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  • Did U ever notice this?

    Adam is put into a DEEP SLEEP by The Father {gen 2 v 21}
    It has not been recorded that Father then awakened Adam from his ''deep sleep'' like anesthetic.

    : relating to, or capable of producing anesthesia
    : lacking awareness or sensitivity
    here is something to wonder at.??????????????????????????????????????????????

    Math 1 v 24.
    [bible numerics - no 1 - unity/beginning.
    no 24 - the royal priesthood. The elect.]

    Joseph [names means ''He shall Add] WAS AWOKEN, BEING RAISED UP FROM SLEEP by an angel AND did as the angel said''
    Adam was in a deep sleep
    Adam's name means mankind

    Joseph's name means ''He shall add'' was raised up and awoken [from this adamic anesthetic] and SO by doing this allowed CHRIST [the raising power] to BE BIRTHED.

    Joseph responded differently from Adam WHO is not awakened.

    OFCOURSE.... THIS is only 1 layer of truth.
    A gem.

    I HEARD tell once, of a prophesy about ''a JOSEPH company'' - those raised up from humankind anethetic, or their deep sleep to welcome CHRIST the power, of transformation TO BE BIRTHED IN THEM.
    just now can i ''see' this happening. amen.
    Father shall add, a raised up, awakened people to this earth, by birthing out IN THEM the CHRIST-LIFE''. amen.