8 v 51
              "Most assuredly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death."
              view A - the churched see this verse to mean ''spiritual death''
              view B - Believers, HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE, by revelation that this verse is speaking of physical death - called the wages of sin.

              Most shall agree with View A
              Few, very few shall agree with View B

              We were all in the View A group, till we became A BELIEVER and APPREHENDED by the LIFE revelation. Father shall show us this message thru His word, so each Believer understands thru the verses they have been shown. For me it was thru John 11.... for others it is different verses.

              SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ENOCH, when he was 65yrs old.
              ENOCH, must have been ''apprehended '' at this age and he NEVER TURNED BACK to his previous belief pattern.

              Now the key requirement here IN THIS VERSE is ''to keep His word.

              ENOCH DID~! ENOCH developed a NEW LIFESTYLE he did not have previously.

              I have developed a new lifestyle i did not have previously.
              [BTW my wish is that i would have known this from my youth] sigh.

              this phrase ''keeping His word'', occurs 3 other times - all in John's Gospel.

              none support the human conclusion that '' we do not spiritually die''

              please look now at the expression ''SHALL NOT SEE DEATH''.

              Remember Simeon, that old aged man, who wanted desperately to see THE MESSIAH.... well he prayed ''he should never see death''
              Lk. 2 v 26 ''And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he should not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
              here are 2 wordings and the conclusions from these 2 bible witness verse that it is about PHYSICAL DEATH
              the same phrase
              the same meaning

              PHYSICAL DEATH - and never ''spiritual death'' is the referrence.

              Religion has taught us that ''Jesus'' was far higher, more Godly, more supernatural than ordinary man..... but THE SAVIOUR IS CALLED ''THE SON OF MAN'' everything about HIM WAS MAN.... the christ.... is the DIVINE POWER , He yielded up too that ALLOWED HIM TO FLOW IN DIVINITY.

              The MAN YASHUSHUA, was lowered down, humbled Himself from His former Glory to 'taste death' for all men. [Heb 2 v 9]

              But we are ordinary men too[made in the Image of God].....
              satan has holds on people and CHRIST cannot be FORMED IN THEM.
              Yahushua at all times said ''GET THEE BEHIND ME satan'' and did not allow evil to have any hold on HIM.

              This is OUR WALK too... to pattern ourself upon HIS WALK and how He thought over HIS PERSONAL LIFESTYLE.... and this is HOW HE MASTERED DEATH and ruled over all death. amen

              death is not spiritual death at all....
              PHYSICAL death has been ABOLISHED BY an amazing feat by a GOD/MAN who allowed HImself to be used as a VESSEL OF DIVINE POWER.
              FOR THIS... HE RECALIMED HIS FORMER POSITION AND RAISED UP to the right hand side of the Throne. amen


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                cont...''shall not see death'' = physical death is overcome

                the Overcomer is POSITIONED in the race so that ''they shall not see death'.

                this is such a great revealing.....but why?

                well today i learnt why?

                Because these saints have learnt THAT it is THEIR SPIRIT that NOW REPRESENTS THEM''
                ..............HOW GOOD IS THIS?...........................

                this has to be ''up there'' among the biggies hey?.

                Now let us look at Luke 22 v 42 says. [in part]
                ..........''Let not my will be done, BUT THINE''
                SEE will is my carnal solutions but THY WILL is the divine solution,
                SEE will is my death, THY WILL, is my LIFE.
                SEE THIS.... we can ask Father ''dont let me use my own will please Father''.
                SEE THIS..... when my will is done, i remain in vanity.
                SEE THIS.....When THY WILL IS DONE, i ascend out from vanity and into reality.
                SEE is flesh and blood that does the carnal will, but it is our FATHER'S SPIRIT IN US, that does the FATHER'S WILL.

                We have to learn to SWITCH off the carnal reasonings over our situations and then
                we have to grow strong in the SPIRIT [= mature as Messiah matured by waxing strong] so that our flesh reasoning no longer dicatates us into our graves.

                When we do this OUR FLESH HAS DIED and has stopped control over us and our FATHER'S SPIRIT IN US IS NOW REPRESENTING US... in divinity.

                this whole revelation is so we CAN GROW AND SHOW THE WORLD who we REPRESENT..........AND NOTHING can counterfeit this wholeness and blameless situation we have received IN us for it is THE MARK OF THE High CALLING.

                who are these FEET PEOPLE?... WHAT A FUNNY NAME.

