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the ''frequency'' of Fear.

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  • the ''frequency'' of Fear.

    fear is an unholy Apostle of the ''father'' of this world.

    Recently my sister had to house sit for a couple who went Europe to for a month
    They came home early as the husband had a ''panic attack'' whilst there and could no longer cope and needed medications.
    He never had any ''attacks'' before prior to his day trip to a concentration camp in Germany. It was there he went crazy with fear and panic and he was totally wiped out by this 'spirit of fear'.

    Fear must have been still ''alive'' in this place and this ''spirit'' entered into this man and this man was not able to function any more without medication.
    The ''frequency'' of this place was tuned into panic and fears, which when we think about it, this, would be so true.

    poor man.

    it was recently announced here that the Government would spend $85 million on post natal depression that is running wild.
    - Now thats a whole lot of '''troubled women'' suffering fear and depression at a most inconvenient time.
    what happened?
    These people somehow got ''tuned'' into this ''frequency'' of fear.
    They do not have PERFECT LOVE in their lives as perfect love casts out all fear. '

    Our awareness of THE Truth makes us free from such a terrible affliction.

    The Holy Spirit will teach us all about this LOVE, and the Blood of the Lamb that ''covers us'' each day...while it is not a mantra to be used..... it is a testimony of our ''covering'' as we learn to mature IN Christ.

    Messiah Yahushua came to set the captives free
    these poor people, need their freedom from such an unholy apostle and only Messiah can break open the bondages that some people are trapped into.
    May Abba have great mercy amen

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    just like a frequency of a radio station...fear can be ''tuned into'' under the system of the law of sin and death.

    It is a horrible station to tune into and must be overcome by the Blood of the Lamb.... Gideon sent the afraid and the fearfilled home first.

    Medication dulls the senses and gives natural relief but never fixes the real trying to heal a gaping wound.....with a band-aid.

    Medication is the counterfeit healer.
    Only OUR REAL FATHER'S HELP, eleminates all our fears by His PERFECT LOVE over us.

    These escape routes only become known as we grow up IN Christ, and there is a saying i like that says this

    ''children are afraid of the dark, why are adults afraid of the light''?
    Messiah Yahushua says ''do not be afraid'' how many times?


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      to live IN fear is a life only half lived

      Messiah said ''do not be afraid''.
      we are afraid, this means ''something is wrong'' for we are not afraid if we live in peace.

      So~~~ To live, without being tuned into the frequency-of-fear, we have to have a TESTIMONY, build within our inner man, that says 'I have no fears as i have been delivered from them, I am not afraid'.

      We are a building, and as a building we cannot have a room of fear.
      We are a building, and each room has a testimony of 'PEACE'
      We are to walk correctly with THE PRINCE OF PEACE, our builder....who says ''do not be tuned into the frequency-of-fear''.

      when we are afraid, allow the SPIRIT man within to arise.... then....take a big deep breath and just ''BE''....if u do... u will find peace.....remember this plx. JUST ''BE'' and fear with run