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  • From Real Image to Temp Image to Real Image

    God first
    From Real Image to Temp Image to Real Image
    wrote 10-02-03-2007

    Here I Roy William Perry III known as year2027 sat listening to the image of Christ within my heart telling me what to share about, but first God the Great True Image who Christ was created after loves you.

    After reading a tread wrote by a great son of God by the name of “Cman” called “Who are we” I got thinking and talking to my inner self about the many images we have.

    In the beginning Adam was created in the image of God the first real image to be created after but I want to begin with temp image the image of flesh and bone that does not last but ends one day for all.

    We were created by a act of two coming together to make a child from parts of each other a new creation by a act some call love but no matter the name a action of two mixing to form a child.

    You are born after a set time in the oven were you are formed into a child that looks half like your father and the half like your mother.

    By the exit of the oven you become the new creation that you were made to become by talking your first breath of soul life which is your animal natural life of temp image.

    Most people have heard about looking into their family tree which gives the basic for what you look like today. But did you know that five blood lines of family trees live past the great flood which killed off so many people’s blood line.

    There was Noah blood line, his wife, and the wives of his three sons while eight were saved the three sons blood lines were of Noah and his wife given us blood lines saved by grace because five differ blood lines lived on.

    From Adam to Noah the blood lines get big then at time of Noah they get small again but now they are big or many blood line paths which our temp image comes from the mixture of our whole family tree.

    If the real image is the image of God not our fleshly family tree what does it look like? The bible reads God is spirit and spirit can not be seem by the fleshly eyes.

    If one can not see something it might be feel like a emotion like love, joy, peace, or many other that we know of good or bad. Good emotions come from God but bad emotions come from the devil.

    But how do we get that feeling which the devil kill in Adam when he ate of the tree of good and evil? By following the teaching of Jesus Christ the son were was created in the image of his father God.

    Now let me say something here and now the Jesus the man was created in the image of King David and Mary his mother but the Christ was in the image of God.

    So Jesus pointed us to the right direction but its Christ that leads us along the way because we are not to follower man but we follower the spirit of Christ in us.

    Man can only point us in the right direction it takes spirit to lead us God lead Jesus until the Jesus part die leaving only the inner image of Christ the son of God.

    Moses follower that which over-shower him God the Holy Spirit the Light of truth that lead him to were he pointed the children of Israel to go.

    So the real image is the first image and the last image and the middle is just to prepare us for what is coming either forever emotions of love or hate, light or darkness depending on what you believe.

    Because I am not here to changed your believes but to tune them up so you can grow to play a better love song in your heart.

    Because I am tired and I think my point was made I will end here with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.