                "For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet.
                well everyone has their own ideas over this verse....
                but when the BODY of a CHILD is BORN, the last to appear is the FEET.....the feet.... are people in the Body-of- Christ.... no wait....THE FEET ARE PEOPLE IN THE BODY OF POWER.

                ALL the enemies are PUT under the FEET of the BODY OF POWER - His body - His living stones.

                ohhhh.... what a body this is.
                it is a STUPENDIOUS one.... so full of the glory no one can stand and remain 'dead' for too long.

                therefore we pray....LET MY FLESH NO LONGER represent me.
                now this is HOW TO BE WELL PLEASING.... and this LEADS to EXPLOITS.

                I want to re-read this again....
                This is our revelation...
                Now we walk in this path as Our Saviour goes before us and we FOLLOW HIM... into His reputation.

                i love this.
                SEE will is my carnal solutions but THY WILL is the divine solution,
                SEE will is my death, THY WILL, is my LIFE.
                SEE THIS.... we can ask Father ''dont let me use my own will please Father''.
                SEE THIS..... when my will is done, i remain in vanity.
                SEE THIS.....When THY WILL IS DONE, i ascend out from vanity and into reality.
                SEE is flesh and blood that does the carnal will, but it is our FATHER'S SPIRIT IN US, that does the FATHER'S WILL.

                We have to learn to SWITCH off the carnal reasonings over our situations and then
                we have to grow strong in the SPIRIT [= mature as Messiah matured by waxing strong] so that our flesh reasoning no longer dicatates us into our graves.
                this is NOW our LIFE-STYLE.....the last message for the ''people of the Feet''... so that they overcome... SO THAT..... the whole body shall spring into REAL REALITY LIVING LIFE.
                HOW GOOD IS THAT?


                remember GATE BEAUTIFULL [ i love it's message and i am drawn to it so often] AT GATE BEAUTIFULL the crippled man, who had waited so long for healing WAS HEALED.....this man is a type of a living stone.....only when the FEET are healed and made whole can the BODY ARISE AND LEAP AND DANCE FOR JOY.
                acts 3 v 7 ...the bones [of the feet] received strength to arise.

                Spying if u look are your numbers 3 AND 7

                In v 8 [ BN for no 8 - new begining and resurrection life] when the bones came together, he leaped up stood up and walked leaping [REPEATED 2X'S] AND PRAISING GOD.

                so we have 2 leapings, 1 stood, 1 walking, 1 praising....
                why do we notice 2 LEAPINGS. [v 8]

                Grk word is Exallomai..... at 1st glimpse this Greek word - kinda looks like - ''all-o-mi'' [all of me]
                COULD I WRITE.....................

                ''All-of-me, THE BODY OF CHRIST, LEAPT UP, praising God''

                if we look at the last 3 letters of this Grk word we shall notice THESE letters........................ I AM.
                i can hardly believe this
                what say ye?

                therefore...this crippled man in acts 3 is representive of the body of Christ and this body cannot be whole and in working order TILL THE FEET BONES come together and when they do, the whole body of Christ will arise and stand up.


                however............the pivotal point now is THE FEET have to be HEALED.
                THEREFORE there seems to be only one conclusion here.... that is THE FEET OF THE BODY, overcome death [the last enemy and the feet are the last to emerge from the womb] the feet are a people who OVERCOME DEATH and when then do THE WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST is ABLE TO STAND AND TO MINISTER as death has been abolished.....not only in MESSIAH BUT NOW IN ALL OF HIS BODY of people.


                wowowowow ---- that is something.


                for the whole body is completed and now has entered into the life realm of the UNLIMITED.... and death is abolished in them for theY are CO-HEIRS in Christ.

                I have to say ... i simply love this revelation.

                now to the
                2nd leaping v.8.
                The Grk word is different here it is Hallomai
                do u notice the word HALLO? ''Hallo-o-mi'' - hallo-o-me halo over me?

                : a circle of light appearing to surround the sun or moon and resulting from refraction or reflection of light by ice particles in the atmosphere
                : something resembling a halo
                3: the aura of glory, veneration, or sentiment surrounding an idealized person or thing
                i could bodly write this sentence.

                ''The body of Christ, overcomes death, and they arise leaping with the divine Presence of I AM, as they are now filled with light, and have the aura of GLORY''


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                  Gate Beautiful!

