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    God first

    What are you willing to do

    wrote 01-07-2008

    Here, here, here I sat listening to peaceful music thanking my God that loves us with pure love and nothing less. I have been thinking of written this message for a very long time but today is the day I put what been in my heart to internet paper.

    How far are you willing to go for the movement of the love of God and the sharing of Christ’s act of love for you. Last Sunday I visited a new church and the sub subject that day was about reading the bible for yourself.

    Have you took the time to read the bible they asked which got me thinking even more about this subject I am about to open up to you if you just take the time to read. Now before I get into the real heart of this message.

    Let me talk to my friends who were in a cult or who may be part of a cult today because I am asking you. How far are you willing to go to get healed from the pain so you can move on with your life or changed if your in a cult today.

    My personal meaning of the word cult is “a business that claims to be a church, ministry, club, fellowship, children of God, sect, or a family that claim they are the only ones with the real truth and as they claim without their leadership you would be hell bound who wants your money as you become their pets while cleaning up their sh*t.”

    If you been in a cult or your in one today you know what I am talking about so how far are you willing to go to wash away all those old dirty memories. The first thing that help me was talking about it but the think what help me the most was written about my life in the cult.

    Now I have been posting on these boards for a long time now and some longer than others while I have no desire to leave I am willing to share my heart no matter what reply I get.

    Over the years I have got some wild replies one group wanted to public stone me, one person keeps sharing a picture of his personal car a sh*t truck, a few others love to show me dirty pictures of their self or friends, some have a goal to show others I am a false prophet while I am not a prophet and never claim to be one, and there are many others that just do not come to my mind right now.

    But no matter what reply I get I do my best just to love them with out getting upset about their actions because my heart is too help any way I can. Now there are times I lost my cool and said things wrong because I jump before I looked.

    To me its not about pushing my beliefs on others but with love sharing it while only hoping I can help at least one person. I have saw many who only wanted to fight about every little thing they think they know.

    So before I move into the heart of this message lets make peace with each other while we try not to push each other into change but just love each other no matter what. While it may make me sad when some one does not want God breaking their arm will not help.

    Ok now the heart of this message a few years ago like some of you know I begin ending my post with “thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.” Why this was a hard thing for me to do I have been doing it with no plans of stopping for a long time.

    I still recall reading in the bible that we are to greet one another with a “holy kiss” and saying to my self I do not think I can do that. But after long prays as I talk to God about it I know he wanted me to do it.

    My mind saw only pain coming from doing it but how wrong my fleshly mind was. After some time I came up with a way my manhood would let me do it. To cut a story short I did it because I was willing to do what it takes to grow.

    To my surprise this act taught me more than all the years I had of reading the bible and other books about God’s love and the gift Christ gave to me and I can read the bible in thirty days.

    Its makes me think of the rich men who ask Jesus what he might do to be saved and Jesus said give up all your money the thing most dear to him. Because what I gave up is my pride of manhood the ideal to not look like a gay person which I am not.

    Now before I finish let me say while I am not gay being gay is no worse than being over weight because both are sins and again the way the body was design to work. So please do not hate people who are differ than you because we all have weaknesses.

    I should know weakness I weight over three hundred pounds while I do try to lose weight I enjoy eating the wrong foods and too must of them. So please give others room to make miss takes as you make your miss takes.

    While I love sex today I believe it is only for the making of offspring and not a game as the people of today and the past have made it. A hard statement for most to take but how far are you willing to go but sex the way I believe is too hard for me to go today but maybe later.

    Now from signing off with “thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.” as help me recover some from life’s pains as I was able to love the ones who do not love back. I hope you are willing to go were you need to go to move God’s love.

    If it takes yelling at God and his son for you too move forward to a point you can move forward in your life were you can feel God’s love. Believe me God is willing to take it if it helps you get to a place you can love him back.

    The reason God can take you yelling is because he loves you and only wants the best for you. So do what it takes to get to the point you can begin to witness God’s love as I do. Here, here, here give it a try you might enjoy doing that with is more than you ever dream of doing for the movement of God’s love.

    Have you ever saw people packing a cross around with them in a big city and said what a nut while I have but not anymore. Because that just might be the act which that person needs to do to help him or she move past pride.

    Pride is the hardest devil I ever fought but while I got him down he is not finish yet but he’s still trying to miss lead me yet but bloods coming out of his nose and ears. Christ is my partner ready and willing to go in without me even tagging him.

    Christ is the one I train with to deal with all of life ups and downs and the things he teaches me have gave me the wisdom to put the devil on the mat many times until I put his lights out when it comes to me.

    I hope my now you have the picture I am painting for you with just words wrote from my insight from my heart were Christ lives in me.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.