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Life is not like a Roller Coaster Ride

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  • Life is not like a Roller Coaster Ride

    God first
    Life is not like a Roller Coaster Ride
    wrote 11-24-2007

    Let me begin to say hello and God the father of all creations loves us as does is beloved son Christ the seed of hope.

    I wrote this because of a great down space I had in my own life a place of pain and healing. But thanks to my family of which I owe my soundness of love too I overcame the rock in my path of life so I wrote this with special thanks to my three sisters Terry, Cindy, and Mary.

    Life is not like a Roller Coaster Ride
    In the ride of life you do not begin with a pretty red or blue cart to ride along life’s many hills nor is the ride smooth with enough power to make it up every hill nor is it wewewewe all the way down yes life not a ball of fun all the time.

    When you get your cart for the ride of life you are lucky if it has three wheels with a fare paint job if its painted at all.

    In the beginning the ride has very few bumps but if you look around you will see your father and mother or another good person pushing you alone the trip.

    But there times they can not all ways be there after your old enough to go out on your own and here were we look out to see what ahead of us at the top of the hill they let us travel alone.

    There are places were there is no track for your wheels to travel on and other places the track is tired up in a knot.

    You begin up a hill but some times you just do not have enough power so you have to get out in push or pull your cart alone life’s Roller Coaster Ride.

    Other times you get going down a hill so fast you run into another cart or your wheels get stuck in the mud of life and you need help to even get down the hill.

    Hill after hill you travel but all the time your cart has less and less power until you get near the top of the last hill of the park’s ride of life.

    You can not seem to get up there you have push, pulled until you are just worn out others have stop and tried to help but that hill is too high for you.

    The next things that happens is a voice comes out of the light and said’s to you “I am the way” get out of that old broken down cart here is a new one with jet power and all the extra’s you can ever need.

    In life at times we just need a little helping hand and that hand is all ways there even if we do not see it and when we think we are at the last hill help comes but our path will never end we just change how we travel alone the way.

    Many people who read the bible know life is about growing and changing but even science can witness growth and change in the natural of things its does not matter which books you go by its still about the road you travel in life whether of love or hate.

    Now does this written have a meaning that we can learn something from I say no its more than a meaning to live by its that which is true for all mankind.

    Now I am not on my last hill but I just had a bump in the road of life but thanks to God who gave me these words and my sisters who were there for me in a dark hour that has passed but until the next bump in the road.

    I leave you with thank you, and a holy kiss blowing your ways Roy