                  Hi Lucy,

                  I am catching your fever. Yours is a marvelous revelation from Messiah:
                  however............the pivotal point now is THE FEET have to be HEALED.
                  And leaps about, and walks into the Temple, and praises.

                  One of the strangest things about love is that love believes all things. Perhaps, this is another way of saying that everything is beautiful to the one in love.

                  There was a time, Lucy, when I would not have received your revelation and words with love. I would have analyzed and studied your words insisting that you did not quite have it exactly right for this or that reason. But no more, because I am in love with Messiah, and therefore in love with all whom HE loves, and I know that HE loves you because of the depth of your feeling and insight into HIM, and, therefore, everything that you believe, I believe, not insisting upon my own way; rather upon the way of those like you whom HE has sent to give strength or power to the feet of those who leap up at Gate Beautiful.

                  3 and 7 are my numbers, and 1 is also one of my numbers, and this is the primary reason why I cannot bring myself to sell my home. My home is the last house on the right on a dead end street. My Father found this home, and he insisted that I buy it to raise my family, loaning me enough money for the downpayment. I know that 3 and 7 stand for the sprinkling days of the Days of Purification (Numbers 19), and that 1 stands for the beginning of light shining in darkness.

                  The sum of 3 and 7 is ten. This is both good and bad. 10 is the number of the evil congregation (the unbelieving spies, we were all members of this congregation), and 10 is also the number of the words written by the hand of YAHWEH ELOHIM that we should walk in them after we are raised up and after we learn to leap and walk, and 10 also is the number of plagues by which we are delivered from evil. What is the sum of 1, 3, and 7, that is, what does 11 stand for in bibical numerics?

                  When I look at the Greek word, exallomai and allomai, the former means to leap up and the latter means to leap. Perhaps, many leap up, standing, at Gate Beautiful, but only a few actually enter the Temple leaping, walking, and praising. I am not sure here, but this could account for all those who were allowed to see LIFE NOW, but then they died because they did not enter the Temple in order to mimic (praise) Messiah Yahushua. In allomai, I see "Al" and I see "loami".

                  We enter by the blood of Messiah Yahushua which is a certain pattern of behavior that is itself the seal or token of our union with HIM. Without this love, we remain standing at Gate Beautiful without having fully entered into HIS covenant.

                  Sincerely, Spying
                  The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                    hey Spying - thanks for your lovely word. amen

                    When i write here i dont ever know quiet how it will turn out....but yesterday's post blew me away, mainly because i could see the crippled man and 2 leapings. - His body and the arising up into full working order.
                    I re-act to this story personally u see, for once i fell into a pot hole and i had busted ankles and could not walk for 3 days and i had to be carried.
                    Father healed my ankles for me.
                    Because of my injured ankle bones i was UNABLE TO put any weight on them so the rest of me was rather helpless.
                    I was actually contemplating inventions i could make just to be able to move around.
                    therefore i know the burden of not being able to stand up and walk.... the mind says ''stand up'' but no strength can come into those bones to arise.
                    when this revelation came yesterday i knew exactly what the body needed only because of my personal experiences.

                    Ofcourse i also had a 'little help from my friend'' Bill Britton [ the late Br] and his writting on THE FEET PEOPLE.
                    As i remembered back to his revelation it all seemed to FIT TOGETHER for me, and it is not so much by examining each word but by HOW the SPIRIT will fit words together and BRING TO LIFE, something THAT WAS ONCE only interesting words on a page we had a theory on.
                    Yesterday i was listening to a new version of a song called Waltzing Matilda by Joe Cocker. I love Joe. He is just so original in the way he sings.... and ofcourse Waltzing Matilda is an Australian Icon song but this guy sang it so differently it took on a whole new meaning and i felt was even greater than the original lyrics.
                    He also does it to the Beatles song ''HELP''. He changes the tune slightly and puts a new aspect or emphasis on words so that the song seems the same but no longer sounds the same.
                    I tell this because HOW WE ONCE read the verses, did not CAPTURE ''LIFE'' IN THEM, for if they had of....people would never have died
                    Yes we did seem to have life but IT WAS NOT ''''THE'' LIFE needed to ARISE and LEAP AND PRAISE AND ENTER INTO the temple.

                    religion, church religion, well no~!~!... all men's religion whatsoever the name they call their god and how they worship - always leaves out
                    THE DESIRE OF GOD for them....
                    HIS DESIRE OVER US....
                    HIS WOO-ING over us
                    HIS LONGING OVER US,

                    is huge.

