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Disciple John's walk in contrast to the other disciples

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  • Disciple John's walk in contrast to the other disciples

    Apostle John's Gospel brings us back into Balance.

    John knew His Saviour and must have allowed Our Saviour to BALANCE him him .....back into an expected Fullness that Messiah was able to give Believers.
    IF we actually ''look'' at the original 12 men after their 3 and 1/2 odd years training only 1 had changed realms - John. When the ''test'' for their final exam began
    1 became a traitor,
    10 hid and were useless and afraid
    1 stood firm and was not moved by horror circumstances that surrounded him.

    Is this man John a product of divine Balance? or were the other 11 divinely balanced or still remained UNbalanced.
    These are our questions too?
    1] do we still remain sensitive to our carnal, grav-e-ity imbalances?
    2] are we actually progressing into the divine realm by becoming UNMOVED by the carnality in us and all around us. Why are we all so moved by this 'death realm' when WE HAVE BEEN TRANSLATED...into the Kingdom of Light [ revelation of knowing how to cope with living life....rather than dying the death of all men]
    Now....we are told here that Peter follow The Saviour that night.... at a distance? Mark 14 v 54
    let us discern that Mark tells us Peter "began to invoke a curse on himself and to swear" that he did not know Jesus.
    (Mark 14:71).

    Peter did not remember Messiah order of if you seek Me, let these men go." John 18:8.

    It would seem to me THAT.........YAHUSHUA OUR SAVIOUR, had made provision for these men to have His Protection.
    Did John KNOW THIS - so that, John remembered his Saviour's words and was NO longer Afraid.
    What Messiah said came to pass from John's previous experiences, so why not now?.

    10 men still did not believe Messiah and His protective care. they did not connect the divine dots. John did.

    Can we trust IN Him for our own protection? or do we exist on ''fate''?

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    Peter "began to invoke a curse on himself and to swear"
    what happened to this great Apostle?~

    Peter was still programmed into negative conditions! ~so that The Alpha and the Omega were of no effect as his mental pain was still operating. The Adamic mental conditioning was still there.
    so can we ask~~
    did this curse remain upon him like a stain?
    Job never cursed God did he and he received the double blessing.

    do you think ''this Peter-type of man'' is in us all?

    can this '' Peter-type of man''' be erradicated from us so that we wax strong in the SPIRIT and in THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT?

    We have to learn from these ancient men so we shall NOT BE IGNORANT and perish too.

    MESSIAH YAHUSHUA.... told in John 17 that these men were KEPT MEN and if we look at John we find he was ''kept'' from all Roman security eyeing him off as ''one of those rebels'' and the next candidate for the cross as he stood by his Saviour.
    Not one person pointed out John to those Roman crucifiers.

    How can a man crucify another man? - well~!~! it was a socially acceptable deed.
    How evil is that? but what of today, is it any less evil now?
    What part of society do we accept? or, are we in training to accept none as we move out from this death-realm~!
    The world ''approved'''of death by crucification , Messiah knew this and so HE MADE PROVISION for the disciples by ''keeping'' them.
    only one man JOHN took up His divine offer and allowed HIS SAVIOUR - TO KEEP him.!!!!

    We have to think on these things so we can become a ''KEPT'' PEOPLE too.

    Peter was not ''kept''- fear made him ignorant.

    ignorant - the carnal mind is still allowed to programme our thinking.
    ignorant - not allowing the promises of the Royal Wonderfull Counsellor to take effect because unbelief is still prorammed into our minds.
    can we look back to all those times we have been ''KEPT''?
    IF SO
    why do we fear our future?

    something to think about hey?


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      ''I have KEPT them in Thy Name'' John 17 v 12

      word defination of kept -keep.

      Main Entry: 1keep
      Pronunciation: \ˈkēp\
      Function: verb
      Inflected Form(s): kept \ˈkept\; keep·ing

      : to take notice of by appropriate conduct
      : fulfill
      : to be faithful to
      : to act fittingly in relation to
      : to conform to in habits or conduct
      : to stay in accord with
      : preserve, maintain
      : to watch over and defend : to take care of
      : tend
      : support
      : to maintain in a good, fitting, or orderly condition
      : to continue to maintain
      : to cause to remain in a given place, situation, or condition
      : to preserve (food) in an unspoiled condition
      : to have or maintain in an established position or relationship
      : to lodge or feed for pay
      : to maintain a record in
      : to enter in a book
      a: to restrain from departure or removal
      : detain
      : hold back, restrain
      : save, reserve
      : to refrain from revealing
      : to retain in one's possession or power
      : to refrain from granting, giving, or allowing
      : to have in control
      : to confine oneself to
      : to stay or continue in
      : to stay or remain on or in usually against opposition
      : hold
      : conduct, manage
      intransitive verb
      1chiefly British : live, lodge
      : to maintain a course, direction, or progress
      : to continue usually without interruption
      : to persist in a practice
      : stay, remain
      : as a: to stay even —usually used with up
      : to remain in good condition
      : to remain secret
      : to call for no immediate action
      — keep an eye on : watch
      — keep at : to persist in doing or concerning oneself with
      — keep company : to go together as frequent companions or in courtship
      — keep house : to manage a household
      — keep one's distance or keep at a distance : to stay aloof : maintain a reserved attitude
      — keep one's eyes open or keep one's eyes peeled : to be on the alert : be watchful
      — keep one's hand in : to keep in practice
      — keep one's head down : to avoid attracting notice
      — keep one's nose clean : to avoid trouble especially through good behavior
      — keep pace
      : to stay even; also
      : keep up
      — keep step
      : to keep in step
      — keep to
      : to stay in b: to limit oneself to
      : to abide by
      — keep to oneself
      : to keep secret
      : to remain solitary or apart from other people

      synonyms keep, retain, detain
      ''I have KEPT My Promise to keep them''.....................v 12
      if ye are a DISCIPLE today, shall Messiah Yahushua keep you too?

      To those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ…” Jude 1