                    THIS DESIRE OVER US, is as a GROOM desiring His bride.
                    IT IS PASSION. It is absolute passion.
                    and this all happens at Gate Beautifull.

                    Joe Cocker also sings ''YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFULL TO ME''.

                    i tell u no lie, you can ''get lost'' in those lyrics as Messiah sings to you.
                    Messiah is not only in the pages of the Book, He is everywhere IF we have eyes to see. He leaves His LOVE LETTERS for us thru each day.

                    After i posted this yesterday, the very next thing that i heard was news came that Prince Andrew of the Royal house of England has made disparaging words about the War in Iran.
                    The Royals seldom go public on world affairs u see so this was unusual.
                    This Prince is 'considered' as a ''senior Royal'.



                    i felt the revelation was a ''departure'' from the standard religious protocol.
                    for any person who belongs to the ''FEET COMPANY'' shall REJOICE AND KNOW they are on track. - as a 'senior Royal'
                    '' And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father.
                    THE FEET COMPANY, depart in an unprecedented way, from ''normal religious procedures and understanding''.

                    The bible has rather a lot to say ABOUT FEET [in fact 251 times ''feet'' are mentioned].... and perhaps if we look ''at feet'' = as a generation that overcomes DEATH and arises the Body into full working Order...we shall gain new insights.

                    If the bible is so graphic on the Gospel advent and its hero's and their lives and ministry - what of that generation that overcomes the Last enemy.
                    do ye think these people [without names as yet] would be mentioned too?

                    ofcourse.... they are THE FEET in the Body of Christ [power].

                    "I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep Thy word." (Psa. 119:101).
                    *where would death hide in this type of person?

                    Did you notice Our Saviour's 'feet washing'' experience?
                    WE ARE GIVEN a whole lesson here on ''feet washing'' and while it may mean ordinary feet to some... but TO OTHERS... this ''feet washing'' takes on whole new meaning.
                    He tells Peter, if He did not wash his feet, he would have no part with Him. ...
                    what ..........NO PART ON HIS BODY?????? ummm.

                    "That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish."
                    That sounds like a perfected overcoming company, doesn't it?
                    Washed by the Word

                    * where can death hide in a people who have been ''feet washed'' by The Saviour? and where can death hide ''IN THE LORD'S BODY""?

                    *where can death hide when a person is refraining from evil ways and then being washed BY THE WORD to be HOLY AND WITHOUT BLEMISH?


                    no 37 Spying is the ROYAL NUMBER OF YAHUSHUA.
                    no 1 is unity.
                    no 11 is disorder.
                    from your Quote Ab
                    When I look at the Greek word, exallomai and allomai, the former means to leap up and the latter means to leap. Perhaps, many leap up, standing, at Gate Beautiful, but only a few actually enter the Temple leaping, walking, and praising.
                    I am not sure here, but this could account for all those who were allowed to see LIFE NOW, but then they died because they did not enter the Temple in order to mimic (praise) Messiah Yahushua.
                    In allomai, I see "Al" and I see "loami".

                    ''all friends''- al loami.
                    ''all i am ''.

                    Spying years ago [when the internet was new] i found a site that explained ENGLISH and how it was the only LIVING LANUAGE there is.
                    THE site went to give some examples into the origins of words and IN most words is ''hidden word/words'' and this hidden word is considered the real meaning.... like words within words.
                    It seemed to suggest that English was the original language prior to Baylon fall, not as we know it today ofcourse, as it has been corrupted, but, English has MUSIC in it called ''the Music of the Spheres.''
                    It is like this SOUND goes out into the whole universe and never dies.
                    Today it is all corrupt and not worth reading about, but there still seems to be a ''glimmer'' of Truth about HARMONY and words and their meanings and affects.
                    as exmple
                    YAHUSHUA IS -THE WORD.
                    IN THE WORD, IS LIFE.

                    SO that is what it is like with words in English.... there is a glimmer of another word inside most words.
                    it is like the word we see on the surface HIDES the true meaning we cannot see underneath this word.
                    WORDS HIDE WORDS.

                    allen e brown.
                    i can find A BELL.
                    so.... hidden in ALLEN E BROWN IS ''A BELL''.

                    what is a BELL.
                    Middle English belwen, from Old English bylgian; akin to Old English & Old High German bellan to roar
                    so DO YOU ROAR?
                    .... sound a warning by ringing - YES.
                    so NOW I KNOW hidden in your name is a BELL RINGER WHO BELLS A SOUND OF WARNING.

                    also.... OF REJOICING.


                    a beautifull ringing bell....

                    who shall listen to your sounds?



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                      cont..the Bell/the Rejoicing/The Warning/breaking the cycle

                      of death.....this is your destiny Allen E, for this time.

                      People who have received this message of LIFE, swim against the tide of popular opinion.
                      Metamorphosis is happening in some people.
                      this is a real fact.
                      Some people are being changed. This people could be likened to A HOLY MOUNTAIN.
                      Even the Cosmis is being RE-ARRANGED.....a process of re-arrangement is taking place.


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                        The Whole Body Arises.

                        THE WHOLE BODY ARISES.
                        Spying u know i am continualy and there
                        I stick my nose into a clue. I am a clue-chaser.

                        WHAT MAKES THE WHOLE BODY ARISE ..... when it was unable to before.
                        The body is there, waiting to manifest CHRIST POWER out into all of creation, or the TRUTH VIBE into all the Cosmos.

                        what changed?
                        Spying WHAT CHANGED... that allowed the BODY to stand up?

                        Metamorphosis - a changed form.

                        in this word Metamorphosis we can find 2 other words.

                        * the minute i saw this word ''SMOOTH'' i thought of the 5 smooth rocks/stones Father gave to DAVID to Kill Goliath.
                        BTW notice David only needed 1 stone, the other 4 were not needed but still abundantly supplied.

                        prime and smooth.


                        : first in rank, authority, or significance
                        : principal
                        : having the highest quality or value
                        : of the highest grade

                        changed into the highest rank. - metamorphoo

                        : having a continuous even surface.
                        : free from difficulties or impediments
                        : even and uninterrupted in flow or flight
                        : amiable courteous
                        Now could i write this sentence on a CHANGED PERSON?

                        '' They are first in rank and of the highest grading, having been freed from their difficulties and loosed from all impediments, they can now flow with light [revelation] and Christ-Power.''

                        ''first in rank and of the highest grading''. - a King.
                        Yahushua is THE KING, but we know under Him as kings. [small k]

                        there are also Priests.
                        a royal house of kings and priests.
                        that is 2 different types of people.
                        1] a king
                        2] a priest.

                        not all are kings, not all are priests?

                        but to be IN this royal house they have to be one or the other?

                        would a king serve his people?
                        would a priest serve only the Father?

                        For Father to 'turn visible'' He would have to have a group of kings to flow thru [Authority] and a group of Priests [ worship in Truth]
                        authority and worship.

                        ummmm.... then i saw your name converted to A BELL i thought of the ''LIBERTY BELL''.
                        Bells are in the bible too. 3 times mentioned.
                        a golden bell round the hem of a robe.

                        according to Matthew Henry,
                        the bells of Aaron's robe "typify the sound of the gospel of Christ in the world, giving notice of His entrance within the veil for us."
                        ummm... now for the LIBERTY BELL.
                        ''Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the Land unto all the Inhabitants thereof ''.
                        Lev. 25 v 10

                        THE RELEASING of the Captives.
                        the SOUND THE BELL MAKES............releases the CAPTIVES.

                        isn't there a book/movie ABOUT...............
                        THE SHEPHERD KINGS.
                        Kings who are shepherds.
                        shepherds who are kings.

                        WHAT have we here?
                        The desolation ceasing and the Garden of Eden returning.

                        The indwelling Christ-life, returns us back into THE GARDEN OF EDEN conditions.

                        ''shepherd kings'' allow the BODY to arise, for death has been overcome in them , even that last enemy has been defeated.... the ancle bones are healed and now the whole body can arise.... amen

                        a time to release. Time for BELL RINGING.
                        A set time in Zion, is the healing of the ''ancle bones'.[Acts 3]

                        A SET TIME....................
                        in the natural we notice a great importance is placed on education today.
                        Most parents spare no expense to have their children EDUCATED to the highest standards.
                        to prosper, to become ''something'' to ''make something of yourself'' to get rich, to succeed, to be better than their parents.
                        all of these reasons are put foreward.... so if... a person is NOT educated THEY ARE generally CONSIDERED not a success.
                        Education IS necessary.

                        A SET TIME...................
                        could this be a reflection of the spiritual world, where HIGHER EDUCATION in the Holy Spirit is so necessary to succeed as death, has to be overcome.

                        cont.. 5 smooth stones.


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                          cont.................... the bell and the butterfly

                          hello Spying...
                          whilst reading the morning paper at work i spotted a new film out here called
                          THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY.
                          but what i found amazing is
                          the same association from my earlier posts [before work ] to = the bell and the butterfly.

                          infact i never heard of this movie till i saw it advertised this morning.
                          infact i am not much of a movie go-er as such.


                          the bell
                          the metamorphoo = butterfly. = changed form
                          This COULD not BE A SIMPLE COINCIDIENCE... but A God-instance MOMENT.

                          the BELL HAS TO RING OUT TO MAKE THE BUTTERFLY.

                          When u look at the ''trailer'' DO U SEE THE WORDS USED TO express THIS MOVIE?
                          it has been nominated for awards - and has 4 stars too it.
                          I find this remarkable that we find a modern movie with the title we have been discussing here at Lo-Ammi on the same day Ab.

                          the bell
                          the butterfly.

                          if we look at the Webster's Dictionary main site for this word DIVING.... we find this.
                          Main Entry: 1dive
                          Pronunciation: \ˈdīv\
                          Function: verb
                          Inflected Form(s): dived \ˈdīvd\ or dove \ˈdōv\; dived also dove; div·ing
                          why is 'DOVE' there Ab?
                          when the 'DOVE' is a bible symbol for the Holy Spirit.
                          When Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove''.
                          the 'dove bell' and the ''metamorphoo Butterfly''.

                          do ye think that THE BELL, has to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to ring out the LIFE MESSAGE, that will allow others to metamorphoo and change form too.

                          i think so


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                            cont, the INDWELLING Dove/the CHRIST-POWERHOUSE

                            CHANGES people into saints.
                            A HOLY PEOPLE,
                            Mt. Zion type of people,
                            a MOUNTAIN that cannot be moved people.
                            the People of His Authority and Power.

                            i rather like Bill Brittons description of these people.
                            Death is Defeated by the Feet

                            We know that the Bible tells us that:
                            "We shall not all die."
                            This is truth, absolute and final.
                            But how does it come about?
                            Does the Bible teach anything about death and the "feet company"?
                            Yes, it does.
                            Notice in 1 Cor. 15:25-28 the declaration of victory over death:

                            "For he (Christ in His glorious Body) must reign, till he (God the Father) hath put all enemies under his (the Christ) feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. For he (God) hath put all things under his (the Christ, the Son of Man, Heb. 2:8) feet. But when he (God) saith all things are put under him (the Christ), it is manifest that he (God) is excepted, which did put all things under him (the Christ). And when all things shall be subdued unto him (the Christ, the Son), then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him (God) that put all things under him (the Son, the Christ) that God may be all in all."

                            So God has declared that not only is death defeated by His Son, but that it shall be put under his "feet."
                            So people living here on the earth shall clearly manifest a victory over death. It is one thing for a young man or woman who has not even yet come to full maturity, to declare that they have overcome death, and to claim divine health in their body.
                            But let me see one in whom the aging process is clearly visible, one who shows the effects of the death principle working in their bodies.
                            And let that one so come into His life, that the process is reversed, the stooped shoulders straighten, the gray hairs regain their life and color, and all signs of dying disappear.
                            Yes, I know that the "strong man of the house" is bound in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and a new master takes over in that house.
                            But it takes a while to "spoil his house," to carry out his furniture, install new furniture, and manifest the victory for all to see.
                            "For this corruptible must put on incorruption."
                            God is going to let the whole world see and know that He is God.
                            He is doing this through His Church.
                            Did ye see this..........
                            ''all the physical signs of dying disappear''.
                            THE REVERSE OF THE CURSE happens.

                            Our real inner Man is overtaking our false outer man.
                            - this is our SPIRIT MAN taking over his divine duties.THE MAN, is back in his normal Husband role

                            In the world today there is a devilish idealogy of homosexuality and feminism...the people of the Matrix are programmed to ''accept'' the abnormal as quiet the norm.
                            But u see.
                            this is the exact same thing satan has done to his church.... the soul is in control and the homosexuals [female souls teaching females souls] are unable to reproduct a kingdom.
                            i was reading all about this yesterday....
                            it is called - THE UGLY TRUTH.

                            The church is filled with this Ugly truth.

                            Men are not men at all but deceived women who cannot reproduce the Kingdom of God.

                            The crippled man at Gate Beautifull LEAPT and LEAPED... into the TEMPLE.
                            This is a picture of how our INNER SPIRITUAL MAN, goes on...HE LEAPS out from his sleep and LEARNS HOW TO RULE His deceive wife eve.

                            but LEAPING OVER THE MOUNTAINS.
                            s of songs 2 v 8...
                            B.N - no. 2 is a witness
                            B.N - no. 8 is resurrection life.


                            ''death'' is considered a mountain - but - we are given the divine ability to LEAP OVER DEATH


                            Well David was given 5 smooth stones to kill death and cut off its head.
                            GOLIATH was UNDEFEATED by man.... till he met DAVID a ''MAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART.

                            5 smooth stones to kill 5 ugly carnal senses.
                            only ONE WAS REALLY NEEDED.
                            THE MIND OF CHRIST, kills off the carnalmindedness of man.
                            David HIT Goliath [death] where he was not protected... in the forehead.
                            THE CARNAL MIND is is exposed when it's UGLY TRUTH is revealed by THE NEW MIND OF CHRIST...

                            in this NEW MIND.... IS THE LIFE-CONSCIOUSNESS of divinity.
                            IT IS THIS LIFE-CONSCIOUNESS THAT leaps of all our mountains for us.

                            THE UGLY TRUTH is exposed as our SPIRIT WILL WAX STRONGER, in the POWER [life-consciousness] OF HIS MIGHT,


                            what is ''LIFE-CONSCIOUSNESS''?
                            IT IS THE DIVINE ABILITY ONLY TO SEE 'LIFE'.
                            not only that
                            IT IS THE DIVINE ABILITY TO ENTER INTO LIFE AND TO then experience LIFE'S REALITY.

                            if we look inside this word -consciousness we will find another word SUCCESS.

                            LIFE'S SUCCESS. TO BE A SUCCESS AT LIFE.
                            BUT if i look again at this word CONSCIOUSNESS...
                            i will find

                            Real life is successions of life's reality.

                            i just LOVE IT when Father does the revealing.

                            people could say this
                            ''LUCY, THE APOSTLES ALL DIED AND WERE MARTYRS''

                            well yesterday i wondered over this ''traditional thinking myself'' YET i think for the exception of James the bible never tells us of the others only ''we have our traditions'' to tell us what happened.... so we rely on traditons here to confirm our theory.
                            i was interested to read this.

                            does Islam answer long held ''church'' traditions.... does it expose traditional thinking?
                            The New Testament does not tell us how the apostles died.
                            The Church historian Eusebius of Caesarea records that the apostles were martyred in different parts of the world, these early Church traditions are based on legends.
                            Scholars acknowledge that Eusebius was a propagandist who presented fables as facts, he promoted lying and deceit.


                            a further comment.
                            It is ridiculous, a desperate attempt by Christians to solve the dilemma. The process of oral tradition was unstable, open to mythical embellishment:

                            is this our source of raditional belief?
                            Eusebius of Caesarea (d. 340 CE) is reported to have said:
                            'It is an act of virtue to deceive and lie, when by such means the interests of the church might be promoted .
                            Jerome, the 4th century Latin scholar also said:
                            “Great is the force of deceit! provided it is not excited by a treacherous intention” .


                            well perhaps this chap has an axe to grind, but the simple reality is WE DONT KNOW do we.?

                            WE DO KNOW some were raised to LIFE according to the Bible.
                            Infact quiet a few were recorded -raised to life''.

                            If a person was ''RAISED TO LIFE'', once - they had died and paid the price by death, by the Tomb,
                            how can they re-die when they had been raised back up into life?

                            IF they re-died THIS MAKES THE BIBLE a liar.... for it is said '' it is appointed once for man to die''.[Hebrews]

                            ONE TIME.... to die
                            never MULTIPLE times.

                            when Paul advises his church people to PUT OFF their personal CORRUPTION and put on divine INCORRUPTION... what if they did it?

                            SO perhaps THERE ARE SOME people who did actually heeded HIS ADVICE.... like I do....
                            what made me heed this advice?
                            FRANKLY i cannot wait for my incorruption to be fully put on.
                            i will praise and dance and sing that day LET ME TELL U.

                            The closer we MOVE AND DWELL in Christ to more we despise sin.
                            It BECOMES a despised and loathesome curse and we ''see'' its terrible reaping everywhere.... and NO LONGER HAVE ANY DESIRE TO BE A PART OF THIS evil PROCESS and the evil system that PROMOTES death as a 'friend'.

                            There are A PEOPLE on earth of the 42nd generation - THE GENERATION OF THE ''SEED'' OF CHRIST.

                            Make no mistake, they are out there, hidden away.
                            Men and Women, everyday people, who actually take the bible and DO as it tells them.... they ARE HIS divine butterflies.

                            We are to realise that
                            from begining to end of the bible - it is dealing with sin and rebellion in mankind and gives the divine remedy, how to have OUR REAL FATHER, TURN VISIBLE [AS HE DID THRU MESSIAH], AND DWELL IN A PEOPLE ON EARTH.... now.... if most don't make this realm.... that is not to say SOME DO and SOME ALREADY HAVE. amen.

                            SOME were raised up at Gate Beautifull and ENTERED THE TEMPLE,
                            SOME stand outside the temple and don't enter in.... but SOME DO.. called
                            HIS INCORRUPTABLE SEED.
                            Now not many shall believe this... BUT HIS SEED SHALL.
                            They know as they are known. AMEN

                            B.Britton writes.
                            Divine Intervention for Sons

                            As the Sons of God give themselves over completely to the Father, putting aside their own desires and wills, so the Father intervenes on their behalf, that nothing but the perfect will of God overtake them. Day and night, 24 hours a day, for He does not sleep. Psa. 121:2-3 says: "My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved; he that keepeth thee will not slumber."
                            it has to be thru DIVINE INTERVENTION, death is fully overcome, even physical death... His SONS are HIS OWN REFLECTION amen


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                              dividing line [repent] Jubilee.-set free = freedom from prison planet

                              to LIVE IN LIFE
                              to Live ON Life
                              to LIVE from LIFE.

                              there comes a time in the life of the Overcomer, where THEY come forth out from shadow and into LIFE.
                              Their daily routine can be their proof that divine life really does exist within them.
                              They NOW LIVE from LIFE.

                              the DIVIDING Line in their insides is like a white line on the road..... they learn not to cross over to the wrong side.

                              The Carnal mind is wrong side.
                              THE HOLY SPIRIT shall direct our path into living on the right side - THE SIDE OF AUTHORITY.
                              when we live from the right side, the spirit in us matures and this is how our ''authority'' HAPPENS.
                              Chaos is fading from our thinking
                              Chaos is fading from our lives.
                              THE ROD of Authority develops as we obey, using the WORD for our obedience and not our reasonings.

                              This stance happens as a jubilee comes upon us..... is coming upon us... We '''see'' our freedom like a bright light and we race towards it.

                              THERE IS A PERSONAL JUBILEE as well as a Corporate Jubilee.
                              The personal weakness begin to disappear... bondages fall away and chaos ceases to interfer with our decissions.
                              ofcourse every religious person has their own opinion of Jubilee.... the bible says in Lev.............
                              YE SHALL RETURN EVERY MAN UNTO HIS POSSESSION,
                              every man......RETURNED TO HIS POSSESSION.
                              every man - OUR QUICKENED SPIRIT, is returned back to his possession - namely eternal life.

                              your possession is ETERNAL LIFE.
                              we [mankind] have been robbed of this possession by our soul who decided she knew better and allowed her carnal senses to rob her of her divinity.

                              THAT TIME IS PASSING... in some people -the soul is now responding to her Husband Spirit and PROVING the bible LIFE IS NOW POSSIBLE to live here IN.... on earth Today.

                              The soul has been reigning for 50yrs [jubilee] now it is time for our releasing so that death is no more.

                              Have u noticed that most people try to live longer? with diet and exercise etc but, they never realise that to live longer THEY NEED to cut the veil from their carnal mind, that shall reveal the divine spirit WITH ALL ITS UNLIMITED POWER is within them.... never off someplace else... but right there IN them.

                              The Father is now dealing with the heavy weights in our lives so we can HOLD THE DIVINE DOUBLE ANOINTING.
                              our flesh is being cut off.
                              Father does not judge us by how much WE ALL know of the King James bible but BY HOW MUCH OF HIS LIFE is within us... WE BECOME ''THE BOOK OF LIFE'' and that means LIFE RULES.

                              THAT inner dividing line shall stop us from continual disobedience... for it is our disobedience that kills us.
                              We have choice to allow soul eve her killer instinct over us, or allow the human reasoning to fade away and allow THE LORD OF LIFE TO RULE....